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Author has written 7 stories for Sonic the Hedgehog, Time Warp Trio, Warriors, and Penguins of Madagascar.

Allllllllrighty then.

I has cleaned out my profie. There is no more copy-andpaste-stuff, and a bunch of other useless trash has been deleted. So there.

I See you have reached my Profie! (YES I SAID PROFIE> IT IS NOT A MISSPELL.)

OK so like the first thing you see is my retarded profile picture of...Rollo. Don't ask.

OK. So if you're my stalker, you've probably noticed I haven't been on FFN is...ages.


Well, happy update:


Bestest Mangas EVAH:

Death Note, Fruits Basket, Gunslinger Girl (Is this a manga or just an anime?) and a few others. But Death Note is BESTESTEST EVER.

Haven't read/watched? It's intense and occasionally bloody (especially that L.A. BB Murder Cases book...) And lots and lots of deaths.

Mostly just criminals die. Except...L...and Mello...and Matt...*begins sobbing* (well, the way Mello blows up a bunch of junk every five minutes might actually count him as a criminal...) I'm sorry, but I loved L and Mello both...and hated Light...I laughed when he got pwned by Naomi Misora. ^^

Then Naomi Misora died.

...Screw you, Light...

Bahaha. Now you know, most of my obsessions will center around Manga.



I'm a Ravenclaw!

I'm pretty and imaginative. I'm curious and determined, clever and friendly. Everyone loves me, basically!!!

Harry: There's something about her that makes me wanna... wanna kiss her (What the fudge muffins?)
Ron: Wow... she's different, but really pretty at the same time... (Thanks, Ron, love you too)
Hermione: Different, but nice and always does good in her classes. (You don't know the half of it, girl.)
Luna: We're BFFL!!! (Yeah, I'll take that.)
Draco: She called me a fat-faced Nargle the other day... whatever that means... (Ownage.)
Voldemort: Dude, she's strange... verrrrryyyy strange. (Uh...thanks?)

Lots of unimportant trash about me!!!

Name: In the words of Skipper: "To you, I AM NOBODY!" So in other words, meh name is CLASSIFIED INFO, but you may call me Nutmeg.

Age: hahahahahahaaaa!! I WAS BORN IN 3000!!!!

Gender: I'm a girl. THis doesn't mean any of you dudes out there can hit on me. I don't know why you'd want to, I'm not that great...

Nickname: Blazenutmeg, Megs, Nutmeg

Likes: Waffles, Making Sonic look stupid, her buddies, GOD!!!! my youth minister, DRAWING, British Accents, FOOD!!!(especially BACON) Getting gifts, notebooks, the evil guy on Time Warp Trio's EVIL LAZAR!!!! writing random stuff!!!! Penguins of Madagascar,

Dislikes: Flaming, fighting, (Like, internally or with friends!!! I LOVE LAZARS!!!) People getting personal, funerals (they make me want to cry, unless I am really close to the person, then I really do cry.) Light Yagami. And obsessions with Harry Potter. It's a great series, but I hate it when people won't talk about anything else. An Death Note is better.

TV Shows I like: The Penguins of Madagascar (Haha, Skipper's a girl? xD) Time Warp Trio (FRED IS SUCH AN IDIOT!!!) , anything on Animal Planet, most everything on DK, Death Note, Fruits Basket.

TV Shows I like YELLING at: (for no apparent reason) Penguins of Madagadcar, Sonic X (THAT SHOW IS THE STUPIDEST! THEY MESS UP ALL THE COUPLES! AND THEY MAKE EVERYONE LOOK COMPLETELY OUT OF CHARACTER!) Time Warp Trio (HAHAHAAA! WOOT FRED'S A CHAIR LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLLLLLL) And Death Note. ( I FRICKIN LOVE DEATH NOTE! But I HATE LIGHT SOOOO MUCH. So I scream and cry. I faceplant when Near makes me lose THE GAME. Speaking of which, you just lost.)

Games I like: WII FIT!!! and WII SPORTS RESORT!

