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3rd June 2003

Okay, my Fics:

Magic of Shannara

My first fanfic, but i kinda forgot about it for ages. i *really* will finish it one day...but i'm kinda stumped *WIP*


My first l j smith fic and probably my favourite. Mary Lynette and Ash based, after DOD. *COMPLETE*

Forgotten 2

Sequel to Forgotten (really?) and is set only days after the first one. Ash sets out after Mary Lynette after he learns of what she plans to do. *COMPLETE*

Frodo Fir:

Kinda AU type thing for LOTR, involving Frodo and pain. Not too graphic though but again with the getting stumped. *WIP*

Accidental Transportation:

Mainly written for some school friends. It also involves Kelly, Chrissie and Fred. Kelly plays around with some chemicals and sends her friends to Middle Earth, with disasterous consequences. *Complete*

There's No Place like Home (Sequel to AT):

After their eventful reunion, Kelly, Chrissie and Fred fight to try and rectify the situation with the Fellowship. However, Duin-Shiel has to make a hard choice about his relationship with Chrissie and when an old flame turns up, sparks start to fly...
Estimated Length : 17 chapters.

What to say about me? What can i possibly say that would not put you off reading my fanfics? Absolutely nothing. But if you can spot me inside several of my fanfics, you not only earn bonus points but may get some insight...

My Favourite things to do: (in no particular order)

.1. Reading slash fanfics
.2. Provide cyptic hints about the next chapter of my fanfics
.3. Torturing Frodo/Elijah Wood
.4. Try to kill myself by jumping out of planes, off buildings etc.
.5. Writing fanfics

If you have any comments, feel free to email me!

Until Next Time

Forest Elfin

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