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Hello there! I'm Kay, a full-time undergrad student with lots of stories in my head and too much studying to do to get even half of them down before the plot bunnies decide they have simply had enough of me and move on to greener pastures. That said, I am developing the ability to write genuine one-shots now (all my stories used to be epic-length in theory with twenty page outlines, and non-existent in practice), so the future of my fanfiction is looking up!

To all readers and especially to reviewers, thank you! It means more than I can express to me to have people read my stories and care about them enough to spend a minute or two letting me know what they thought. Even an "I [blank] this story!" is welcome! People who take the time to leave longer reviews with comments on my plot, pacing, characterization or writing—if you want my soul, you are welcome to it. You already have my heart.

Eh, anyway, I appreciate any and all feedback, so don't be shy!


In my stories, I make an effort to avoid gratuitous Japanese where possible. However, there are some terms which I really prefer to leave untranslated. For example, whenever possible, I leave honorifics in my stories. This is because I feel they provide information about the relationship between characters, and in many cases, the absence of honorifics makes character interaction feel somewhat out of character. For instance, in Prince of Tennis, if Echizen were to call Momo just Momo instead of Momo-sempai.

An extension of this is that I really don't like attempted 'translations' of honorifics. Choutarou calling his doubles partner Mr. Shishidou instead of Shishidou-san gives a completely different feeling. Also, Captain Kunimitsu, or even Captain Tezuka, is somewhat cringe-worthy to me. He is Tezuka-buchou, and so he shall remain in any stories of mine.

There's also the fact that I'm currently studying Japanese, and I watch anime in part to help that along, so I usually hear the names and terminology for a story first in Japanese, which makes using translations feel a little unnatural sometimes, but I shall do my best to keep my linguistic indulgences to a minimum!


I also archive my stories at AO3 under the same username: here. I'm currently posting a series for Daiya no Ace there which I probably won't post here until it's finished.

A Song for the Heartsore and War-Weary reviews
"Sorry, Ace," Marco murmured to himself as he riffled through the stack of old newspapers. "I don't know how it happened, but... I think I'm stalking your little brother."
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