Books I love: The entire Death Note series (book seven made me cry, ok? But it was good anyway...) The Fruits Basket series (KISA IS THE MOST PRECIOUS LITTLE...) the Warriors series (NOOOOOOO!!!!!!! WHY DID BLUESTAR HAVE TO DIE??!??!?!), Lassie Come home (I SWEAR I CRIED AT THE END!!!), Julie of the Wolves (NOOOO!!!! I HATE YOU RANDOM PILOT!! WHY DID YOU KILL AMURAUQ?), Island of the Blue Dolphins.(I LOVE RONTU!!!)

Latest Obsessions: Bluestar and her Prophecy (DIE HAWKHEART FOR KILLING MOONFLOWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and Penguins of Madagascar, And, as you probably guessed, Death Note a Fruits Basket. (

Note: Just because I love this crap doesn't mean it's for everybody. If you're emotional and hate blood and death, avoid Death Note like the plaugue. I can handle it. But maybe you can't.) And TOBYMAC! I FRICKING LOOOOOOOOOVE TOBYMAC! EEEEEEEEE!

Other possible trash you may like/need/want to know:

I love music, singing, dancing wildly, and lip-synching(did I spell that right?) at intersections while the people in the car across from us are like, WHAT THE HECK? I'm CRAZEH! I plan on writing these stories...

My current stories

It's the Hedgehog's meow-Sonic the hedgehog

My first story ever, which is quite dumb and needs to be removed...basically, Sonic and friends are transformed into cats.

The Dark Side-Sonic the hedgehog with OC's

I think I am going to discontinue this, because it's a bit illegal and I would like to keep my place on FFN...If you've seen those copy-n-paste things that say, come to the dark side, we have cookies, well I wrotea story about that.

Most Honored Guest-Time Warp Trio

A short story I wrote to remeber my old rabbit Bun. Basically Fred is forced to be a chair for Bun.

FRED the CAT!-Time Warp Trio and Warriors

Fred is transformed into a kit and joins ThunderClan, he's right at home. But Joe, Sam, and Anna want him back...

Fred the Cat the EPILOUGE!

Will Fred EVER act human again? Or is he stuck on a 'MUST DRINK WARM MILK' kick for the rest of his life?

How they Meet their End!-Penguins of Madagascar

Various Ways by several of my friends the penguins die the crazy ways. Involves jello-devices, hair-removal stuff, and Skipper getting eaten.

Secret Life-Penguins of Madagascar

Private dutifully follows orders once again! Takes place after Huffin' and Puffin.

Stories I plan on WRITING...tell meh if yah likey!

Sonic the hedgehog-anti-abortion story, this probably won't happen either

Amy and Sonic are about to have a child, but Sonic wants an abortion to keep him from getting in trouble. Amy agrees, but when the child she could have begans appearing in her dreams, will she change her mind?

Time-Warp-Trio (This probably won't happen) WWII story

The title says it all.

Warriors-Haven't thought of a title yet. Possibly Lightningkit's Destiny? How cheesy is that?
Lightningkit is born into ThunderClan with her sister and two brothers, and she only wants to be a normal ThunderClan warrior. When her sister Yellowpaw is apprenticed as a medicine cat, she shows she is more than a prodigy-she could be one of the greatest medicine cats the Clans have ever seen. Meanwhile, Lightningpaw grows closer to her sister...and strange dreams are telling her that something more lies ahead for her. In her most troubled times yet, Lightningpaw and Yellowpaw desperatly need each other. But when a mysterious incident leaves Lightningpaw alone, her brother Darkpaw runs away, and her other brother Falconwing is killed in battle, Lightningpaw wonders-is any cat in her family meant to survive?

Penguins of Madagascar-EPIC BATTLE

When the penguins are forced to pursue Blowhole once again, a chase ends them up in...DENMARK! After an EPIC BATTLE, an injured Skipper must evade the Denmark peoples once again...

Songs you dorks should listen to:

Druid Fluid as performed by Mark O'Connor, Edgar Meyer, and Yo-Yo Ma.

Star of the County Down as performed by the three above.

Pickles as performed by those three, AGAIN.

Do You Like Waffles? By Parry Gripp

Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom By Parry Gripp

The Dramatic music they play in movies.

A Dream Within a Dream by the Alan Parsons Project

The Raven By the Alan Parsons Project

The Jody Grind By Horace Silver

Crash and Burn by Savage Garden

Gravity of Love by Enigma

Think by Aretha Franklin

Wannabe by the Spice Girls

The Business of Paper Stars by Hawthore Heights

My Immortal by Evanescencse

Bones Shatter by Hedley

You've Got a Friend in Me (I don't know who wrote it. It's from Toy Story)


Things I like to do: Write, read, EAT, talk, DRAW, goof off, watch TV, be random.

