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Author has written 3 stories for Kirby, Metroid, and Secret of Evermore.
Well, im 16, soon 17 (Week as of writing this), and I love video games.

Favorite Type of villian: The intellectual, the one who is always one step ahead, and doesnt mind making appearance or two just to tick off the hero
IE: Ghaleon, Sephiroth

Least Favorite Type of Villian: The kind that pop out at the last second just to add an additional five minutes to a game/movie
IE: Ultimecia,Zeromous,That big phantom thing from the end of Final Fantasy the spirits within

Things i Like: RPGs, Bond; James Bond, Science fiction, The Halberd (Ship from kirby super star) Music (In particular game and movie music), a good villian, a realistic hero (not one whos perfect, or incredibly stupid for that matter) and yes star trek

Things i dont like: Sports games, things that should be awesome but aren't, a poor villian, a fake or copied hero (Dart from Legend of Dragoon anyone?),

Favorite Quotes:

"Do'h" - Homer Simpson
"Words are the new weapons, Sattelites, the new artillery, Ceasar had his legions, Napoleon had his armies, and I have my divisions, TV, Radio, Newspaper" - Elliot Carver
"Why do we build knowing destruction is inevidable, why do we learn to live knowing all things must die" - Kefka
"Whats wrong james? No petty come back? No Glib Remark? Her Majestys Royal Terrier, you make me sick" - Alec Trevelyan AKA Janus
"For England James?" "No.. for me" - James Bond
"I see our dragonboy isnt a patron of the theater.. didnt you know.. the final confrontation is always reserved for the third act" - Ghaleon
"I AM INVINCIBLE!!!" - Boris Greshinko
"Boris wouldnt know woman if one sat on his head" Goldeneye Sattelite Programmer
"Joanna, you cant make accusations like that without evidence, i ashume that you have some" - US President from Perfect Dark

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The tale of the Halberd, Metaknights dream of revenge, and Dreamlands Nightmare (completed)
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