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Ohai thar! How goes it? Good? Good. My name be Matt One-Tooth, on account o' the fact that only one o' mee teeth is still thar!

I joke, I joke.

Hi there, my name's Matt, and I'll be your host for the duration of your stay. I do in fact have all of my teeth, so don't worry about any of that.

Well, I've already run out of things to talk about. Darn.

Upcoming Stories -

The Elder Scrolls: The Storm - A dark storm is rising over Tamriel. A hundred years have passed and the Dragonborn is gone. In his place are two boys, of his own blood, and each of them claims the power of the Voice. The world cannot withstand the raw power of two Dragonborn's, and one must die for Nirn to live. But against the backdrop of war, murder, deceit and shame, it is near impossible to tell who is the deceiver, and who is the deceived. ONE INDEFINITE HIATUS. Turns out writing a huge, four-part fantasy story takes more time than I have. So, I'll be working on bits of this while writing my other stories.

Brotherhood - When Ezio Auditore da Firenze, Altair Ibn La-Ahad, and Connor Kenway all wake up on a cart heading for Helgen, they know they're gonna have a bad time. After surviving a dragon attack, the trio split up, but eventually each of them finds their way to the Dark Brotherhood - and with them, a new family. Amidst betrayal, deceit and shameless murder, can the three Assassin's fulfill the biggest contract the Brotherhood has ever received? And can they find their way home again?

Cold Blue Eyes - A virus has spread throughout Unova, turning humans and Pokemon alike into stumbling, undead hate monsters, eager to feed off the living. In the middle of it all, Connor, a young Trainer from Nuvema Town, has discovered a strange Pokeball, which he is unable to open. Along with his friends and fellow Trainers, he must make his way, alive, to Mistralton City, where the military is flying the uninfected survivors to the safety of Hoenn, Johto and Kanto.

Stuff About Me -

Well, as you know, my name's Matt, and I was born in a small(ish) town called Macclesfield, in Cheshire, England. I lived there until I was eight, then moved to another small(ish) town in Cheshire call Leftwich, next to Northwich, next to Middlewich. I think the people who named it were either obsessed with directions, or dropped at birth. Then, when I was fourteen, my family and I moved to Rockingham, Western Australia, which is where I currently reside. I'm fifteen now, and I've been in Oz for nearly a year (woohoo!).

Favourites and Shizz -

TV Shows - Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Supernatural (only on Season Two at the moment though!), Community, Todd and the Book of Pure Evil, Doctor Who (2005 onwards, never really got into the classic episodes), Digimon, The Walking Dead (much prefer the comic though), Fringe, Lost, Heroes, Game of Thrones.

Vidya Games - Darksiders 1 and 2, the Assassin's Creed Series (Brotherhood is my favourite), Call of Duty: World at War/Black Ops (only for the zombies mode, though), Batman: Arkham series, Elder Scrolls: Skyrim (I tried to get into Oblivion, but since I played Skyrim first, Oblivion was spoiled for me, because it didn't have things I was used to like duel-wielding, ect.), Pokemon, Minecraft (loving the Technic pack at the moment).

Books - Anything by Terry Pratchett, A Song of Ice and Fire, the Belgariad, the Inheritance Cycle, anything by Darren Shan, Skulduggery Pleasant, the Percy Jackson series (and, to a lesser extent, the Heroes of Olympus and Kane Chronicles series'), CHERUB and the Henderson's Boys, the Night Angel's Trilogy, Deltora Quest.

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