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Author has written 5 stories for Twilight.

I am slightly obsessed with Twilight. Ok- that is an understatement. I am super obsessed with Twilight and now equally obsessed with Twilight Fan Fiction.

In my fantasy life- I have a perfectly clean house with a room that is just for me, where I can write for as long as I want with a houseboy that looks just like Robert Pattinson to bring me drinks and snacks and rub my shoulders when I need it.

In my real life- I am a stay at home mom in my mid 30s with three adorable kids that act like hyenas. I love them more than Twilight and Fan Fiction combined. I have been married for 16 years to my long suffering husband, who although gives me a hard time about it, allows me to have Edward posters in our bedroom. I have two hairy dogs named Ross and Jack, whose shedding problem is to blame for my laptop overheating. I am also owned by my hitler cat, Henry who purrs so loud I am often afraid something is wrong with him.

You Found Me is the first Fan Fiction that I've loved enough to submit, and I hope you love it as well. I mostly read Alternate Universe- Human, but the vampire storyline would not leave me be, and I had to attempt it. I owe a lot to my beta Jessypt, she gave me the courage to post this story that I have been obsessing over for 18 months. Thanks a bunch!

I plan on posting one chapter per week. The plot was inspired by the song You Found Me by The Fray.

Disclaimer* Twilight belongs to Stephanie Meyer. She is the genius that inspires me to write.

This story has very adult themes about drugs and suicide. Please be prepared for possibly disturbing subject matter. Like I said in my personal ad above, I am a stay at home mom. I am not a doctor. I used google to research all things medical and when that didn't help me I made it up. I may or may not have been inspired by a scene from a movie. ;)

I also have a problem with commas. They just can't behave around me. They like to be missing in places they are suppose to be but never fear I always find them-- just in places they have no business being. Stupid little troublemakers.

Follow me on Twitter if you want- @RachelMFZ - I'm warning you though. I suck at it!!

I'm on Facebook, too as Bestscentever Writes. Come be my friend! Come play!!

STORY NOTE *I said it up above but I feel the need to emphasize that my story is labeled as angst for a reason. You Found me has dark themes of drug use and suicide. Please be prepared for disturbing subject matter. The characters in my story are essentially canon, except for Bella who is a mess.*

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