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Author has written 9 stories for Big Time Rush, Hunger Games, Harry Potter, and Chronicles of Narnia.

Hey, my name is Emma and I wish I was a dead poet. But anyway, welcome to my profile. Look around, but the best show is at the bottom where my stories are!

My avatar is a picture of the adorable Andrew Garfield, my celebrity crush.

Writing- TBA
Reading- Unaccustomed Earth
Listening to- Seven Devils by Florence and the Machine
Eating- Nothing
Drinking- Vitamin Water
Planning- To write fanfiction again
Fangirling over- One Direction (I know. I'm awful)
Dreading- Nothing
Hoping- More like praying for the end of school

Fave Shows: Lost (My number one until I die); Friends, Criminal Minds, That 70s Show, Grey's Anatomy, The Good Wife, Gossip Girl, How I Met Your Mother, Community, Game of Thrones, Glee, etc.

Fave Movies: Titanic, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Dead Poets Society, Shakespeare in Love, Inception, Breakfast Club, Little Mermaid, X-Men: First Class, Forrest Gump, Social Network, The Young Victoria, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Chicago, Harry Potter, etc.

Fave Book: Gone with the Wind (Scarlett is the best book character ever); Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Blue Bloods, Ballet Shoes, The Stand, IT, etc.

Fave Author: N/A

Fave Subject: History/English

Fave Couples:GG-ChuckxBlair, Glee- FinnxRachel JessexRachel PuckxQuinn WillxEmma Kurt/Blaine, Lost- JackxKate CharliexClaire, That '70s Show- HydexJackie EricxDonna EricxJackie, SWAC- SonnyxChad, WOWP- JustinxAlex MasonxAlex, Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew- NancyxFrank, iCarly- FreddiexCarly, Big Time Rush- LoganxCamille KendallxCamille KendallxLogan, How I Met Your Mother- MarshallxLily TedxMother, Friends- MonicaxChandler RachelxRoss PhoebexMike, Community- AnniexJeff AnniexAbed TroyxBritta

Addictions: Vitamin Water, Hershey's chocolate, Lost, Movies, Criminal Minds

What I do: Show Choir, diving, tennis, talk, act, write, have fun

Least Fave Show: Anything on E! (except The Soup and Fashion Police) and MTV

Least Fave Movie: Avatar. My friend made me go. Worst 50 hours of my life.

Least Favorite Book: The Book Thief/My Sister's Keeper. Worst Book endings ever

Least Fave Author: None

Least Fave Subject: Geometry

Least Fave Couples:GG- NatexBlair VanessaxDan NatexSerena, Glee-PuckxRachel FinnxQuinn, Lost- SawyerxKate, That '70s Show- KelsoxJackie DonnaxNewGuy FezxJackie, SWAC- SonnyxAny One but Chad, WOWP- HarperxJustin, Hardy Boys/ Nancy Drew- FrankxCallie Joe and all the girls he is paired with, iCarly- SamxFreddie, Big Time Rush- JamesxCamille KendallxJo KendallxJames LoganxCarlos JamesxLogan, How I Met Your Mother- TedxRobin RobinxBarney, Friends- JoeyxRachel, Community- BrittaxJeff

Fanfiction Facts About Me

I'm an awful reviewer- Sorry, I read a lot of stories, but I never review. It's probably because I'm lazy. If I review your story it is either because I love it with such a passion I need to express it in words or I think your story needs some constructive criticism urgently. I may even favorite your story and never review. Don't be offended if you review my story and I don't review yours. I probably did read it.

I give and like long reviews- Despite being an awful reviewer, I will give long reviews when I do review. I appreciate short reviews like good job, but nothing brightens my day more than seeing a review someone put thought into and makes it seem like they actually read the whole chapter. I especially like it when reviewers put quotes from the story. Since I like getting long reviews so much, I give them out as much as possible. If I liked your story, I try to make the review at least a paragraph letting you know how much I enjoyed the chapter. If it is constructive criticism, I try to leave a few paragraphs to make sure to touch all the bases. So, don't be shy giving long reviews. They are really appreciated.

I am a total fangirl- Though I rarely show it, I am a definite fangirl. I yell at my TV during shows and movies when something happens I hate and I aww at couples all the time. I'm not that bad when reading fanfiction, but I definately react more than most people probably due. However, only one story has ever made me laugh and only one has ever made me cry, but I don't cry much in movies and TV shows either.