Things I don't like to do: Attend funerals, (they make me sad) color. And be a chair. THAT'S FOR YOU, SHADSYLUVER!!!

Now, What else am I obsessed with!?
I AM A PYROMANIAC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Actually, no. But I like fire it's cool.


Hamusta and PJB are my pets, and anyone you don't know is a friend of mine!! (Except the imaginary characters!!!)

I am sad to announce that I no longer have Hamusta! You will porbably see me talk about him though...

I AM a total Warriors Junkie, but I'm too lazy to write a fanfic for Warriors.


First, Sam, because he finds Fred annoying, will feed Fred a poison waffle.

At Fred's funeral, Joe will see Sam looking happy, realize that Sam killed HIS BEST FRIEND!!!!

For revenge, Joe will feed Sam one of the same POISON WAFFLES!!!!!!!


Then, Owattabutt (Sam Samurai) WILL CUT OFF KAKA'S HEAD!!!!!

Then, Shadsyluver and I will ZAP him with Mad Jack's EVIL STAFF-LAZAR!!!!!!

Then the SUN with fry us 2 a CRISP!

So, Earth with then DROWN THE SUN!!!
Then, Jupiter will EAT EARTH!!!!

So then, pluto will have taken the EVIL STAFF-LAZAR!!!!! and DESTROYED JUPITER WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then basically, every thing will die bacause (1. There's no Sun and (2. They are destroyed by PLUTO'S EPICNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My fave quotes!!!!

"Please don't try to run. We're tired, and we prefer to kill you quickly." -Wolf from the Lion, the witch, and the wardrobe movie. I just think that this is exciting and funny. A fave and the first fave on my quotes list!

"Has anyone seen my coat?" -Lucy, Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe movie. The context is HILARIOUS! I love Lucy!

"I am Mephiles, Mephiles-" The Dark, we know." Shadow to Mephiles, The Dark Side The sarcasm is just so funny.

"I'm either going to end up in detention, jail, or worse, dead!" -Angel the echidna cat It's funny, duh, READ IT AGAIN.

"I'm sending you a message in code. How do you spell 'Nincompoop'?" -Calvin, Calvin and Hobbes I love these comics, and I love this quote. It's funny.

"Sometimes I think the surest sign that there's intelligent life out there somewhere is that it hasn't tried to contact us." -Calvin, Calvin and Hobbes FAIL! HAHAHAHAHA!

"There's only one thing to do at a time like this: Sleep on it!" -Garfield the cat, Garfield I SO AGREE!

"Great, just great! So we're stuck in ancient Egypt, without The Book, with a shoe-crazed king, and a pre-warmed booger!... WOOHOO!" -Sam, Time Warp Trio That is so random...

"Have you seen my other shoe?" "Yeah, over there, where you died. And so...FRED!!! YOU'RE ALIVE!!!"- Anna and Fred, 'Wushu were Here', Time Warp Trio Hahahahahaha! Fail for Anna!

"But-But...but I was a good chair!!!!"- Fred, Time Warp Trio (It's Random. I know. Look it up on YouTube: Jinga All the Way. It's near the end.) Oh, boy, my friends and I talked about this for WEEKS.

"So how are you going to cut of the braclet?" "Cut off the bracelet? I was just going to cut off my right foot." ~Private and Skipper It's another Skipper quote, just like Skipper, taking every situation to the extreme. Plus, EWWW!! THERE WOULD BE BLOOD EVERYWHERE!

"Hey! The alarms just went off! Which can only mean one thing! THE BUILDING'S ON FIRE!!! Haha!" Richard Maxwell, Adventures in Odessey Richard Maxwell just BURNED (hahaha, get the terrible pun? hahaha) Dr. Blackgaard!

"Doing research is a PAIN in the NECK. Connie Kendall." ~ Connie Kendall, Adventures in Odessey. (Yes, it's supposed to say Connie Kedall twice. That's what she said) I believe it.

"Athourity should be derived from the consent of the gorverned, not from the threat of force!" ~Barbie, Toy Story 3 Her best line in Toy Story 3!

