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So, I deleted all my fanfiction. Everything is gone.

I was in a pretty bad place for a while and I wanted to get away from it all for some reason. I felt embarrassed by my older stories and, well, I ended up just flat out getting rid of everything. Sorry about that. If I could get a time machine, I would totally go back in time and try to persuade myself not to do it, but that's obviously impossible.

My fanfiction was almost lost forever because I even deleted the files. I felt so much regret about that afterwards. For a while, everything seemed hopeless. I couldn't recover it on my drives, I'd deleted it from AO3 as well, and there was nothing left. I wanted to get it back so badly. I really missed my fanfiction, even if a lot of it was terrible... and apparently there were other people who missed it too.

Fortunately, a miracle happened in the form of the Archive Team at archive dot org. They had actually archived all stories as of 2012! After a lot of downloading and trying to figure out what the hell I was doing, which took far longer than should have been necessary (it involved Linux and warc files) I finally managed to recover the stories properly.

My files are still gone, but at least I have my fanfiction up to 2012 now, so all is good. Thank goodness. It would be really sad if classics such as Golden Insanity and The Dating Game vanished forever. I'm sorry I tried to deprive people who liked my fanfiction. Honestly, I'm sorry about everything. I was really in a bad place and did a lot of drastic things. I do wish I could undo all that but I can't.

I'm not re-uploading the fanfics to, sorry, but I have re-uploaded them onto Archive of our Own. They can now be found under the username Selenia (I'm not using Kyarorain anymore for certain reasons, though I used it as a pseud for my Golden Sun fics anyway. Honestly, I'd rather just discard the name itself.)

Thanks to all the people who read, reviewed and favorited my stories over the years. It was pretty fun while it lasted.

So long,


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Ash's mother always told him never to talk to strangers. Especially when they happen to be apples. Maybe he should've listened...
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[OneShot] Um, well, it got me over my writer's block! Okay, summary, let's see. Brock's the host of a new gameshow called NAME THAT DAD! They're trying to figure out who Ash's father is. There really isn't a plot. It's mostly just a bunch of bad jokes.
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