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. • And the embers never fade in your city by the lake, the place where you were born • .

General Information:

My true name is Aileen but, due to my father's penchant for nicknames, I have been called "Aily" my entire life. It's been awhile since I've attempted a fanfiction but a renewed interest has me writing again. Because I enjoy telling myself stories, I figure I might as well write them down and publish them here. Another little tidbit of myself is that I am exceptionally poor at self editing. While I'll always browse my stories for grammar errors before publishing, I miss them quite often. Typically, I would beg others not to judge me but in this regard I pretty much deserve it. So go ahead and judge away.

Things that I Adore:


My favorite characters are Rukia, Ichigo, and strangely, Kyōraku Shunsui and Hirako Shinji, though I love about a million more.

By far, my favorite couple is IchiRuki. I remain completely naïve and simply cannot comprehend how anyone could not ship them. They are so lovable together and make each other so much stronger. Though I do ship a number of other Bleach pairings, I don't care nearly as much as I do about IchiRuki so I'd feel guilty even listing them.

Takahashi Rumiko:

The mangaka who not only introduced Inuyasha to this world, but Ranma ½, too. I am so appreciative of both since they singlehandedly seduced me into the world of Anime and Manga.

Couples that often bicker:

Can you not tell from the examples above? Ichigo/Rukia, Inuyasha/Kagome, Ranma/Akane. I also love Benedict/Beatrice from Much to do about Nothing. I suppose I just find it amusing when couples tease and argue with each other. Of course, this can’t be the basis of the whole relationship but for my beloved couples, it’s just one portion.. one fun and ever entertaining portion.

Things that Never fail to Annoy me:

Overly Dependent Female Characters:

Now, I can appreciate a good rescue scene. It’s really endearing to watch Inuyasha frantically rush to save Kagome, at times, and honestly, I don’t think there has ever been anything so epic as the Soul Society Arc in Bleach. But when a female character simply whines or stands paralyzed in fear during a crisis situation, I get annoyed. This is why I’ll forever detest Miaka from Fushigi Yuugi and though I don’t necessarily dislike Inoue Orihime, she’ll never rank amongst my favorites.

Overly Romanticized Couples:

It’s cute to hear characters calling out the names of their beloved, but when this is the only topic of conversation they can manage…I get annoyed. I don’t like love-at-first-site situations and easily prefer relationships that are shown developing slowly and steadily. If there is no buildup I tend to lose interest fast which will result in an abandoned ship.

Current Projects:

What Binds Us Together:

The reason I came back to the fanfiction world is because one particular idea that kept bashing around in my head and wouldn't leave me alone. That has lead to the story “What Binds Us Together” which is fun to write, except for the fact that poor Ichigo’s heart will be put through the woodchipper.

I suspect I’ll also write some oneshots from time to time because I’m prone to writer’s block (and general boredom with my own stories) and, hopefully, that will provide some inspiration.

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