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Hi, everyone. My name is Andy, and I am a recent college graduate from New Jersey.

Right now, I am a complete rookie at writing fan fiction. I have heard from people for a while now that I am good at writing (in high school, a teacher wanted me to write for the school newspaper), but I haven't written anything in my free time until recently. I started writing a memoir a year and a half ago (I still have not finished it), and later, I started writing songs (these songs are not any good, and even if they were, I would never sing many of them in public). I debated for a while whether to write the piece I'm working on now, but I finally decided to do it.

My one story so far is about Pokemon. I loved Pokemon as a little kid (even though my best friend at the time hated it), especially the anime series. In particular, I loved how realistic Ash seemed. He was a believable kid, with a number of character flaws, but he had a big dream, bringing with it lots of goals, both short-term and long-term. In the course of the anime, one could see Ash achieving his short-term goals and making appreciable steps toward the long-term ones, growing and maturing in the process.

However, I lost interest in the anime after watching Charizard Chills, the episode in which Ash leaves his Charizard in the Charicific Valley to train. At that time, I had Tae Kwon Do classes on Saturday mornings, and they often conflicted with the times of new Pokemon episodes. However, I knew from the previews that this episode was going to be pivotal, so I asked permission to stay home to watch this one episode. After watching, though, I became depressed, which soured my attitude toward the whole show. And after I stopped watching the show, I lost interest in Pokemon as a whole. At least in part, I thought I was "too old" to be interested in Pokemon (I was 12 at the time).

I was jolted back into the world of Pokemon two years ago, while I was working a summer job as a cashier. One day, I saw this four-year-old boy shopping with his mother. He saw some of the Pokemon merchandise in the store, and said, "Wow, it's Mewtwo! Wow, Slowking!"

I was floored. I was thinking, "Wow, kid, did you really say that? Mewtwo and Slowking were around before you were born!" So when I got a chance, I looked up Pokemon on Wikipedia, just to make sure this kid wasn't anachronistic. I knew that the video games were still around, but I was surprised to find out that the anime and card game were still here as well.

My mind went into overdrive after that. I started searching Youtube to find some of my favorite anime clips from the old days. I also found key events that I'd missed when I'd watched the show, and some clips that had only come out after I'd stopped watching. I also found Bulbapedia, which I used to bring myself up-to-date on the world of Pokemon.

Last spring, I started to watch the entire anime through, just so I could see everything Ash had been doing ever since I'd stopped watching. It took me seven months to watch the whole anime, but I did it. Plus, ever since then, I've been keeping up with every new episode as it comes out.

A few months ago, I started predicting what the rest of the current series would look like. I thought of an elaborate plot that would center around Ash and Paul competing in the Champions' League together, and it would take two years. Of course, the release of the next generation of Pokemon games and developments within the anime itself prevented this. Since my predictions aren't coming true, I'm writing them into my current story (with some tweaking).


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