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The Story

Well, it all started with a picture of a crayon. The picture was on a website called Unrelated Captions, and people started to Harry Potter roleplay in the comments under it. They soon did the same under a picture of George Bush.

We've long since left Unrelated Captions, but the name stuck, as we now call ourselves the Unrelated Wizards. We're a group of about fifteen friends who love roleplaying, A Very Potter Musical, Wizard Rock, and Illegal Mexican Liquor. You do NOT want to bring out the liquor!

A Couple of Things You Should Know:

1. Snape is female.

2. Bella likes to party...hard. That may explain why Snape is her and Voldie's lovechild...

3. Lily and Remus are the responsible ones...usually. Oh, Remy's gay...but that's okay.

4. Ginny and Hermione are prone to quoting Guys and Dolls.

5. Someone said Draco Malfoy.

6. Voldemort is for Palin 2012!

7. Cho watches porn. She's also a creeper, and now banned. Light green font has, in result, been tabooed.

8. Fleur is not phlegm, and bitch, Lavender ain't Cho Chang.

9. Sirius and Remy likes to sing.

10. No one's really sure about Dobby...

11. Harry won the gold...but not ALL of it, eh?

12. Tonks secretly supports WolfStar.

We're all completley and totally insane...but that's okay!

A List of Us

There's way too many of us to have a full list (currently 30, and rapidly growing), you'll just have to see who shows up in the fanfics. :)

I will however, put up a list of people who have seperate accounts:

Ginny Weasley-Granger (Moonlit Daybreak)

Hermione Granger-Weasley (UW HermioneGranger)

Harry Potter (Moonshoes-Potter6395)

Voldemort (voldemort.likes.kittens.)

Teddy Lupin (Stormcat313)

Remus Lupin (Remclomany)

Lily Evans-Potter (GingerQueen)

What Are We Here For?

We're here to write and just be awesome in general. It will probably all be humor fiction, but who knows what else could happen!

Character interviews are on the way, that's for sure! I know a couple of people will want to write one-shots. Anyone want to write their version of A Very Potter Sequel? Whatever we do, I guarantee it will be worth reading!

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Unrelated Encounters reviews
The chat is truly the heart of our forum. Unfortunatley, our conversations there dissapear into cyberspace...unless we save them. Fortunatley, we've captured the best ones, and posted them here for your veiwing pleasure. Just don't say we didn't warn you.
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Yes, we did. We parodied Brotherly Love by Gred and Forge. Several times actually. Anyway, here's our ingenious parodies of an already amazing song. Enjoy!
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Unrelated Quotations: The Story reviews
So here's the deal. I take random quotations from our roleplay, list them, and my fellow Unrelated Wizards have to make a story using only the words in them. We'll continue until the story is through. Complicated? Maybe. Will it be fun? Yeah.
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Who are the Unrelated Wizards? What do we stand for? What are we doing and...why is Drakey licking people? Wiztalk studios is about to find out, and it won't be pretty.
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