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Name: None of your business

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Occupation: Nerd

Status: Single...And sad about it...And- sadly -have always been...

If you have any questions about...well...anything about whatever I write about I'll anwer long as the question is NOT in a review but sent as an e-mail or other form of message.

I am also on Minecraft now people! Same with my Xbox 360. You guess should already know my gamer tag. Hit me up if you want! Put your gamer tag/ server in your review or email.

Challenges: How about a super pervert Hinata? Hinata would perv on Naruto every chance she could get. Even at a young age. MUST be NaruHina. Nuff' said

I would like to see a Naruto and Lisa Trevor (From Resident Evil) fic. The pairing can be anyone (No yaoi) with Naruto...even Lisa. I don't want to see Lisa returning to normal. No 'Wesker is sealed inside Naruto' either. I don't even want to see ANY other resident evil characters UNLESS they are a creature/monster. Or...You CAN have Naruto infected with the G-virus and become somewhat like William Birkin. Nuff' said.

A Naruto and Succubus M rated story (duh!). The succubus can be any (or every) female character in Naruto. Just remember, succubi are sex incarnate, ultimate perverts, and don't wear very little (if any) clothing.

Okay...New challenge. WE NEED MORE TENCHI/RYOKO AND KANOKON FANFICS, DAMN IT!!!! My first anime EVER was the tenchi series. And. It. Was. AWESOME!!!! Just for the love of everything perverted and sexual, somebody make a good fanfic for these. I beg of thee. DO IT!!!! challange. But unlike the others, this is to all of the artists out there. I want you all to draw...or whatever it is you all do on devianart...what you think that the many wonderful forms of Venom and the other symbiotes actaully look like. There is no limit on poses or other characters you would like to have. Hell, have the whole freakin' cast for all I care. I just want to see what other people think about when they read my fic.

If you think the necromorph, the Brute, is like twelve Tanks (Left 4 Dead) on steroids and is just plain kick-ass. Add your name and copy and paste this onto your profile. Master Tyrant 1

If the necromorph, the Leaper, ever scared the crap out of you when it jumped out of freakin' no where. Add your name and copy and paste this onto your profile. Master Tyrant 1

Which are you? (Copy and paste onto your profile and bold whatever you are. Add more if you like.)

Zombie or Necromorph.

Ninja or Pirate (Pirates can suck it)

Insane or Crazy

Hunter or Licker (Resident Evil series)

Ing or Metroid (Metroid series)

T-Virus or Rage Virus

Albert Wesker or William Birkin

Evil or Sadistic

OC(s): Just ask if you want to use.

Name: Unknown
Alias: Lord of Darkness, Master of Evil, The Immortal Sin, Evil Incarnate
Sex: Male (Though nobody has ever seen his real body)
Date of Birth: Unknown
Appearance/Data: A tall, thin, male figure. His whole body is shrouded in darkness except for his bright yellow left eye. The darkness surrounds him like a large cloak that reaches past the ground and covers several inches of whatever surface he is currently standing on. His arms are almost never seen unless he sees his opponent as a challenge, then he only uses his right arm. His left arm has never been seen so it can be assumed that he has yet to meet an opponent worthy enough to use his full power. For any opponent, threat, or minor annoyance he uses the unlimited number of black tentacles flowing around, or hidden under, his black cloak. When not confronted, he is calm, quiet, and on rare occasions, kind. One such moment of kindness was when a small merchant family was attacked by a large group of bandits. He happened to be passing by when the bandits attacked and for some unknown reason, The Lord of Darkness obliterated every bandit, and left without a single glance at the merchant family. When angered it is unknown what he is like, not a single soul has lived to tell of such events. He never speaks, but with a single glance from his eye one can instantly tell what he commands. His eye is the only way one can tell his emotions.
Powers/Abilities:Levitation, flight, able to teleport, able to become a shadow on any surface, able to expela large black cloud from underneath his cloak, endless number of black tentacles, unimaginable strength, arms are thin but are clawed, able to change form into anything he desires except for his left eye, all life either fears him or respects him
Attacks:Infinite (What he can do is only limited by his imagination), able to drain the life out of other living things just by walking over them or through his tentacles, he can NOT change sentient beings into other forms

The Black Leaves reviews
At a young age something gets into Naruto. Something dark. Something evil. Something symbiotic. Rated M for language, violence, gore, adult themes, and possible lemons. Edited by SageUnlimited.
Naruto - Rated: M - English - Sci-Fi - Chapters: 43 - Words: 230,327 - Reviews: 706 - Favs: 1,054 - Follows: 910 - Updated: 5/27 - Published: 3/14/2010 - Hinata H., Naruto U.