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Okay, so a little bit about just who the heck this Otis Spofford fella is, other than the obvious. (If it's not obvious, power up your search engine, Bev could sooo have been talking about me). First let me just say that I'm waaaaayyyy too old to be watching cartoons, but that hasn't stopped me yet ( hey, grandad watched Road Runner re-runs til the day he died so I ain't givin' up my cartoons either). That's dating myself a little, but I'll do a lot of that in my stories anyway. I work in the aviation industry and when time and opportunity present themselves, enjoy boring holes in the sky in small airplanes. However, I am also attempting to establish a professional writing career, which as some of you may know, is not as easy as it may seem. I'm an Indiana farm boy by birth but was transplanted to the deep south in the fifth grade. I'm single, primarily because Ron and I seem to have the same luck with the ladies (though by that comparison I guess that means there's a KP out there for me somewhere. SCORE!)

Just a little tip about reading my work: I'm a huge fan of subtlety, it's one of the reasons I like Kim Possible so much (my favorites is probably in 'Two to Tutor' when Jr. is making his practice run. After he drops from the ceiling he stops for an instant, poses, and winks at the camera) and so if you're paying attention you'll see a lot of little things that are making the story as far as I'm concerned. (A good example is the look Kim gives Ron near the end of ch1 of Amyntor and the line that follows) You'll also see a shout out now and again to certain things through character names, place names, certain lines here and there, so if you're reading along and suddenly think to yourself "hey that (name) (place) (line) sounds familiar" it probably is. (So far there are several lines from favorite movies, a nod to a once loved and long forgotten TV show, and for the sports savvy, my favorite sport and team, all in Amyntor and a nod to one of my favorite musicians in a title).

One more thing. I realize that the popular opinion of just where Middleton is located is in Colorado, and I can see why. However, in the fourth season episode "Odds Man In" (by which time the Colorado theory was already well established, I know) the High School marquis at one point reads "Geography Club Meeting at 98o 35' W, 39o 50' N". If taken in the same spirit the marquis is usually used in, this was put up by a savvy club teacher who has indicated the exact geographic location of the classroom or outdoor area the club is meeting in. Punched into Google Earth this location is near Lebanon, KS, and also is the generally accepted location of the exact geographic center of the contiguous United States. (hence Middleton?) This was an assumption I made long before I stumbled upon FF.net and as such, it is an assumption I will continue to make.


So it's literally been years since I logged on, though I have tried to stop by on occasion and see what's new. I've had other projects occupying my time but have received a couple of kicks in the pants recently. So I've taken a few days to make some minor adjustments that have been nagging at the back of my mind and post a story that, while complete, is really meant to be part of a larger arc of stories. Hope you enjoy!

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