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Hey loser, hows it goin'?

First of all - I'm proud to say that Imma fan of Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Got a problem? Go fuck yourself.

There ain't a law to say that 18 year olds can't read kiddie books, even if it is as idiotic as that stupid meat ball movie.

You suck, so you suck. Who cares? I do...

I'm sick of all the shit on fanfiction. I hate OOC stories. Okay, maybe a little OOC isn't too bad eh?

But it gets ugly if I read one where Edward's a bisexual, Bella's a rebel or Alice not being peppy at all... That's some lame shit.

So the reason I made this account is if I started criticizing other authors on my other account (where all my stories are) they'd just flame me back.

And I'm not going there again. I mean, some people are so petty. Just one little comment about their punctuation and they're sending insulting PMs about my mother. Now thats a low-blow, people.

Another one is that I'm in need of a way unwind after a day of shit in school. My best friend Sam told me that this was the best way. So to the other authors out there who finds a reviewer that goes by the god-sake name of 'Mrs. Damon' - that's Sam. I don't know, she loves using fake names. My girls in school thinks its effin' lame, but we love her.

But don't start hating me just yet. Think of it the other way...

In a way, I'm trying to help you improve on your writing. So in case you're asking, "Hey shit face, you a beta?" Well hater; yes, yes I am. But I don't bother to get my ass up to write my Beta profile. So there. Quit asking me already, you freggin' prick.

I'm not bragging or anything, but I'm great at English. Don't know why, ask my naggy (and often saggy) English teacher.

There are some really good authors out there, but they're being slammed 'cuz apparently they don't update their stories fast enough to please their readers.

Well that's just plain bull-shit. They don't call it fanfiction for nothing. It's all about unleashing your imagination, not writing 'cuz theres a slight chance you might win some pathetic award.

By now you guys should know the type of girl I am.

Fucking sassy and doesn't give a shit. A rebel, yeah - exactly that.

If you want to send me PMs, telling me to 'stop' what I'm 'doing'. I'd say, "Hell no. Fuck off you pussy." 'Cuz once I start something, I ain't going down without a fight. I'm determined as a you are to get Miley Cyrus off the radio.

I think my profile becomes M-18 from here onwards. Nah. But to the 'lil kiddies out there reading this, don't tell your momma.

I also would put those stories worthy of winning an award under my favorites. And probably some authors as well; don't wanna forget those people.

Imma cut my story short here, 'cuz I'm not those kind of 'authors' who have incredibly long and stupid stuff on their profiles.

And hell yeah, I think Owl City sucks eggs; and so does Justin Bieber. There, I said it Nikko; wheres my fifty bucks?

Just so you know, the name's Ashley. Nikko's my boyfriend. My fuck-hot bf with a damn ripped body. Jealous ladies? You should be.

So seeya later douche bags, 'cuz I'm outta here.

Till next time


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