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7-26-03 We are two 16 year old girls, our names are Gladys and Cynthia. We've known each other since the beginning of sliced bread, actually only 6th grade. We're in 10th right now this moment going on 11th, hopefully. Gladys is a construction worker and Cynthia is a lumberjack. We'd like to share a little something about our personal lives and our money problems with you. jk jk lol. Currently, we are making a living off these characters that we rent to own from RENT A CENTER. First Gladys would like to share a little something about herself.

Gladys' hands smell like feet right now. Gladys has about 1 crush right now, but she'll never telllll! *sits in the corner holding knees* Also she reads HP because...just because. Oh and also, she hates shows such as Joe Millionaire, Jerry Springer, Jenny Jones, etc...

Favorite actors: Elijah Wood, Daniel Radcliffe, Orlando Bloom, Grease Witherspoon, Andy Lawrence, and Andy Roddick (even though he's a tennis player)

Favorite singers: Avril Lavigne, Good Charlotte, Mandy Moore, Eminem, Kelly Clarkson even though she only has 2 songs.. one of which i like, Pink, Sharkis, All American Rejects, and last but not least... Everwood.

Favorite tv shows: TRL, Friends, Charmed, Osbournes.

Favorite food: Pizza, gorditas, taco bell's 99 cent 7 layer nachos. (she is hungry right now)

Favorite movies: AWTR, HP 1 and 2, Spiderman, Moulin Rouge, Legally Blonde2, Cruel Intentions, LOTR, and How to Deal.

Now let's do Cynthia "oinker" Charles. She also has posters all over her wall. She comes to Gladys' home to use her computer cause she doesn't have her own, the rotten pig. Sore throat. Running nose. No clean socks. 11: 21 p.m Thursday.

Actors: Tobey Mcguire, Ewan Mcgregor, Daniel Radcliffe, Josh Hartnett, Elijah Wood, Reese Witherspoon, Orlando Bloom, Ashton Kutcher.

Singer: Good Charlotte, Avril Lavigne, Mandy Moore, Eminem, Justin Timberlake, Janet Jackson, Shakira, Pink, Christina Aguilara so on... (Shout Out: We BOTH hate Vanessa Carlton's new makeover, therefore, we are not choosing her as a favorite.)

TV shows: TRL, Friends, Charmed, Jamie Kennedy, Simpsons, Fear Factor(we're still hungry) Frasier...never in our short little pig lives. American Idol, and the Osbournes.

Food: Pizza, chinese food, lentils w/ tomato, taco a la cynthia, hamburgers, i could go on forever.

Movies: AWTR, HP, Spiderman, Moulin Rouge, Legally Blonde, Cruel Intentions, LOTR, Final Destination, Catch me if you can, i could go on forever, baby.

We would like to add that our stories are based on real life, jk jk. actually they're totally fictional and we come up them along the way as we type, no plans, no security. We want to say that people shouldnt get all upset with us for writing something thats fake anyway. It's not like its gonna be a real movie...actually, we plan to make "Jamie's Fantasies" into a real feature film to be starring Vanessa Carlton and Usher Johnson. Don't worry, we dont hate this movie, we absolutely love it. So please read our stories even though this profile itself could be a fanfic by itself, about 50% is real.

To be continued...

Near..far...where(high note here) ever you are and i know that my heart will go better lose yourself in the music the moment you own it you better never let it go...lying here on the floor where you left me...he was a skater boi she said see ya later boi...cry me a river, bridges were burned now it's your turn to DIE, cry me a river oooh oooh ah,...i'm a slaveeeeeeee, for you...

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