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Hi everybody! Well I'm here to publish some of my work that has taken me over three years to write. Why you ask? Because I get lazy and diddle daddle here and there. I wanted to stress something out to everybody before they read my stories and freak out. I LOVE to write slash stories among cartoon characters. I will NEVER write stories involving cartoon character kids!! I have had request but that to me is crossing the line. Just a simple rule. NO FLAMING! You no likey the slashy then DON'T read the slashy! I never hate on anybody who has constructive criticism. I'm here to have you guys judge my work and help me build from there. I will be back to finishing my Tail Spin story a New Chapter. It's actually finished but I have to transfer what I wrote in a book to the computer. I left you guys hanging for a while on that and I'm sorry. Going back to my writing I LOVE to write about rare cartoon/anime couples in loving or abusive relationships. I get tired of reading about the same old people and like to open up a place where people can go and find that fic that they have been desperately looking for for the past month. I only write about odd couples that I'm into. It's hard for me to write about somebody that I could care less about. If you guys have any questions or concerns then by all means review my stories. Don't write "YOUR SICK! THIS IS A KIDS CARTOON! WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!?" Hey you read it so there was something in you that wanted you to read it sooooooo ask yourself that question before ranting at me. I hope you guys enjoy my work and let me know how I can become a better writer. Here is a list of characters that I personally like and written about or plan to write about and why.

Tail Spin

Shere Khan/Don Karnage- They are two very powerful characters and just seeing them interact with each other in the series was mind blowing. I always remember how Khan used his power to have his messenger give Karnage an explosive telegram for failing him. I've been drawn to them ever since.


Nathan/Ofdensen= I LOVE when these two get a chance to interact with each other. I fell for them when Ofdensen told Nathan that he had gotten a 0 on his test because he didn't answer any of the questions and Nathan got in his face about it. There have been soooo many moments between these two that I have grown to love them. I'm really shocked that there isn't enough stories about these two! LOVED the Easter egg of Ofdensen hanging with the boys and even get a chance to seeing him fooling around (drunk) with Nathan!

Masked Assasin/Ofdensen- I'm happy and shocked to say that I have found numerous fics about these two and NOW I'm hooked. Obviously they are never love stories and Ofdensen always ends up being the victim but I heart this violent pairing!

Soul Eater

Shinigami-sama/Frank: I HAVE NO IDEA WHY! It just came across one day so don't be surprise when I write about these two!

Asura/Stein- Come on! This is screaming to be made! I mean seriously...le sigh.

Gummi Bears

Igthorn/Gusto- Actually have a strong and powerful story going on here. Thought about it when Igthorn picked up both Gruffi and Gusto in the King Igthorn episode. It's an M fic like everything else but never cheesy. I'm really happy with the way that it's turning out. My fics are very dark and serious so I hope it draws away from the "kiddie feel" from the show. I'm still working on it and will be posting it when I'm happy with the turn about.

Anybody who writes about this pairing should let me know because I will love you forever. Don't like it when they are too OCC. Takes away from the story. I only do it when the shows are kids show and I attempt to make the show more for adults. I stress on attempt. =-)

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