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Konichiwa!! I am the mistress of darkness, Yami Hiko!! I'm here to bring you really crappy fanfics--don't u feel special!?
-_-' Enjoy!!

EC: Of *course* the readers will enjoy them!! I inspired them!!

IH: Hey!!! You didn't give her *all* of her ideas!!

CD: Yeah!! We helped!!

II: That's right!!

MV: Take it back!!

PeR: or Face the consequenses!!

TT: Ditto!! _!!

IK: Yeah!!

PH: What they said!!

ZN: Yeah!!!

TA: That's right!!

GA: Yeah!! We'll royaly wreak
havoc on your ass!!!

PB: _!! Don't swear!!

MI: -_-' I'm not even getting into this...

KH: Neither am I..._...

YH: -_-' As you can see, I have alot of muses... So you don't get confused, I'll tell you who they are and what they're muse of. Or rather, they will...Who want's to go first?

EC: _!! OH!! ME ME ME!!

YH: -_-' Alright...Go ahead...

EC: *sticks out her tongue at
IH* I'm Evile Child, the Angst Muse!!

IH: I'm Itooshi Hito, the Romance Muse.

TT: I'm Tikanga Tonu, the General Muse.

IK: Ingkantohan Kalag...Supernatural Muse...

PB: Prasme Beletrisika!! ^_^ Sci fi muse here!!

GA: Gente Asustadizo, the horror muse...BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

TA: -_-' I'm Tätigkeits Abenteuer the Action/Adventure muse.

ZN: Zoi Nomos, the Drama Muse

MV: Monsom Vits, the Humor amused, I mean muse, at yoir service!!! ^_^

PeR: -_-' Poëzie en Rijm, the Poetry Muse...

KH: I'm Kikeke Ho'ohuhu, the Parody muse...

CD: I'm Chò Ðõ, the Mystery Muse

II: *looks around* Hmmmm...Guess I'm the last... oh well... I'm IIepeboa IIosaiipocy, the Suspense Muse.

MI: What about me!!?? I'm the AU muse, Monde Irreél!! ^_^

YH: There is no Alternate Universe genre, so I don't know where you came from, but...-_-'

Plot Bunny 1: Anyways, YM's got a contest of sorts for you!! ^_^

Plot Bunny 2: Yep!! It has to do with her muses!!

Plot Bunny 3: All of her muses' names are in different languages..

Plot Bunny 4: And they all have something to do with that muses' genre...

Plot Bunny 5: So, if you can tell us what the language is and what the name means,

Plot Bunny 6: We'll start on a plot with that type genre for you! For example, Evile Child is the Angst muse, and her name means something akin to being evil or bad, and being some sort of juvinile, so "juvinile delinquent" "American" and "Evile Child" would be the answer!

Plot Bunny 7: But the fic you request has to be on a topic YM knows about...

Plot Bunny 8: Yeah... It can't be on an anime that's not a dubbed show...-_-'

Plot bunny 9: And it can't be on a book she hasn't read...

Plot Bunny 10: Or a show she hasn't seen...

Plot Bunny 11: And so on.

Plot Bunny 12: But other than that, go ahead and let the contest begin!!!

Plot Bunny 13: Oh, and if you want some help, try the internet and search for word translators... That's what YM did...

Plot Bunny 14: When you have a guess, then all you have to do is E-mail it to her or leave it in a reveiw...Preferably in her poem, 'cause no one seems to like it, and if she sees the number of reveiws go up, then she might not be so depressed and she'll write faster...

Plot Bunny 15: With our help, of course...^_^

YH: -_-' My muses are turning against me, and now all 15 of my plot bunnies are turning against me...-_-' When will it all end?!! Stop the insanity!! O_O!! -_-' I'm ok now...I think..

~Ja ne, Hasta Luego, and Goodbye!!

Here are the ones ppls have guessed correctly: ^_^

:Marbh Go Deo: Horror is Spanish for "easily frightens people" or "frightened people" ^_^ Fin!

:Jealous Vampiress: Parody is Hawiian for "Knock Off" ^_^ Started... ^_^

:Nozomi: Romance is Japanese for "Beloved one" ^_^

:Kena Star: Tätigkeits Abenteuer is German for "Action Adventure" ^^;;

:Prince Maxwell of Maxion: Monsom Vits is Swedish for "Many Jokes" ^_^

Keep Guessing!!! There's still a bunch more!! ^_^

Oh, and here are the genres that I am most comfortable doing, however, if you ask, I'll do a different one if I know what it is...^_^:

~ Yu-gi-oh
~ Harry Potter
~ Yu Yu Hakusho
~ Lord of the Rings
~ Original Fiction
~ Original Poetry
~ Shadow Skill

If you have any other subject that you want me to write about, feel free to ask!! ^_^!!

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