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Hey guys! This is BananaBabe903 and DisneyLover903, and this is our joint account! :) I, BananaBabe903 will write in regular font, whereas DisneyLover903 will be in bold. We're two best friends in REAL life, and we're hard reviewers online. :) We give each other constructive criticism and we constantly rant about our fave TV shows. We are VERY, VERY different in terms of what we like, and what we don't like. Here below is some info about us.

Names: Uhh, we don't want to put that online, but you can call me Bristol, and you can call DisneyLover Chasity. (It's my asian identity. She comes in handy.)

Ages: Here's a hint: between the ages 1 and 10,000 (I'll give you a hint: We are not wrinkly)(Eww!)

Interests: Musical theater, music, the finer arts (except for art... hmm...), football, basketball, cheer leading, swimming, boring classes that inspire us, our friends, (Pico Suave, Chandon, Conner, Paige, Sam, should I go on?) and the imaginative process. Oh, and sci-fi.

Disinterests: Rap music, baseball, Philadelphia Eagles (We hate the Eagles with a passion)

Pairings We Love:

SWAC: ChadxSonny, NicoxTawni And Chawni!! lol. I'm the only one who likes Chawni though. ;)

Twilight: EdwardxBella (But not Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart I mean like in the books) And MY personal fave is RosaliexJacob. :) 2 cute!!

Doctor Who: Marthax10 Rosex10 DonnaxCaptain Jack, JennyxJack, Reinettex10, Riverx10

Pairings We HATE:

SWAC: ZoraxAnybody GradyxAnybody GradyxNico(THEY ARE STRAIGHT) SonnyxTawni

Twilight: JacobxAnybody (Mine) NOOOO! In Twilight I hate slash. That's it. No offense to you ppl out there...

Doctor Who: 10xDonna 10xJack... ewww!!

Things we Do Together(Real life):


Hit on Guys out of our league (There are not many guys out of my league, yes I am cute ;)) Uhhh, so am I! :P

Sing (Insanely) Yup.

Take pictures of people who need to be on What Not To Wear (you would be surprised how many people need to be) For example our science teacher...

Wall ball! No, that's just me. ;) Hippocrite



Sterling Knight! No that's just me. Well then delete that! NO!



Q: What's the "903" in both of your names stand for?

A: The Tenth Doctor revealed his age in the Christmas Special Voyage of the Damned. When I first came here I decided to do that, and then when DisneyLover changed her penname, she copied me. :p HEY! I did not copy you! I gave you the 903 thing off of Jacob Js website remember? You were just BananaBabe before then I was GallifreyGirl903. We decided to share it!

Q: Why are you guys friends?

A: Because we said so.

Q: Why did you say so? You two together just don't fit!

A: That's what she said.

Q. I'm not understanding! You two are complete opposites! How did this happen?!

A. Umm. We don't know. But we are positive that we are long lost sisters. Wanna hear something weird? Our moms lived literally in the same neighborhood until hey were 18 and they didn't even know each other! Good thing we came along or they still wouldn't know each other.

D1SN3YL0V3R903 was here! ;)

bAnAbAbE9o3 wuz here!

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