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'As Led rains

we'll pass on through our phantoms

forever, forever like scarecrows

that fuel this flame we're burning

forever and ever' - My Chemical Romance

Name: Promise (Nicknames: DoDy, Silver, DoDo,DoDa, Oudi)

Age: A secret, because if you knew my age, you would base everything from it.

Fav. Movies: Alice In WonderLand 2010, Sleepy Hollow, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street, Pirates Of The Carribean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl, Pirates Of The Carribean: Dead Man's Chest, Pirates Of The Carribean: At World's End, Harry Potter: all parts, Corpse Bride, The Dark Knight, BeetleJuice, Cry-Baby, BloodRayne, Sherlock Holmes... and many many more.

Fav. Actors/Actresses: Johnny Depp, Christina Ricci, Heath Ledger, Helena Bonham Carter.

Fav. Singers/Bands: My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, AFI, Aerosmith, P!nk, Linkin Park, Adam Lambert...and many more.

Fav. Books: Alot, I Can't Really Count Them!

Fav. Animes: Kuroshitsuji, Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro, Naruto, Black Cat, Death note (Which i despised after having all my fav. chara's killed, and the one i hated lives! /Near/)


You talk to yourself a lot. (e.g. Hmm, what would happen if it was sunny the day Bella got hit by the van? Oh, story idea!! Must get computer!) (THRL: I Never ever think about twilight! just saying)

You talk to yourself about talking to yourself. (e.g. 'Why do I constantly ask my self random things?')

When you talk to yourself you often talk to yourself like you're talking to someone else. (e.g. 'Have you ever noticed that deliver could mean someone's liver?')

After uttering a profound peice of wisdom like that above, you stare at the cookie in your hand with awe and say, "Wow,this stuff is great for sugar highs...'

You live off of sugar and caffine (the two greatest things ever discovered!)

You'll check your e-mail every day of the week and then dissappear off the face of the earth.

You're e-mails tend to be pages long and incredibly random.

When replying to an e-mail, you'll never actually address the point of it.

You tend to collect Bic Stics off the ground like picking pennies off the ground.

No matter where you are in a room you never have to get up to find a pen/pencil and paper.

The letters on your keyboard are wearing off. (once a key actually fell off!)

Your friends and family think that you have carpal tunnel syndrome.

People think you have A.D.D.

You think it'd be cool to have A.D.D.

You constantly start talking in third person, present or past tense.

You start thinking about making lists like this and start giggling for no "apparent" reason

Your friends stopped looking at you funny for no apparent reason a loooooong time ago.

And FINALLY, the one way to tell if you're a good writer: You failed English 101.

(copy that into you're profile if you fit one or more of the descriptions)

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