I read profiles- I don't necessarily read all the little things people copy and paste on their profile, but I am a total profile reader. If people put time into putting together a profile, I will read it. I prefer to think it doesn't make me seem stalkerish, but that is up to opinion.

I love making OCs, but hate reading about them- I guess everyone loves making OCs. Let's all be honest, we put a little bit (or a lot) of ourselves in them. Making OCs is a lot of fun for me, mostly because I want to be a writer and OCs in my stories probably reflect some of the characters I want to write one day. However, I never read OC stories unless they are utterly marvelous and only two stories meet that requirement for me (The Great Disney Adventure and the Benefits). So, sorry if you like writing OC stories. I know it is really hard to get reviews. Just make sure your character is well rounded.

Multichapter isn't my thing- I can write multichapter (sometimes), but I can not read it. The only exception is if I start the story on the first publishing and follow it to the end. I can not get myself to sit down and read thirty chapters, no matter how great the story is. I have only ever been able to do it with three stories and those stories were long, but totally worth it.

I am a strange shipper- I have strange shipping disease where I can only truely ship one couple per fandom. This couple I will read tons of stories about and I usually love watching them on the show/movie or reading about them. I can support any other couple that does not interfere with my couple. Example, I ship Jeff/Annie in Community and support Troy/Britta, I ship Charlie/Claire in Lost and support Jack/Kate, and in the Hunger Games, I ship Peeta/Katniss, but support Cato/Clove. There are only two exceptions, in Harry Potter is ship all canon couples and also ship Harry/Hermoine and in Friends I ship both Monica/Chandler and Ross/Rachel.

I'm a sucker for canon- When it comes to couples, I rarely ship or support a couple that doesn't happen on the show/movie/book. I like being able to read and watch moments between the couple and that's hard to do with couples that aren't canon. The only exception is with slash, but I don't read much anyway.

I'm a fairly quick updater- Unless, I am not into the story. If I am, you can expect a lot of updates, usually only about a week or two apart. I love getting things finished and starting new projects, so I try to update quickly. However, I will never update a story unless I am sure the chapter has everything I wanted in it. However, I am an awful proofreader, so sorry for that.

I roast marshmallows with flames- I hate flames, whether they are to me or to another person. I think they are nasty and unhelpful. The people who right flames are only doing it to feel powerful and good about themselves. I feel reviews should be helpful, even if a little negative. I will never flame, ever. When I get flames, I just ignore them, but it still hurts a little. No one wants the work they worked hard on insulted.

The Tradegy, The Wickedness, The Hunger Collection:

Part 1: The 76th Hunger Games- My first SOYC story centering around a rebellion free Hunger Games world. Status: Complete; Winners: Season Vitale of 2 and Storm Loret of 12.

Part 2: Behind Enemy Lines- Sequel to the 76th Hunger Games. This takes place before and during the 77th Hunger Games where the tributes have been split into teams by even and odd Districts. Status: Complete; Winners: Bella Cauthen of 3 and Knox Overstreet of 5.

Part 3: We Live As We Die- Sequel to Behind Enemy Lines. This story takes place during the 78th Hunger Games with the arena being on a Titanic like boat where the only food is provided at feasts. Status: On Hiatus; Winners: TBA

Other Stories:

Big Time Love Story: My first ever story. It isn't great, but I don't have the heart to delete. It is a cliched story of four girls going to Hollywood to make a band and fall in love along the way. Status: Complete

He Knew: My first one-shot. It is a LoganxCamillexKendall story. I don't hate how it turned out, but it could use a lot of work. Status: Complete

The First Place Losers: A series of one-shots focusing on the final battles in the Hunger Games through the POVs of the tributes who died in second place. Status: In-Progress

Dance: A short one-shot about Hermoine's thoughts during the dancing scene in the Deathly Hallows. Status: Complete

Coming Soon:

I'm thinking about returning to the Hunger Games fandom, but not with a SOYC. I've just been so busy lately, but I do want to write for the Hunger Games again. Look out for a new story sometime soon.

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Part 3: He cries harder into my shoulder and I whisper in his ear, "Don't worry, I'll help you. We're friends now and I am very good at fixing people." ON HIATUS
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