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Author has written 2 stories for Yu-Gi-Oh.

I've been unexpectedly busy, so there's no new chapter for Two Sides of a Coin this week. The new chapter is pushed back to next Monday.

I've been reading fanfiction in lots of different fandoms for years and I've just now decided to start writing for them. I'm only writing for Yu-Gi-Oh right now (I think), but I also read in Harry Potter, Highlander, xxxHolic, Saiunkoku Monogatari, Doctor Who, and pretty much whatever catches my interest at a given moment. I'll read slash, femslash, het, or gen, though the het and femslash pairings I actually like tend not to be written so much.

I've always been too lazy to create an account and review the stories I like here, so hopefully I'll actually get around to finding and reviewing those at some point now that I do have one. (I hope people still enjoy getting reviews on stuff written in like 2003)

The story I'm currently writing is 'Two Sides Of A Coin', a Ryou x Marik story that I update once a week.

The most recent poll was a complete landslide:

A Bakura x Ryou x Marik sequel to A Persistent Shadow would be:
#1 (61 votes, 84%) Awesome!
#2 (6 votes, 8%) Eh, I'd read it.
#3 (5 votes, 6%) Terrible!

It surprised me how many people would in fact be interested in reading this idea! Roughly 92% are basically in favor of it, only 6% think it's a terrible idea, and, uh, only 2% vanished into the great polling void (it rounds down, I guess?).

It was just a weird little idea in my head at first, but it's grown since I initially thought of it, and may actually get written at some point. Not until after my current story is done, though. I'll be back to having a lot of time to write after this next week.

So, I figure I've given the first poll long enough. The results surprised me in some ways, but really didn't in others XD

I'll put the results here so I can put up a different poll:

In 'A Persistent Shadow', I wrote Ryou with Bakura, and now in 'Two Sides Of A Coin' I'm writing him with Marik. In whatever story comes next, I should write Ryou with:

1st – 28 people – Bakura AND Marik, both with Ryou at the same time (Ryou wins)
2nd – 26 people –Thief King Bakura (from the past, somehow)
3rd – 16 people – Bakura AND Marik, vying for Ryou's affection (Marik wins)
4th – 14 people – Bakura AND Marik, vying for Ryou's affection (Bakura wins)
5th – 7 people – Ishizu
6th – 4 people – Kaiba
7th – 4 people – Duke Devlin
8th – 3 people – Joey
9th – 2 people – Yugi
10th – 2 people – Yami
11th – 2 people – Pegasus
12th – 1 person – Odion
13th – no one – Tristan
14th – no one – Téa
Unique Voters: 41

So, Bakura x Marik x Ryou beat out Ryou x Thief King Bakura, though BxMxR was behind RxTKB until the very end of the poll. Not surprisingly, Bakura and Marik competing for Ryou took the next two, though I was a little surprised that Marik won!

Interestingly, the clear winner of the non-Bakura or Marik pairings was Ishizu, which I can really see as a pairing. I'm not sure I could ever actually write it though, because I don't really see that much conflict in the way they'd get together. They're almost too immediately compatible in their personalities.

The rest were a mix, but poor Tristan and Téa got no love, LOL.

Feel free to vote in the new poll XD

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