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If your reading this you probably clicked on my name. THANK YOU FOR CLICKING ON MY NAME!!!!!! (Clears throat) I'll tell you a little about myself.

You've probably already figured my screen-name. If you haven't, your probably infected with stupidity. I am a Guy who lives on Earth. I write books (Duh. Why else would I be on FanFiction.) I write only Sly Cooper stories. I AM THE NUMBER ONE SLY FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know most of you are thinking that I'm just going to vanish off FanFiction like I did before, but I'm not. I am working on a story that is well thought out, has long chapters, and is going to be more mature than all of my other stories. It's called 'Road Rage', and it'll be my best story yet!

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James Wesley Ghram

Description: A crazy raccon who has a mental problem that was never diagnosed.

Species: Raccoon

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Eye Color: A brownish carmel color (Kind of like Sly's)

History: No one really knows his history except that he's the brother of Karisa. (His sister is an OC you'll see if you keep reading).

Stats: Is going to be used throughout my stories.

Smith Taylor River (nickname; Smitty)

Description: A calm, cool, type of guy.

Species: Lizard

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Eye Color: Blue

History: Was born into a rich family, then ran away. He won't tell anyone why.

Stats: Is going to be used in one specific story.

Judeth Karisa Taylor

Description: Outgoing around friends but quiet around unknown people.

Species: Raccoon

Gender: Female

Age: 22

Eye Color: A brownish carmel color like her brother's.

History: No one really knows her history except that her brother is James.

Stats: Is going to be used throughout my stories.

Armondo Smith Sierra (Spell out his initials)

Description: He has a tough military-like personality, but is still open and kind. He hates people making fun of his initials.

Species: Grey Wolf

Gender: Male

Age: 42

Eye Color: Deep green

History: An early retired 5 star commander-in-chief of the US army.

Stats: Will mainly be used in a specific book, but will be used in other sories too.

Charlie Lowis Davin

Description: Playful and fun-loving. She has a British accent.

Species: Siamese cat.

Gender: Female.


Eye Color: Hazel

History: Was born into a weird cult an escaped.

Stats: Was introduced in A Crazy Cooper Christmas, but will be used throughout my stories.

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Truth or Dare: Being delayed

A Crazy Cooper Christmas: Being delayed.

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UC: Lockout by Martian Scout reviews
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