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My name is KawaiiGurl101 and I LOVE yaoi because its so cute!!!1

but I dont ship Link with anyon bcuz hes MINE!!! not that bitch ZELDAS!!!


um Actually i ship Link with my OC, Kaerellia Aurora and she is NOT A MARYSUE SO STOP FLAMING ME

link is MINEEE k he doesnt belogn with zelda bcuz she's a BITCH and shes useless and she doesnt do ANYTHING

I have a message for those who criticize me! STOP! if youre going to critiwsi me and flame me then DON'T READ MY STORIES ITS FANFICTION I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT!


My Ocs

Name: Kaerellia Lightning Night Aurore Beauty

Age: 16

Love Interest: LINK!!!!!1 Even tho Zelda keeps bothering him and trying to steal him he loves Kaerellia :P

Race: Half Hylian, One-Fourth Twili and One-Forth Goddesss

Looks: Kaerellia has long, black hair that extends to middle of her thighs with NATUERAL golden streaks so thats why they call her Kaerellia Lightnign!!! She has beautiful blue eyes that NOBODY ELSE HAS and her eyes change golden when shes angry or sad She is described as VERY BEAUTIFUL by most people and she has the Triforce of Wisdom (NOT THAT BITCH ZELDA!!!!)

Clothes: Kaerellia wears a tight-fitting, short black skirt and high-heeled golden boots with a golden, sleeveless shirt that doesnt cover her belly button. It looks like an Amazon warrior thigny and when Zelda wore it every1 said she looked liek a slut but Kaerellia ooks BEAUTIFUL IN IT

Weapons: Kaerellia can fight with anything, but she uses a twin black-golden blade called Lightning that's 10000000 times more powerful than Zeldas light arrows which TOTALLY SUCK ZEDLA SUCKS She's also really good at magic and she can beat Zeld with her hands tyed behind her back :P

Backstory: Kaerellia was the Princess of Hyrule and Daphnes Nohansesn's daughter, but Zelda's mom took over the throne, murdered Kaerellia's dad and mom and Kaerellia was forced to live on her own since she was three. and then every1 started thinking Zelda was the real princess of Hirule when it was KAereLLIA!

However, she was so TLLTALLY TALENTED because of her Triforce and she met up with the chosen hero, Link and with him they saved Hyrule. They overthrew the thrown bcuz ZELDA WAS AN UGLY POSER WHO REALLY INS'T THE PRINCESS OF HYRULE so ya

Oh and Kaerellia is the princess of the Twilit Realm Too!! but Midna is her bestest friend because MINDA HATES ZELDA!!!!

Smash: Using Lightning, Kaerellia does this move with REAL lightnign (like from te sky) thats like Ike's final Smash but 1009024 times stronger. after that, ligntning shoots from her blade liek Zeldas light arrow but SUPER STRONGER you can't dodge it and you can't jump and it takes all of ur stock