"Still, it was nice they brought in an orchestra to break the news!" -Private, Penguins of Madagascar (the context is HILARIOUS! That movie is retarded though.) I find it hard to believe they are that it. It's from 'I was a Penguin Zombie' that episode is full of fab quotes.

"Rico's never disobeyed an order before...not even the time I forced him to suck to cobra venom out of my left buttock.."~Skipper, Penguins of Madagascar (SERIOUSLY, SKIPPER? I feel VERY bad for Rico now...) TMI, Skipper! Seriously? Another hilarious and Insane quote from You-Know-Who!

"WHAT IN THE NAME OF GHANDI'S NUCHUKS?!" ~Skipper, Penguins of Madagascar (I wonder if I spelled Ghandi and Nunchuks right.) Fabulous Excaimations, there, Skipper...

"What do we do now?" "What we always do at a time like this!" "What's that?" "Scream!" -Freddi and Samantha, Time Warp Trio Sounds wise.

"What?! We didn't take anything! Just some bread and a little cheese..*burps* Ok, a lot of cheese..." Joe, Time Warp Trio Fail.

"Hey, that cloud looks like a fluffy bunny." "It better not be a fluffy bunny. Fluffy Bunny clouds mean doom and destruction!!!" Aang and a random citizen. Their cloud-code is insane.

"HEY! It's that guy from before..."Crazy Charlie...OR Loopy Louie!" _Fred, referring to Mad Jack, Time Warp Trio EPIC FAIL.

"PAIN!!" April, it's just the way she says it that makes it funny.

"IDK!"- My friend Nicki, following the questions, "Nicki, what's up? And Nicki, are you ok? And Nicki, what's you name?" My friends are strange, no?

"Uh-Oh..I probably shouldn't have said that..." -Freddie, 'Time Warp Trio', following 90% of the things she says, Hahaha

'AAAHHH!!!!'-Sam, Time Warp Trio. Is that even a word?

"Stop! STOP! STOP!!!!!" Skipper This is a fave because of the way Skipper says it. He sounds so desperate in this part, which is totally out of character for him. But, well, if all your friends were about to perform a 'series of increasingly painful tests to very part of your body' you'd be pretty desperate too. A fave!

"Come 'ere" Rico Did I not say 'I was a Penguin Zombie' was full of fabulous quotes? I love rico. He's so funny when he says anything at all, especially in this!

"Based on what I know about zombies, the safest place to hide is probably in a small, dark room with creepy lightning. (pause) EVERYTHING I'VE LEARNED IS A LIE!!!!" Kowalski I love this, because of how it cheered me up when I was depressed.

"No! You have to put more EMOTION into it. Like you're dissapointed, but you still care!" Private, referring to being slapped by Skipper Why would Private want to be slapped by ANYONE? A fave!

"I can't watch!" "OK then, I will describe it to you with all the POSH sound effects..." Kitka, and Julien, Penguins of Madagascar Seriously feeling bad for Kitka now...

"The penguins will be taken to a governament lab, where they will be studied and painfully dissected. That means, 'cut into'" Random newsdude Nice, dude, thanks for the update...sounds pleasant...this explains why the government should be slapped...XD

"All I can say is, 'YAH HAD TO TRY THE TURBO SETTING!!!" "YOU KNOW I CAN'T RESIST OVERKILL!" (bangs head on cage) Skipper and Kowalski, Penguins of Madagascar Uh, yeah, work on those addictions, Kowalski...

"Don;t worry, boys, there's more than one way to make a penguin puke his guts out." "Really? How many are there?" "Thirteen. Just DON'T ask about Number Twelve." Skipper and Private Don't want to know...don't want to know...don't want to know...

"So...the nuts make you nuts!" ~ Skipper Really? So how many did you eat?

"Surrender!" "I'd be happy to ablidge, but I don't know the definition of SURRENEDER!" "It's a verb, Skipper, to give signify defeat..."(gets slapped) (in order) Maurice, Skipper, and Kowalski Kowalski, I must say you deserved that.

"What's your name, Soldier?" "Private..." "What's your rank?" "Private.." "What's your secret hidden shame?" "Private!" "He's FINE!"~Skipper and Private Next time, Skipper, you should ask some questions that don't all have the answer 'Private'..

