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Hellooooo and welcome to my blog fanfic site profile thing-a-ma-bob. So far I am working on two stories; Secret Guardians(Ninjago) and a currently unnamed fanfic that has no preview. As for right now SG has a lot of chapters and a (recently rewritten)prologue. I'll be doing some very short character descriptions from what we know of who we have seen so far.

Raelgil/Crystal- Half demon queen of the demon continent of Soti; found by Zane while injured by an unknown being.

Ricardo- Incubus and former thief; body guard of Raelgil and close friend of hers.(Friend's character)

Fern- Old friend of Cole's; Vyrentia

Ryna- Dewott gijinka, parents are from the Northern Island

Neela- Ricardo's adopted elven sister(Friend's character)

Safir- Rude and snarky fairy that does not like dirt

And so far those are the OCs in SG not counting the pokemon. As for the pokemon:

Kai- Blaze(Growlithe) and Comet(fletchling)

Zane- Iceli(sneasel)

Jay- Zapper(Shiny electrike)

Cole- Tremor(sandshrew)

Nya- Hinata(vulpix)

Lloyd- Aurora(Riolu)

Pokemon Not Captured

Togepi- Newly hatched, found with no parents around

Helios(Helioptile)- Follows the ninja around but avoids being seen when possible, possible relationship with Tremor

Aron- Found injured with evidence of Shadow Pokemon

Ryna(dewott)- Gijinka, old friend of Raelgil

Comet's Father- Has not appeared but has been mentioned

Akuma(mightyena)- Friend of Raelgil

Kuro(houndoom)- not really much of a friend. He just sort of follows them. No one really seems to like him.

Kelton(buizel)- Prince of the northern Island, gijinka, has shown interest in Ryna

Keep an eye for updates here on my profile and for my fanfics!


Considering the amount of Fandoms I'm in, I've been planning on doing little cameos of them sometime in the future chapters. If you want your OC in the story, send me a PM with this imformation:




Status: (Queen and Royal Bodyguard already taken.)

Personality: (try to keep it a bit short. This is NOT optional as I need to know how these characters act to write them)



Fears: (Fears are different from weaknesses. A weakness is like a injured leg that never healed right so they walk with a limp and fears are just something they're afraid of)

History: (optional)

Keep an eye out for those cameos!

IMPORTANT INFO; Where There's Chaos There's Adventure is still being worked on. However I have lost my copy of Fossil Fighter's Champions. I'd like to replay the game again before I continue working on WTCTA so I can get the personalities right. So for right now the fanfic is on hold until I can find my game.

HOWEVER I will be working on another game series fanfic. I'm not going to outright say exactly what it is but I will give you a hint; the fourth wall does not exist in this game.

If you've got any questions feel free to ask! It can be anything from questions about me to questions about my OCs and fanfics. My inbox is always open! If you wish to ask anonymously, I do accept guest reviews for my fanfics. You can ask there with the name 'anonymous' and I will answer your question in the next author note of the chapter.

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