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What should I say here? I'm a Canadian writer and I usually just write my own stories, but for the last while I've been working on a huge Star Wars fic, so Star Wars is what most, if not all, of my gallery (library?) is going to be.

I'm a fan of the evil Empire from Star Wars. Not because I'm fascist and secretly wish a dictatorship upon the world, but because I admire their aesthetics and they've got a lot of story potential. Empire Reborn follows the adventures of a TIE pilot named Erril Kaven as he goes about his duties, is framed for treason, and goes on a quest to clear his name while finding out that he's Force-sensitive and that there is a massive imperial conspiracy afoot.

...for the first half of the story, anyways. The conspiracy is the New Empire, a fringe faction that wants to cut ties with any Sith and dark Jedi, as well as establish a more egalitarian government and their own order of imperial (Jedi) knights. Suffice to say, the other imperial factions are not happy with this, and the Empire is in a state of civil war. Four factions are vying for dominance in the New Empireverse: The Empire proper along with the ISB, the New Republic/Jedi, Sith wannabes/Dark Jedi, and the New Empire. There are characters on all sides, all with their own agendas. But who's going to win in the end?

It takes place about 11 years after A New Hope. It has its own continuity, and its own cast of original characters; I'm really, REALLY not into the Expanded Universe, and in some ways ER is actively a protest story against it. XD If you've come to Empire Reborn expecting totally evil imperials and totally good rebels, superweapons, and Mara Jade, turn back now.

What else about me? Well, I speak German and my French is functional if not very good...I also like slash. On that note, there WILL be M/M themes in the story, although they, like any other romantic shenanigans, will not be explicit. This is a PG-13 story!

I'm inordinately fond of making little references to things, so Empire Reborn is loaded with nods and shout-outs. In short, if you think it's a reference, it probably is one.

...I'm also totally slow at updates, but I'll try not to keep you guys in suspense for eternities between chapters. =D

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