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About the drawing:

Here's the fire for my muses-a gorgeous gift fanart of Dante Tager (looking very James Dean-esque) as rendered by the incredibly talented Teryn! I can't thank her enough for this amazing portrait that provides immense inspiration for me every time I look at it. :)


P.S. The pic is not shareable/gankable. Sorry.

FEB 2015

Coming soon: Chapter 15

L and L Fic Q and A

Here are some questions I've gotten in the past from readers of 'Leather and Lace', along with my answers, which may or may not be satisfactory in assuaging curiosity.>:D

Q: They had a powerful bond as warriors, so even though he and Dante haven't met yet, shouldn't Taka have gotten some sense of Tasuki's reincarnated presence by now?

A: Great question! It's true Taka has full memories of Tasuki (both as himself and Tamahome's memories), but as he wasn't/isn't expecting other warriors to make the jump to the real world, paying attention to that connection isn't on his mind. Couple that with Dante's not having full, waking awareness of his past life, which has the effect of a warrior masking his psychic force, and there's not any reason for Taka to pick up on his presence... unless someone who knows about both of them facillitates a face to face meeting... >:D

Q: What contemporary music artists/groups might we find on Dante's ipod?

A: Bruce Springsteen, Adele, Louis Armstrong, Maroon 5, Al Green, Usher, Lifehouse, Aerosmith, Journey, Lady Antebellum, Five for Fighting, 30 Seconds to Mars, Sara Bareilles, Pink, The Goo Goo Dolls and Rush, just to name a few.

Q: Is there something extra special about Mizu? Or is he just one kick butt kitty?

A: Yes to both questions. I'd elaborate, but I really want to keep my personables unshredded. ;)

Q: Is Craig (Dante's best friend and owner of Brew You!) spoken for?

A: Nope! Although it's not for the lack of opportunity! He just hasn't met Ms. Right yet...:)

Q: Why doesn't Miaka recognize Alan as being the reincarnated Nuriko?

A: Mmmmm...maybe it's because... Alan isn't Nuriko's reincarnation? ;D

Q: Who's minding the Universe of the Four Gods if Taiitsukun isn't there to do it?

A: Good question! Any guesses? :D

Q: Does Taiitsukun having to show up personally to take care of business indicate her mission is of vital importance to both worlds?

A: Yes. :)

Q: Is there a reason Taiitsukun hasn't shown herself to Miaka yet? If so, what is it?

A: Yes. It's a matter of proper timing. :)

Attention 'Leather and Lace' readers: If you want to private message me about this story, please do so through my KittyLynne account. I've turned off the alerts for my MOK email account, as it's one I rarely remember to check. =P

And just to let you know, Adriana Morgan stopped work on L and L since chapter six, and will not be returning to work on it. She has my deepest, warmest and most heartfelt thanks for helping me bring this story to life, and it's my fervent hope that her muses and desire to write will return to her someday soon.

I will be finishing this story on my own, so please direct any questions and comments you might have about future installments to me. :) I'd like to hear your thoughts, and they just might end up here on the bio page FAQ segment... :)

Every good wish,


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