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Wassup! Well decided to finally update this thing :P

Alrighty Wassup to all my reviewers, friends, and narcoleptic shishkabob whose also my editor and bud .~!

Alrighty I'm an odd Amercain teenager, who can't spell, known as a bit of a hypocrit, likes to read, write, get addicted to the computer, and ff.net among other things!

Obsessions of mine:

Herbal tea (Makes me insane and I love it bwa ha ha ha!)



Computer time

my fansination with such as fantasy, supernatural, and the likes

I like to read:

Black Company series
Garret Files
Wheel of Time
Terry Brooks books like Shannara series
The Dragonbone Chair series by Tad Williams
Roger Zealisky (bad spelling :P) books like the Amber series
Inu yasha
Marmalade Boy
Dark Angel Trilogy
so far...

O.o wow well I like a lot of books and good enough mangas! I'll top it off with ff.net tales XD!

Well all on fictionpress now :P, so you'll need to look there, though I'm creating a fanfic...so keep a look out for it.

The Night I Felt A Bit Crazy Well, or morning on Chapter 4 Rated: PG

Well I mainly just write, bringing torment to Karl and Yui in randomness, mainly just when I feel insane, need to break writer's block, whatever...I don't know where this fic could go since all spurn of the moment.

Of Old Times chapter 5 Rated: PG

Well rating I decided to change. Well so far got chapter 7 and soon 8 going through editing and then other chapters I'll need to start working on o.o;;.

Lost Memories Chapter 4 Rated: PG

Well I think I got ride of writer's block enough to finally write a chapter-though how long it will be I don't know...


Crying Doll


Keep It Secret or No?


Tears Keeper

The Problem of Being Understood

The Tear Drops of Fallen Snow

Together (only lovey dovy poem here pretty much..)

Unknown Prophecy

Vampire's Bride

Vampire's Choosing

Fianlly a VERY biazzre iming-role playing-chat-thing with narcoleptic shishkabob involing charectors form MARS, Inu yasha, Chobits, Lord of the Ring, and Amaya's doc o.O;;;. But disturbing pairings! I must warn you again disturbing with shounen/shoujo-ai and OOCness all around! It's called Pure Insanity, but anyway chapter 2 up and rated PG-13 You need to look under narc's profile to view it!

Please r/r any of these, be much appriciated!

Well of to read more of these! Forget sleep ...

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