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Name: Usually people call me Ivyleaf or Ivy-chan

Gender: Lets just say that I hate boys so I would never want to be one

Age:12-99 and I'll give you another hint 12-30. Think you know it?

Hobby: I LOVE ANIMALS! But hate school...

Modo: I float like a butterfly, and sting like a bee!-Some comercial from a football game

Favorite animal: CATS!CATS!CATS!And dogs.

I love Warriors. Right now I am working on a warriors story called A New Dawn(And no, it isn't about Firestar and the others). Right now I have 5 clans: StormClan(Main clan), VenomClan, RoamingClan, DesertClan, and EchoClan. First, I need some more warrior names, so if you have any good ones just send me a message with your names and I will send you a message with names in exchange. Right now I am a newbie but my close friend, Elena Forest, is also looking for names so you may send them to her too. Elena and I are working on the same book together so whatever you send me, you could send her. Thank you and if you do send us a message, we will give you some credit for the names.:)

Warrior names for everyone!

Badgerclaw-Black tom with a white stripe running down his back and amber eyes

Frostpool-White she-cat with a silky coat and indigo eyes

Hawkeyes-Dark brown tom with amber eyes and black spots

Rabbitfoot-Light brown tom with big hind legs and green eyes

Lilyfrost-Cream she-cat with light green eyes

Owlfeather-Tan tom with a brown dappled coat and amber eyes

Cedarpelt-Dark brown tom with dark green eyes

Blackfrost-Black and white tom with dark yellow eyes

Lightstep-Light tan she-cat with green eyes

Snowtail-White she-cat with light blue eyes

Mothfur-Brown she-cat with green eyes

Lionfur-Golden tom with amber eyes

Tigershadow-Big golden tom with black stripes and amber eyes

Leopardfur-Tan she-cat with unusual black markings and blue eyes

Thrushtail-Brown she-cat with a reddish underbelly and neck with yellow eyes and a feathery tail

Squrrieltail-Orange she-cat with a bushy tail and green eyes

Mousestep-Light brown she-cat with yellow eyes

Eagleshadow-Big brown tom with black dapples and amber eyes

Silvershard-Sliver she-cat with indigo eyes

Dapplepath-Tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes

Frostfeather-White she-cat with dark blue eyes

Snowrose-White she-cat with ginger splotches and green eyes

Tigereye-Big tan tom with the markings of a tiger in black with dark green eyes

Dawnstream-Light gray she-cat with yellow eyes

Stormcloud-Dark gray tom with dark amber eyes

Cloudsky-White tom with green eyes

Leaftip-Tortoiseshell she-cat with a black tail-tip and green eyes

Heronflight-Gray tom with a white underbelly and yellow eyes

Blackbird-Black she-cat with yellow eyes

Eaglefeather-Tortoiseshell tom with amber eyes

Tawnystream-Tortoiseshell she-cat with blue eyes

Blackleaf-Black tom with one white paw and amber eyes

Lionsong-Big golden tom with amber eyes

Birchleaf-Light brown tom with green eyes

Hollyberry-Reddish she-cat with dark green eyes

Snowpath-White she-cat with dark blue eyes

Stormfeather-Gray she-cat with yellow eyes

Smokefur-Dark gray tom with dark amber eyes

Silverwind-Silver she-cat with dark green eyes

Brambleleaf-Big tan tabby tom with dark amber eyes

Ravenfrost-Slim Black she-cat with a white tail-tip and icy blue eyes

Fernleaf-Small tan tom with pale green eyes

Crowflight-Black tom with one white ear and paw with amber eyes

Stiilbreeze-White she-cat with light hazel eyes

Hi again and remember if you have any warrior names, send them to me or Elena Forest:).

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