"What's your name, Soldier?" "Pri-wait, but-but-but-I'm back! My wish came true! I'm back to where it all started! None of it ever happened!" (pause) "Uh...what?" (In order) Skipper, Private, and Rico Uh, yeah.

"Don't worry boys, there's more than one way to make a penguin puke his guts out." "Really? How many?" "Thirteen. Just don't ask about number twelve." ~Private and Skipper I don't want to know...

"This is REAL treasure, right? Not one of those 'Friendship is the Greatest treasure of all deals..." King Julien, Penguins of Madagascar Epic fail.

"Falalalala, la boo hoo hoo!!!" ~Skipper Way to get into the Christmas spirit there, dude.

"You told me getting the Christmas tree was the most important job of all!" "It was, until the frowny flat-head ninja penguin got the better one!" Maurice and Julien You know i shall never refer to Skipper as anything but the 'Frowny Flat-Head Ninja Penguin' again?

"I don't get it. We've seen real trees, fake trees-" "TOILETRIES!!!" "...And you've turned your nose up at all of them!!!" Maurice and Mort How I love Mort.

"I FOUND IT! The AMAZING TREEEEEEEEE!!! I know it is small, and ugly, but if someone just loved it a little bit, then it would grow up to be a beautiful swan, and that is the true meaning of Chinese New Year!" "You mean Christmas." "What's a Christmas?"~Mort and Maurice Mort, Mort, Mort.

"You?! Where are the people? What have you done with the PEOPLE!?" "We killed them and ate their livers." (pause) "No, really, the people are fine." ~Gloria and Skipper, Madagascar Uh, ok ate their livers...uh...yeah.

"Skipper?" "Are you my mommy?" ~Marlene and Skipper I should hope that Marlene is not your mommy...that would many ways...

"It's got sudoku with fractions!"–Kowalski Oh my cheese and crackers.

"I would look so good in pantaloons,"–King Julien's thoughts Uh...that's not weird at all..

"Kowalski: options""I recommand a strategic retreat""Explain""It's like running away, but manlier"–Skipper and Kowalski Yeah strategic retreats are so...'manly'...

"But won't all that pain be...painful?"–Private HA! NOT TO A ZOMBIE!!!"

"Revenge on you, revenge on the humans, I got a whole lot of revenges piling up and it's not pretty!"–Dr. Blowhole REVENGE!!! WOOT WOOT!

"Kowalski:Analysis" "I am randomly pushing buttons as we spin out of control, Skipper.""Can I push one? It'll make me feel better"–Skipper and Kowalski I like buttons!!!

"Kowalski:options!""Well, I could pull this BRANCH!" *snap* "A stick. Your option is a stick?""I pulled the wrong one okay!"–Skipper and Kowalski A...stick?

"I artichoked a ukulele hamster!"–Mort Hamsters play ukeleles?

"A poem for Doris the dolphin: We swam as one, I held your gentle flipper. But then we were done, you wanted someone hipper."*starts slamming head into wall*–Kowalski Angry fangirls are stalking you for your love of another Kowalski...(I am not one)

Kowalski: A girl's best friend?

Skipper: Pepper spray?

Private: A unicorn?

Rico: Me? rawr!! Rico, my man, you have issues.

"I don't know where the Red Squirrel is...but this one time...I found a piece of red licorice!"–Mort Yuck, I hate licorice.

"Out of all the disappointments, this is the disappointiest!"–King Julien dissapoit..iest?


I have fave quotes, why not fave TV scenes?


Kowalski: "All right, what you are experiencing are the five stages of grief. Right now, you in stage one! Denial!"

Skipper: "I AM NOT! All I'm saying is your STUPID MACHINE is WRONG!"

Kowalski: "Well, it's based on scientific-"


Kowalski: "I'm not sure it's going to be as accurate as-"

Skipper: "JUST DO IT, MAN!!!"

Moments later...

"Just take your time Skipper, there's no right or..wrong answer..."
During pin test...

Skipper: "HA!" (pins PONY instead of th other thing.. I forgot what it was...a car or something.)

Me, watching: PONY!!!!

Kowalski: "...Madame.."


Kowalski: I see we're in stage two-ANGER! Next, we should see bargaining!

