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Welp, three chapters now. Damn it all.
Proof-reading, finalizing, etc. needs to happen. Could take years.


I can't tell you how many times I've rewritten this final chapter or two. I had them handwritten since ages ago, but somehow I've magically lost them. So, since that's the case, I have to start over - and nothing leaves the impression that it's as good as the first. I'm getting frustrated with it, yes, but I am working on it still.


It wasn't my intent to make Serah suddenly change and be the bad guy. In my view, it's Snow searching for reasons behind the action he has to take that makes him view her the way he does now. People that you don't like or don't want to like do things that constantly annoy you, but if your friend were to do the same thing you'd probably think nothing of it. At least, that's my perspective: people are free to interpret what they'd like.

Check It Out!
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Te-GR, the wonderful artist, has drawn four Snow/Lightning scenes based off of Revelations. Here are the links:
Chapter 6 Scene: "Soldier Girl's Got Nice Legs"
Chapter 12 Scene: "The Sentinel"
Chapter 16 Scene: "The Most Beautiful Flower"
Chapter 18 Scene: "Yellow Sundress, Red Balloon"
Go check out her work, and be sure to leave a comment on her lovely art!

MakudeX made a mini introduction for Revelations on Youtube awhile back. It takes a lot of work to complete something like that, so please consider giving him some extra views! Introduction

Other Miscellany.

Future Endeavors:
- Sherrus (Mass Effect) because I effing love Turians.

I'm discovering that I tend to really dislike cannon pairings in, well...everything. Especially Final Fantasy games. In fact, come to think of it, the only canon pairing I like is Cloud and Tifa (and this has been confirmed as canon), although I prefer Tifa with Reno. It has to be said, though, that Snow/Light was the first pairing I've ever really gotten into, so it was massively disappointing that, despite all the flirtations and the dialog and the everything, Snow still didn't dump Serah.

ANYWAY, since it seems to be the popular thing to do, I guess I'll show you just how mental I am and, thus, I will provide a list of my very own with pairings that I prefer. It is as follows for the Final Fantasy Games:

IV: Kain/Rydia
VI: Locke/Terra
VII: Reno/Tifa, Aeris/Vincent
VIII: Squall/Quistis, Rinoa/Seifer
IX: Zidane/older!Eiko.
X: Rikku/Tidus
XII: Fran/Balthier, Ashe/Vaan
XIII: Sazh/Fang, Snow/Lightning, Sazh/Lightning

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