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Hi! I'm just someone who likes to write. I've been putting some of my work on , but someone suggested I get a account. I thought I'd try it out. I write mostly Hetalia fan fiction. Someone else told me that they saw one of my stories on here already, but I didn't put it up. I tried to find it, but I couldn't so I'll just assume either whoever put it up took it down or it was only a story that was similar to mine. I hope no one is out there claiming my work for they're own. If my stories are similar to anyone else's, I'm sorry! I promise I came up with my stories myself! Great minds think alike, I guess. You can also read my stories on DA: http:///gallery/

A little more info on the kind of fictions I write:

Now, just to let everyone know, although I LOVE Hetalia, I do not love yaoi (boyxboy action). Not a fan of yuri (girlxgirl), either. I DON’T hate those who claim homosexuality or anything like that. It’s just not my thing, ok? I’m saying this right out so that everyone knows straight up what kind of fan fiction that I write.

Hetalia, is not technically a yaoi series. However, because of the surplus of male characters, some adult humor, and humorous illusions to possible physical relationships between characters, a large part of the fan community ships characters together as yoai pairings. Now, I don’t mind the adult humor and jokes so much (I do prefer the subs to the dubs, though. The dubs go overboard sometimes and they change too many lines in my opinion), But I do not ship any yaoi parings. Again, I am NOT trying to put down yaoi fans in this at all! You guys are free to like what you like! We all are. I am just mentioning this for the benefit of both sides of the fandom.

How does knowing this information about me benefit all kinds of Hetalia fans, you ask? Well you see, numerous people have told me things like: “I’m so glad I found some non-yaoi fanfiction! I’m always afraid to read Hetalia fanfics because of the yaoi.” Or “I’m glad I found your brother fics! I don’t ship America and England. That’s like incest!”

See, the bad news for the fans of Hetalia who are looking for some hot, steemy, sexy yaoi pairing fics (I don’t think I could even write stuff like that for a hetro pairing! O///O Way too embarrassing!) is that you won’t find any of that here. Sorry! ^^; However, this can also be good news for some yaoi fans! No yaoi in my fics, means no pairings you don’t like! So if certain pairings make your eyes bleed, never fear, for you won’t be seeing any pairings you hate in my fics!

And of course, the good news for fans of Hetalia like myself, who love the show, but are scared to look into any fan fiction because of the over abundance of fan yaoi pairings, is that you don’t have to be afraid to look at my stuff! Nothing like that will EVER happen, I promise! None of the characters will ever even be in any kind of romantic relationship together. So, think of my fics as a safe haven from all that! ^^

But what kind of things will you find in my fics? Here are some examples:

1. A Lot of History, Usually.

I love history, and often the Hetalia stories I write are inspired by true historical events. I try to keep my stories to as close to both the real history and the series as I can. I usually do a fair amount of research before I write, but there is still the possibility of some historical inaccuracies. Those, I will usually change, if I realize my mistake. And then, if there is something that history and Hetalia just can’t reconcile, and I chose to keep more to the Hetalia cannon, there will be a note at the end of my fics stating what was and what wasn’t quite historically accurate.

2. Friends, Family, and Brotherly Relationships Between Characters.

I love writing about close relationships between characters. No romance as of yet. I do have a few ideas for France and Joan of Arc. Maybe one with Hungary and Austria, but those fics won’t be happening anytime soon.

3. Religious Influences

Yes, I admit I am a Christian. (Know what you’re thinking: “No wonder she doesn’t like yaoi!” Ha. Ha. Ha.) Anyway, my faith is very precious to me, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise if some of it leaks out a little into my writings. Yes, some of my fics might have some Christian-ish themes to them, but then, a lot of it also has to do with history. There are fics that I write which take place in times when Christian or Religious issues were a very big deal, and cannot be ignored if I want to stay true to the history, or bring in a different way of looking at things. I DON’T use my fics as a pulpit for preaching my religion, and Christianity is NOT the main subject of my writings, but just as a warning, there will be a hint of Christian-ish things here and there, in some of them. For example: England watching little America say a prayer at night, or rebel America listing a type of “restricting of religion” as one of the many reasons for his anger against England and his want to become independent. I don’t think any of my stories are too full of Christianity to offend anyone, but I’m using this warning, just in case. And honestly, if I ever get inspired to write an in-depth story about a character with no Christian roots, you can bet that I will include their religious beliefs, as well! I don’t judge anyone for their beliefs, so please don’t judge me for mine.

4. Some Cursing and Violence

I don’t like cursing myself, but for some characters it just can’t be completely avoided. It does not happen in my fics too often, but when it occurs, it’s mostly said in another language, or in British slur, but it is there. And with history, violence can’t be avoided, but my descriptions of it aren’t overly gory. So maybe the violence is on a PG/PG-13 level.

5. Mostly Happy Endings

I prefer happy endings, myself. ^^ Once again however, in real life, not everything ends happy. Not all of my stories will have an “And they all lived happily ever after ending,” but I at least try to keep my writings hopeful. There will be warnings if a story ever has a beyond horrible ending.

6. Stereotypes

But that should be expected of Hetalia. These are NOT meant to offend any nationality, and I do NOT faithfully subscribe to any national sterotypes. The stereotypes in Hetalia are just there for a little comedic fun. You will notice in my fics that I don’t hesitate to make fun of my own country’s (America) stereotypes. I also usually try to keep the stereotypes from being TOO offensive, and I love to get into the character’s heads, so that you can look beyond their stereotypes and see them for the real complex characters that they are.

7. Imperfections

I might be a bit of a perfectionist, but don’t expect every fic to be perfect in spelling, grammar, history, or anything. I don’t have much time to write these things. When I do, I try my best just to enjoy it and write for fun’s sake! I’m not going to spend too much energy on perfecting fanfiction. If I ever notice any big mistakes, or if they are pointed out to me, I will usually try to fix them, but don’t expect perfection from me.

8. Lots of Fluff!

You probably know this, but I LOVE writing about kids! XD You will see a lot of cute family stories in my fics. Mostly Chibi America and Canada stories, since I LOVE the FACE family! ^^ But there is also one with Chibi Prussia, and a story about Switzerland and Liechtenstein. There is one with a younger Russia, as well, but it’s not really a family fluff story at all. You can expect more fluffy family stories and just children stories in general from me.

9. Slow updates

Like I said, I have a very busy life. I don’t have much time to write as I would like, so updates will usually be slow. But rest assured, if I start a story, I WILL finish it!


And because a few people have done artwork for my fics, I would like to take a moment to recognize them. I can't list all their names and links to their works here, but I will put a link to my collection of them on my Deviantart account:


If you like my fics, please go to the above link and check out the awesome fanart, if you get the chance! It's all really cool! ^^

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Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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