Skipper: (to Private) Private. Howsabout we trade DNA results!? Come on!

Private: (to Skipper) Uh, Skipper, I don't think that's how-

Kowalski: Depression...

Skipper: (with sad violin music in back ground, dramaticaly) My life is OVER! It's OVER! It's OVER OVER OVER!!!! (with tearfilled voice, by the way)

Kowalski: ...And finally..acceptance!

Skipper: Well, guess you gotta play the hand you're delt. RICO!! Hit me with a Pretty Pink bow!

Here's a new one for you all...:) If you want a new one, I could possibly post it...

Rico: (makes weird noises) (is obviously stressed a bit)

Skipper: (Is lying on the floor whimpering and twtiching)

Private: No I don't think I've ever seen him like this either...

Me: And I DON'T Want to EVER AGAIN! (is extremly diturbed)


Julien: So you see, we have the crates with the real fish, while yours are filled with only the phony fish cake. So hahaha-ing.

Skipper: Oh, nice try, Ringtail. But I know how much you hate the smell of fish. I was expecting a move like that, which is why I switched the crates before you even got back to the zoo.

Julien: Ah, but I was expecting you to be expecting that, so we switcheroo-ed the crates on the pier before the fish got loading on to the truck. Ha ha!

Skipper: Doesn't really matter, because I just switched these crates during your last flashback.

Julien: Well I switched them while you were saying you switched them.

Skipper: And I switched them last the time you blinked.

Julien: Yes, but I pretended to switch them so you actually switched them back.

Skipper: Oh, but I double switched.

Julien: And I triple switched.

Skipper: I million zillion switched.

Julien: And I switched them to infinity! So you have to shut up a little bit.

Skipper: Ah, but what you didn't see coming is that... [reveals that he's really Julien] I am actually you!

Julien: Okay, nicely played. But if you are me, then by processing of elimination, [reveals that he's really Skipper] I must be you!

Skipper who is really Julien: Maybe, maybe. But if you are me, and I am you, then we must both be?

Most Random conversation I have ever been in:
April and I were in school. April was acting crazy, so I looked at her and said, "Girl, what did you have this morning?"
She said: "WAFFLES!!!"

I said: "Well, what was in them? Did it make you high or something?!?"

She said: "No, I think you make me high!!!"
"Yeah, it's just my breath, it makes you high!" I told her. Then, HOLLY joined the conversation!!!

And her brilliant input: "What?"

"I told April she must be high, and then she said I make her high, and so we decided that my breath was intoxicated and made her high. Which means I make you high, too." I said, filling her in.

"Nah. I'm naturally high." She said with a laugh. So then I was stuck between two high people, one naturally high and the other made high by me.

If you've ever been in a conversation that's more random than this, message me!! I want to hear about it!




THE BLUES BROTHERS MOVIE! I know all of the beginning part to 'Everybody Needs Somebody to Love'!

SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER! Must see hundreds of people do DISCO! YAY!




For Warriors:

FirestarXSandstorm: They's awesomesauce. Nuff said.

BrambleclawXSquirrelflight: Ehh they both suck. So I guess they're a good couple.

CrowfeatherXLeafpool: They really cared about each other. I think they're a good couple.

CrowfeatherXNightcloud: He obviously doesn't give a rip about Nightcloud.

CloudtailXBrightheart: BEST. COUPLE. EVAH!

ThornclawXSomeone: Thornclaw seriously needs a girlfriend.

DustpeltXFerncloud: Hey. They love each other. I think they's cute.

BerrynoseXHoneyfern: I thought they were good.

BerrynoseXPoppyfrost: Eh. Not as good as BerrynoseXHoneyfern.

BirchfallXWhitewing: I think this one's a bit weird cuz Whitewing is a bit older than Birchfall. But I like it all the same.

DaisyXSmoky: Better than DaisyXSpiderleg.

DaisyXSpiderleg: Uh...

DaisyXAnyone: This couple really sucks. What is Daisy doing in ThunderClan anyway?

DovepawXTigerheart: Eh No. I don't think they'd make a nice all.

TigerheartXIvypaw: I like this one a lot better. Don't ask how I came to that conclusion.

That's all I can think about now.



P.S Panda Cat Blaze keeps Kowalski in her BASEMENT! SHE TOLD ME!

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