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Im not tellin u my name because of the crazy ass stalkers/rapers

my fav colour is purple and blue

my fav animal is tigers or lions

i have dark brown eyes blackish-brownish hair

my BDay is april 26th

and my sign is tarus

and thts all u need 2 know bout me i know,i know im not tht intresting


i will use my friend who is obbssesed with my guy friend but pls note tht i will use fake identities 2 protect them

friend will be called elaina and the poor defenceless crush will be toni

from wierd stalkers (mainly their ex's)

1. Never and i mean NEVER be to desperate like elaina

you see elaina took tonis scarf during a lesson now alot of you might think toni would b flattered and say it wos funny but he wos actually

very irritated .

2. Try not to tell anyone unless u trust them dearly. If u have friends tht would most likely get involved dont tell them anything !!

3. this rule is the most important. If ur crush is in a relationship never call his currant girlfriend a bitch or anything along those lines he will even get more frusrated and

will most likely never wnt to talk to you again.

4. Do not ask your friends to spy on him for or this will be the result

1st he'd think your creepy and will try to ignor you

2nd he will start feeling uncomfortable and wouldnt want anything to do with you

3rd he will think your a stalker and get a restrainig order

4. Dont ever tell someone who has a big mouth and talks to teachers alot

Elaina told umm lets call her gina about her crush on a taken man and gina ended up telling a teachers helper

who actually talked to elaina about it, She said things like 'you have exelent taste' and 'i think he'd make a great husband'

5. last but not least dont ever get into a catfat with your crushes girlfriend (this also aplys to friends relatives and ex's)

it will end badly and your crush will end up hating you.

BTW all of the stories are completely true

peace xxx

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this was Denises first choice: Denises second choice :

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