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Hey everyone!

I have been writing fanfics on my own for a very long time, but I have never really shared them with anyone else before. Once I found out about this site I decided to post one of my stories here. I have a number of different stories, but this is by far the most fleshed out one. I mostly like to create my own characters and stories based off other people's works. I don't like to use their characters, because I don't think I am a good enough writer to truly do them justice. For now I am only planning on putting up this Naruto fic, I do have a Bleach one but it is nowhere near the level of quality that the Naruto one is.

Oh and please, please, please if you have any comments or complaints or theories about the story then write a review. Feedback from readers is the best tool that an author can have.


I'd also like to give some credit out to Nokito-chan for being an awesome beta-reader and putting up with my poor first drafts. You're the best!

Chapter 96 coming soon!

Here are some descriptions of the characters from my story. They will be updated periodically as the story progresses so be careful as there may be spoilers.

Konohamaru Sarutobi age 64
He is the 7th Hokage of The Village Hidden in the Leaves. He is a wise and noble man who cares deeply for the village, and a father figure for Kuroda. He sacrificed his life in order to avoid a war with the Village Hidden Among the Rocks.


Kuroda Taishi age 12:
The main character of the story. He is notable for his light-blue eyes and pitch-black hair that he wears in a ponytail with long bangs hanging over the right side of his face. He wears a black t-shirt with the collar sticking up, loose fitting black pants, and a tan weapons pack tied to his right leg. He is an orphan whose parents died when he was born. He is currently living on his own in an apartment. Unknown to most of the village, he was very close to the 7th Hokage and considered him family. He is best friends with Ichimaru Nara and they were the goofballs of their class until they graduated from the academy. Now for some reason Kuroda is a lot more serious and has some secret mission that no one else knows about. His personality seems to change depending on the situation and whom he is with. Is he really the hero of the story or is he the villain?

Ichimaru Nara age 12
The best friend of Kuroda and now a member of Team 12. After becoming a Genin he changed his goofball attitude and is now serious about becoming a ninja. However he is very confused about the severe change in Kuroda's attitude and tries to get in touch with his old friend whenever he can. He has shown very high intelligence and is able to carefully plan out and execute strategies.

Michiyo Katonae age 43
She was recently chosen as the 8th Hokage. Her nickname is the Princess of Fire due to her special talents with Fire Jutsu. She has long, golden-blonde hair and a weakness for sweets. She prefers to be called by her last name for an unknown reason. She was an admirer of the 7th Hokage and considered him as her father. She also seems to have some sort of connection to his son, whose whereabouts are unknown.

Sakura Nagana age 12:
She is a Genin on team 3 along with Kuroda and Jando. She is very popular with the males because of her long, pink hair and blue-green eyes. She also likes to wear a white dress with a dark blue outline. Her ninja skills are average, but she is very determined to be the best ninja she can be. This is due to a longing to live up to the achievements of the previous ninja in her family. At one time she was interested in Shun Kashi, like most of the other girls in the class, but since joining Team 3 her affection for Kuroda has been growing. She also admires her Sensei Kayo Yuhi and thinks of her as a role model. She tends to get distracted and worries a lot about her friends and family.

Jando Hyuga age 14
He is a very untalented even though he posses the powerful Byakugan Kekkei Genkai. He was held back for 2 years until he finally ended up on Team 3. Unlike most males of his clan he keeps his black hair cut very short. Jando is very jealous, easily frustrated, and tends to rush into things without thinking. He is always searching for a chance to prove himself. He wants to live up to the expectations of his family and eventually become the leader of his clan. He considers Kuroda and Shun as his main rivals and constantly trains so that he can surpass them.

Kayo Yuhi age 28
A powerful Jonin that specializes in Genjutsu. She was thrust into the position of leading Team 3 after Raj Fujo was deemed inadequate. She has long, black, curly hair and striking red eyes. She is very suspicious of Kuroda and tries to glean information off of him whenever she can. Her Taijutsu skills are not the best, but she makes up for it with her intelligence and knowledge. She also seems to have a hint of ability in the area of tracking.

All ninja listed above, who are still alive, are now a year older than their listed age.

I have decided to change around this page. I will only post the newest characters on here. Older character descriptions can be found here: and here:

Murogi Mu age 17
A Chunin of the Village Hidden in the Leaves. He has messy brown hair and wears a mask over the lower portion of his face. He is very mature for his age and recognizes his own limitations as a ninja. He has work with Hitomi on several missions.

Hitomi Uchiha age 15
A Chunin of the Village Hidden in the Leaves and Granddaughter of Itachi Uchiha. She has long, straight, pitch black hair and red eyes. She wears a red short-sleeved shirt, a grey combat vest, and red pants. She can use the Sharingan and specializes in fire jutsu. Her goal in life is to rebuild the Uchiha clan and restore their honor. Part of this involves personally punishing anyone who is declared a traitor to the Hidden Leaf.

Yovestu age 19
A Chunin of the Village Hidden in the Leaves. He has white skin with a bit of a tan, blood red eyes, and dirty blonde hair reaching his shoulders. He wears a blue shirt with baggy yellow pants and green shoes. He is a good leader, but has a habit of over thinking things causing him to show up late to meetings. He has a history of being selected to go on missions in far away exotic places.

Shinmaru age 14
A young boy with brown skin and short, spiky, white hair. He wears a wears a black cloak with blue flowers and black baggy pants, and he carries a large three-headed sword as his weapon. He seems to be incredibly naive and is easily distracted. He views Rizuki as a big sister and is very loyal to her.

Rizuki Omaki age 17
A former Grass ninja with a slender body and powder-blue hair down to her neck and covering her right eye. She wears a tight black skirt that exposes her belly and has a long sleeve on only the right side. She also has on tight black shorts with black flaps of fabric hanging from her belt in the front and the back. Her headband is used as a belt and she wears black fishnet on her legs and midriff. She uses a strange Jutsu with black clouds.

Hatsu and Jishi age 16
Twin brothers who are where the same style of clothing and tan pants except their shirts are green and crimson respectively. They commonly finish each others sentences and seem to move in perfect synchronization. However, something is very off about them and even their own comrades do not like to be near them for too long, especially then women.

Goto age
A mysterious ninja allied with Noitsu. He has a secret justu that allows him to enter other people's bodies.

Noitsu age
A mysterious ninja allied with Goto, he has blue and green hair that stretches all the way to the ground. He has a jutsu that can monitor people from extreme distances.

Suizaki Rengaku age 20
The leader of the mercenary group occupying over the Land of Panthers. A former comrade of Yovetsu, he was Jonin Rank when he left the Leaf Village. He has dark green hair that is slicked back and green eyes. He is tall and skinny with a dark tan, He wears a long white coat with red flames on the bottom and black pants.

Katashi Mataki age 19
A former ninja from the Village Hidden in the Forest and subordinate of Suizaki. He carries a sword, has dark brown skin and wears a black cloak to conceal his appearance. Underneath he wears a short sleeved green and red shirt and black pants with black shoes. He thinks their should be a code of conduct among ninja and despises Hatsu and Jishi for their cruelty and perverseness. He specializes in Earth Style Jutsu.

Reizo age 28
A former ninja from the Village Hidden Among the Snow. Standing at 6 feet 4 inches tall he towers of most other ninja. He has long whit hair, and piercing dark brown eyes. He wears white bandages on his chest, covered by a light blue coat. He has blank pants, a blue scarf, and wears his headband wrapped around his arm. He always carries a razor sharp double-edged sword that uses expertly in combination with his Ice Techniques.

Coming Soon...

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