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Hello, people, and welcome to starry-lyra's profile!

First of all, I am a girl with typical Uchiha looks (without the Sharingan of course), just because I am Japanese, and am currently residing in Taiwan where I am in sophomore year. (yes. I have raven black hair and onyx eyes.)

There are a variety of things I like, including writing stories, but also reading (anything really), singing, listening to music, drawing, dancing (hip-hop), playing volleyball, ranting in diaries, and believe it or not, studying. Yeah, call me a nerd if you guys like. (But hey! I also like playing with the DS and read mangas all day if I decide to be this lackluster persona.)

I loathe AP tests (because all they do is wear you out, I mean seriously- sometimes I just wanna curse at myself for being born Asian), SATs, anything that has to do with Twilight Movies (sorry Twilight folks! I think that Robert Pattinson isn't so "affluent" in his looks-department- so to say), chat/teen abbreviations, my English Teacher (yes. Hight fives to people who understand), and I above all, loathe will all the fiber in my being: (dun. dun. dun.) high school cliques. I think they're really immature. I'd rather find a bunch of "real" friends to hang around with than being either a suck-up or a total tyrant. Really sorry to break it to you (for people who realize they are in cliques).

Let's see- I tend to be more of the scary types when people tick me off- not in the "hot" way but the "Is there a blizzard? Because I just feel this bone-chilling deadly aura developing in the room" kind-of-way. If you guys know what I mean. Actually, for all the manga-fans out there, my friends often give me the nickname "Kyoya" (as in Kyoya Ootori from Ouran High School Host Club). Ha. No. Seriously.

Some words that can describe me are: "random (as you probably can see by now)," "stoic (but I DO laugh)," "nerdy (just because- and I have glasses)," "fan-girlish (but only in front of my closest friends and of course, in fanfiction)," "boring (probably, because I'm just not inclined to lower myself to the "typical teen standards")"... and I will stop there because the list would be endless.

Believe it or not, I am quadrilingual. (If that is even a word- I studied French for a year, too, but I have high standards for "speaking" a language so I do not count that in). I speak Japanese, German, English, and Chinese. yes... all of them very... very fluently.

Yup it's true.

Ja, es ist aber Wahr.

Honntouni. (sorry too lazy to type using the actual font)

Zhenn-de. (I learnt it by the phonetic symbols so I have no idea how it's supposed to be spelled in pin-yin)

Now that I am done with presenting my profile, I think I'll list my favorite mangas, and its pairings.

Favorite Mangas: Ouran High School Host Club, Naruto, Kitchen Princess, Full metal panic! Fummoffu!, Chrome Breaker, Oresama Teacher!, Skip Beat!, Kuroshitsuji, Gakuen Alice, Yumeiro Patissiere, and many more...

Favorite Pairings: KyoyaxHaruhi, TamakixHaruhi, HikaruxHaruhi, SasorixSakura, AkatsukixSakura, ItachixSakura, DeidaraxSakura, GaaraxSakura, SebastianxCiel, NatsumexMikan, etc.

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