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Hi! I'm AlyssaHolloway and welcome to my profile! I hope you are enjoying my story! I have loved mermaids since Aquamarine came out and I also love to read and write. My profile pic does look a lot like me except for my hair is usually more curly and a little bit shorter. I also wear glasses. (Not for reading, all the time.)

Name: Alyssa Holloway (not my real name; just my pen name. I've always thought it had a good ring to it.) You can call me Aly if you want, I don't care.

Fave Color: Tiffany blue :)

Fave TV shows: Chuck, Leverage, H2O: Just Add Water, Castle, Raising Hope, Once Upon a Time

Fave Movies: Adventures in Babysitting, National Treasure series, Night at the Museum series, Home Alone, The Goonies, Knight and Day

Fave Books: Any book by Mary Higgins Clark, The Hunger Games series, Under the Never Sky, Legend, Matched trilogy

Current Story: August's Story 2: Now You See Them...

Completed Stories: H2O: Just Add Survival, Knight and Day: August's Story

Future Stories: August's Story 3

Come check out the new H2O: Just Add Survival wiki!

Some fun facts about me:

I have two cats and two dogs. (One of my cats thinks he's a dog though!)

H2O: Just Add Survival was inspired by Flight 29 Down kinda sorta.

Out of all of my characters, I would have to say that I am most like Natalie. Rikki is my favorite though!

I have an H2O locket.

I did not pick up a pencil and start writing H2O: Just Add Survival one day. It was an iPod touch. :D

I can read super fast. I read Inkheart in about five hours if that tells you anything.

I love to be outdoors.

And last but not least, I love all of my fanfiction friends! :)

H2O Just Add Survival Girls & Guys:

Natalie: (This is an actual American actress named Molly Quinn from one of my fave tv shows, Castle. She is the actress I would want to portray Natalie if my story was ever made into a movie lol.)

Andrea: (but with violet eyes)


Juliet (future character): (not sure if she'll have glasses though)

Melia: (She wears glasses, though. Isn't she a cutie?)

Eva: (Yes, this is Shailene Woodley from Secret Life of the American Teenager. This is from when she portrayed Felicity in Felicity: An American Girl Adventure. I really like her acting skills, though and she has Eva's personality. :D)


Sirena Island:

I've just started a new story called Knight and Day: August's Story based on the movie Knight and Day, obviously. It's a OC story placing August Havens, June's teenage cousin into Roy and June's adventure. Please check it out!

The August Havens Series:

Knight and Day: August's Story: What if June was the guardian to her teenage cousin? Meet August Havens, a fifteen year old girl yanked into her cousin's crazy adventure with Roy Miller. Told mostly from August's eyes, this follows the basic plot of the movie with some added twists.

August's Story 2: Now You See Them... Catch her if you can. August has been left behind in Boston, but don't expect her to stay there long. With a new villian after Simon's latest invention and her friend Blaire getting closer to the truth, August must go on the run and join her former life once more. But, with both the CIA and the Quintanas on her trail, can she keep her loved ones safe?

August's Story 3: On The Run: Plot coming soon!


August Havens: (Meet Britt Robertson-she's my pick for August!)

Blaire Pruitt: (Sarah Bolger-thought she'd be perfect for Blaire after seeing her act as Princess Aurora in Once Upon A Time)

Kara Jacobs: (The lovely Emily Blunt-I've always pictured her as Kara for some reason.)

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