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Author has written 6 stories for Artemis Fowl, and Teen Titans.

About Me:

I intend to become an author when I get old enough and, you know, can actually become one. I mostly write about whatever I want, because otherwise, what is the point? I find that any school writing assignments are not-so-much with the fun and that I am completely against dissecting something (first of all, ewwww, second of all, did that animal say or give you permission to kill them then hack them open and study their insides. I thought not). I LOVE to read (though I'm guessing that a lot of you do, also, sooo... kind of unimportant).

Favorite Authors:


J.K. Rowling (do I seriously need to elaborate?)

Tamora Pierce

Darren Shan

Rick Riodan

Melissa Marr

Sarah Dessen

Cassandra Clare

William Shakespere

Joss Whedon (yes, do DOES count as an author LOL)

Etc. (Meaning too many more to mention)

Favorite quotes:

"I simply do not give a damn. Sorry."- my best friend in the entire world!

"You want me to be completely honest with you?" nods "It's a piece of glorified shit."- me and... someone else...

"I never tell anyone exactly how clever I am. They would be too scared." - Artemis Fowl/Eoin Colfer

"Buffy is NOT considered a religion in the world of the sane!" "Well, then I guess I'm simply not sane. That's okay, I can deal with that." - 1st person: my friend 2nd person: me :)

"It's not that I don't like you... it's just that you're, like, really weird!" - let's just say, now this person paid for this. But it was still really funny. I laughed for hours, even though it was about me!

"You really don't understand how much of an a-hole you are, do you?" me to this... guy... he just really was an a-hole.

"Everyone is special. Which is just another way of saying that no one is" - unknown, though I often repeat it. (In no way do I believe that, but... it's fun to say to people and see their reaction!)

"All generalizations are bad." -unknown (do you get it?!)

""People who believe in love are either ignorant, just plain stupid, or lying to themselves." - my sister. (When I told her that I believed in love... oh well!)

"Aw, crappp not that little piece of shit again!" - me about my bff's ex-bf.

"Elmer's glue solves nothing." - a very wise person (aka. one of my best friends... they say a lot of funny/wise things)

"I sincerely want you to genuinely worship me." - a very wise, and fictional bunny.

"I miss you so much when we're apart. I think we should be apart more often." - they very same bunny!

"Love hurts." - many, many, many different people. It's still true.

"...Moldy Voldy..."- that poltergeist in the Harry Potter series... I can't remember his name though... AAAKKKK must go read the books until I figure it out!

"There is an infinite amount of sarcasm in the world. Just not all of it is good sarcasm."- one of my many wise teachers!

"From fear is where courage lies."- you know, I'm not exactly sure where this came from, but now it's like my mantra.

"I will crack you like an egg!"- me to a 'friend'! Just joking, he really is my friend.

"Aren't you gonna choke on my joke, Artichoke?"- said by one of my BFFs and I have always hated/loved this saying. Plus, it's where my pen name originated from. (Because I know you were all thinking 'why the HELL is her pen name 'ArtYChoke? Well, that's why).

"I will not miss your sarcastic little comments in my class."- My teacher... LMAO it was really funny.

"... Beast boy had a brain?..."- Raven from TT! OMG I laughed so much at this!!!!

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A bunch of shots involving the Titans, but mostly centered around Beast Boy. Warning: random stupidity, silly quotes, and full of all out hilarity! Enjoy. Note: Sorry for any problems.
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When all your left with is memories... when the song that is heard is special... and you play it with all your heart... You take a bow. One-shot. Rated for one bad word.
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She didn't know if she should stay... They hadn't seen each other in so long. A songfic for RobRae, set in the future, to Bon Jovi's song 'You Wanna Make a Memory.' One shot.
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AU In the world of figure skaters and hockey players, Dick Grayson and Rachael Roth are supposed to hate each other. So what happens when events lead them to not hate each other like they are supposed to...
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Artemis Fowl: Saving Me reviews
Artemis is sick, but what is he sick with? Will it kill him? And how does Opal Koboi come into all of this? Embark on this adventure of saving Artemis Fowl. AxH I do not own Artemis Fowl. Rater T to be safe. Please reveiw!
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Artemis's POV when he dies and then how Holly feels afterward. Rater T to be safe and because it is kind of gory. I do not own Artemis Fowl.
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