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Updated: 5/17/16 - A few days ago, I started rereading fan fiction. It made me miss being here, and writing in this medium. After a couple of nights of wracking my brains, I managed to hit on a story idea that seemed worth pursuing. It's called "Ghost," and it's got a different set of characters than I'm used to. Thus far, none of my old standards have shown up, but I'm not ruling their appearances out.

Currently writing: Ghost, chapter 4

Planning: Maybe I can finish something. We'll see.

Profile Pic: Rae

Team Adorkable: The first series I wrote for FanFiction.net. It's written in first person, present tense. The story starts with Dirty Deeds, which is followed by Something to Believe In, then the three shot Gravity, and will finish up with Devil Inside. The narrators are Michelle McCool (Dirty Deeds/Gravity chapter 1), CM Punk (Something to Believe In/Gravity chapter 3) and Matt Hardy (Gravity chapter 2/Devil Inside).

Mizard: Not so much a series as two stories, loosely related by the characters. Mizard of Odd is my mind working through its' issues. ;P Mizard in Wonderland is my homage to Lewis Carroll. They can be read in any order, together or not (although you might be confused about Pixie and Betsy in Wonderland if you haven't read at least the first half of Odd).

Bio: My life has taken me in some interesting directions. Sometimes it feels like I haven't gotten very far, and others, it seems like I'm worlds apart from the person who started this account. I spent a lot of time not writing. Only recently has fanfic come back into my life. I want to finish Mizard of Odd. I've been working on it (if you can call it that) for six years. Six years! It needs an ending. I don't know how far I'll get, but maybe it will finally go where I always intended it to... even though many of the wrestlers in it are now retired or wrestling for someone else.

Fair warning, though: I stopped watching wrestling in 2012, due to a cable outage, and I haven't been back (to either cable or wrestling). Most of the superstars I liked are gone. That doesn't mean I won't work on Mizard or or one of the other fics. It just may make it harder for new people to connect to the material.

I try not to take myself too seriously. The rest of the world is good at doing that, so why do I need to do it, too?

I'm sure I'll still be telling stories on my deathbed. Typing them, if someone sneaks my laptop in for me.

No, I'm NOT on drugs... Why do you ask? :P

About me: (AKA more information than you'd ever want to know. ;P)

Name: Misha (Around here, anyway.)

Age: Old enough to know better...?

Birthday: September 28, which makes me a Libra. Yay!

Relationship status: Currently single. :)

Location: Somewhere in the US. Even I don't know anymore.

Pets: A clowder of cats, most of whom are named after wrestlers.

Musical Taste: Varies. My MP3 player is currently set up for the story I'm writing, and my laptop has the exact same playlist. Artists include Stone Sour, Imagine Dragons, Sum 41, Our Lady Peace, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Fallout Boy, Neon Trees, Goo Goo Dolls, Stabbing Westward, Third Eye Blind, Maroon 5, Hozier and Jimmie's Chicken Shack.

Likes: Writing, reading, watching wrestling, my pets, photography, music, thinking weird thoughts, peaches, sleeping

Dislikes: Annoying neighbors, stress, pushy people, manipulators, writer's block, my ex, reality :P

Started writing: Practically at birth. I remember my mom writing new captions in a coloring book for me around age three. When I learned how to form letters myself, it was all over.

Sex scenes?: Not really. I hate writing them. I'm not a prude; I'll read them, but I'm okay without them, too. I'm not really a slash writer, but my current story is trying to change that. The characters didn't let me in on the pro-slash memo until the story was underway.

Description or dialogue?: I'm a dialogue writer all the way. I suck at descriptions, but dialogue is FUN. That's just how my brain works.

Planner/plotter or organic writer?: Organic, definitely. Plotting kills creativity for me, and makes it impossible for me to write. I make it up as I go along because I have to. The characters run the story and until they tell me what to write, I have no idea where things are headed. I usually start a story with a basic idea, characters and maybe some semblance of the ending. Sometimes I only know the first line, or one scene in the middle. It makes for some interesting writing, let me tell you. It also means I have to proof my chapters on the fly before they get posted. I try to keep a couple chapters ahead before posting, but a bad case of writer's block has made that hard recently.

Muse(s): What's funny is I have a ton of muses, but only one of them does FanFic. Her name is Pip, and when she's around, the other muses make themselves scarce. (What? I'm not on drugs! And I'm only a little crazy, and mostly harmless to boot.)

Favorite writing theme: Redemption, definitely.

Why do you have two versions of what's basically the same story with different endings (Fireflies and Lightning Bugs)?: I've sort of answered that in Lightning Bugs. Basically, that's the original version of Fireflies. I was challenged to write fluff and instead I got Lightning Bugs. So I changed the beginning a little, found the spot where it turned dark on me and went from there.

Why are you updating your profile instead of writing?: Uh... no comment.

Is your stupid intro over yet?: Yes, yes it is. =.=

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Overboard by luvxxendless reviews
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A WWE high school AU. Austin loses track of his best friend after the death of Tyler's mom. Two years later, he enrolls in a boarding school and meets someone who reminds him of Tyler. Could this be his old friend? If so, why is he shutting Austin out? Rated T for language. Will probably contain slash eventually.
Wrestling - Rated: T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Angst - Chapters: 3 - Words: 2,314 - Published: 5/17/2016
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Miz stumbles onto the biggest secret in the WWE. Now he's on a quest with six other "crazy" superstars to find the one man who can clear his name and help him save his job - too bad he has no idea who that is.
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Relationships are hard. Especially when the other person involved resents you. That's something CM Punk knows firsthand. A Slash-like fic- nothing graphic. Rated T for language. Happy birthday to Darkest-Hearts!
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Nothing in this world is stronger than love. One shot, written for Halloween, 2012.
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I had a crazy vision of several young 8-10 years old WWE superstars, out trick or treating. This is just a bit of random silliness that will likely be a two shot.
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Reflection reviews
One shot. "Different. That was the word that came to R. Truth's mind when he stared into the mirror and his doppelganger stared back. He was different. Not worse, not better, just… different." This is a little darker, content-wise, than I usually go.
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One shot. Being numb would be so much easier if he could find his way into a bottle of something. But he wouldn't. She wouldn't want that.
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Part two, following Dirty Deeds. With the events of Wrestlemania 26 still fresh in Team Adorkable's mind and the Draft looming, can Punk find a way out of the nightmare his life is quickly becoming? MC: Punk
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Michelle McCool bets she can make Matt Hardy fall for her before Wrestlemania. She doesn't expect to actually care about him. Michelle's in over her head, and her friends are making everything worse. 1st person/MM's POV
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