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Hey guys! I'm AmazinglyRed!

I LOVE to read! And through my love of reading I have developed my passion, writing! My mind is just one huge imaginative world, and I love nothing more than to put everything down on pen and paper and share it with my readers! I have been a member of FanFiction for a few years now, and have even posted several stories! But as you know, life happens, and I was away for a couple years due to several things...

But I'm BACK! Even while I was away, writing has always been on the back of my mind! My husband is actually my biggest encouragement! As soon as he learned of my passion for writing he encouraged me SO much to take time for myself, away from everything else, and just write. And now I have, and I am overwhelmed by how much I missed writing for all of my beautiful fans and readers!

Now, I have several stories that I have both completed and have left unfinished...I am seriously debating deleting those and starting fresh. Is there anyone out there that is still interested in them? Suggestions? I began those stories so long ago, and I have started some new current ones that have grown with me as a writer. So I would love any feedback regarding my old stories!

I love receiving reviews and messages from you! Last time I was on here there wasn't even a messaging system! So imagine my surprise and delight when I finally sign back on and I have unread messages from my readers! Some from almost 3 years ago! But the encouragement I read in each and every message was such a blessing. I am truly thankful for such lovely people like you to send me such nice words and thoughts. You guys are my biggest motivation!

Since it has been SO long since I have published anything...I'm actually a little nervous to do so now! I'm so embarrassed to admit, but I am very anxious to how people will respond to my new stories! Will they be as loved as my previous works? So, just to help myself some, I am looking for someone to pre-read what I have written and to give me their honest opinions on my stories! Someone to also encourage me to write and get that next chapter out! A writing friend to help me grow as a writer. Would anyone be interested? I don't really have a specific category that I like to write, although I tend to lean towards Naruto right now, I love their characters! Some of my stories will be AU and some will coincide with the actual plot from my category. If you are willing to help me out here please message me!

I do have one main story that I've been working on that's been picking at my brain lately! I will post it below in 'My Current Stories' section, and it's the story that I'm actually looking for someone to pre-read for me! Please let me know what you think!

My current stories:

Sanctum's Strife - Life in Sanctum is full of dark surprises and hidden secrets. New to this town, Sasuke senses something just not right with the happenings around him...and the key to unlocking everything is within the girl with the pink hair.

Category: Naruto Rating: T Pairings: Sasuke/Sakura

I'm so anxious/nervous/excited to be back in the writing game! I pray the right person will come along and help me along with my stories and help me grow as a writer!

I'm so glad to be back for my faithful readers and fans!

Always yours,


Disclaimer: This is my disclaimer for, so I don't have to post it on any stories or have others complain that I dont have one. I own nothing but the unique plot that I created in my head and any possible OC's. The characters/categories/etc belong to their marvelous creators and not me, and I do this soley for my enjoyment and not for any kind of compensation, except for the pleasure of my readers.

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Living My Freedom reviews
AU After running to the Satellite to escape Sayer, a man seeking to use her for her powers, Akiza clashes with The Enforcers. She soon finds herself attached to these men, especially Yusei, but is constantly sought out because others want her powers.
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Kevin raised an eyebrow as he asked, "You came to help me? With what?" Paradox took a few steps towards Kevin as he said, "You've made a lot of decisions today, and they have each affected your life in a different way."
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