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Author has written 3 stories for Bleach, and Pokémon.

Hey people!

I'm just a lowly Multimedia student in South Africa. I must say, I haven't always been a fan of fan fiction, hating the whole 'use-someone-else's' work as a starting point. But that was way back, and I've realized that sometimes I use existing stories and their characters to dream up plots, and I find it increasingly hard to separate the new plot from the existing universe! Yes, I'm gay, and though I'm not the type to take everything and make the weirdest male pairings, I must say that my main stories center around gay versions of characters. And don't worry, not everyone will suddenly be gay. Haha.

As a result of my previous reluctance to fan fiction, I haven't written any, and just started recently. I spend most of my time on works that I'm not allowed to publish here, seeing as they are all original stuff. If you want to know more, they range from Lord of the Rings meets Marvel universe-esque stuff (still high fantasy, though) and a gaudy drama/romance/humor thing I'm currently addicted to. You can read it on FictionPress. I consider myself a fast writer, if I'm in the mood and my imagination is pointed in the right direction. So you can expect a short burst of a few longish chapters followed by a pause, then just repeat the cycle. XD

Avatar: By EZ =3

Age and Gender: 20 year old male. (I don't see a lot of male slash writers, haha)

Writing interests: Bleach, Pokemon, Devil May Cry

Music: Trance, Dance, House and Electro-pop...

Movies: You don't want me to list these... It's an incredibly long list

More about me: I'm not inherently a city boy, and lived in the country side my whole life till I moved to Pretoria to study in early 2009. I was in love with computers and software developing, and seeing that I love creativity, I went into the Multimedia area. So, halfway through the year, I realize I hate computers, programming and even visual design! What a bummer, as my parents said I have to study what I chose, they won't pay for anything else. So I'm gonna complete this, then work to my dream: filmmaker and writer. I don't know, my life centers around story telling, and looking back, the elaborate lies I've told proves that (hehe, I was young, okay! Today I much rather spend that energy on dreaming up new material). I'm a sucker for movies, and any half-decent non-horror non-comedy will have me drooling (I guess I exaggerate the movie's universe in my mind). Except Avatar... sigh... what a let down.

Contrary to what you might think about me now (you're thinking I'm a nerdy, shy writer, right?), I'm actually very outgoing. A party animal, getting in all kinds of trouble over my occasional abuse of OH, and of course, me being single, am testing every little ounce of water I can. So now, I sound like a drunken slut. Heehee. Well, I'm just me. I'm adaptable to any kind of situation, and you'd see some of that in my characters. Due to my love for clubs, I'm mostly in tune with popular music and pop culture in general. You'll see a lot of references to pop culture in my work, and also some that aren't so obvious.

Oh yeah, --grin--, something for the poetry lovers:

You'll be given love

You'll be taken care of

You'll be given love

You have to trust it

Maybe not from the sources

you have poured yours

Maybe not from the directions

you are staring at

Trust your head around

It's all around you

All is full of love

All around you

--drools over my Post CD cover--

If you want to, PM me, give me your email and I'll add you on Facebook :)

Otherwise, just enjoy my stories. (Finally started with another one)


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Spins off, dancing to the music

--let's make believe all that matters was written in your heart--

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