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Hello, you have found ReverseThePolarity.

I am not, in fact, the ReverseThePolarity from YouTube, and I did not, in fact, steal the name. Just in case any of his fans from YouTube happened to be wondering, and such happened to be ready to accuse me of being a name-stealer. I had already thought up the idea for this name when I found, rather by coincidence ( as I was viewing DW videos on YouTube), that there was someone else who had the name ReverseThePolarity. I was put off (quite rightly) by this revelation, and debated whether or not I should continue with my plan of creating a FFnet account under this pen-name. Deciding that I technically had come up with the idea myself, not having heard of him beforehand, I had just as much of an equal right to the name. After all, he didn't copyright it... did he? And if he ever requests (politely) that I change it, since he had created his YT account before I created my FFnet one, I would not be disinclined to aquiesce to his request (I'm a bit of a Pirates of the Caribbean fan as well). It is not my intention to be annoying or unoriginal or anything else of the sort.

Since I am undoubtedly boring you, I am going to stick in some bold letters. This is because I am putting my over-all disclaimer right here, where no one can miss it. Hopefully.

I, ReverseThePolarity on, do not have any ties, affiliations, or partnerships with any corporations, companies, and other such businesses from which come any recognizable characters, settings, plotlines, or any such related franchise which may appear in my material. I do not have any claims on any of the aforementioned.
I do not gain a profit from my writing.
I do not intend to infringe any copyrights and will gladly remove any offending material from the site should something of this nature occur.
I am also not, in any way, an employee or partner of the Fan Fiction website on which I post my writings, and they cannot be held responsible for any offenses I may unwittingly commit.

I am merely a fan of the show and a member of the site who wants to share her love for Doctor Who and other such T.V shows, movies, and books with other dedicated fans. I ask any and all lawyers to take mercy upon my person if they deem any of my actions/writing fit to be persecuted by law.

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