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Yo, my name, My name, well that you don’t really need to know, as this is a PUBLIC site and identity is not something we share, but if you want, call me Gabe, I’ve always liked the name Gabe. Just for future reference, I’m a pretty random person so forgive my spontaneous thought switches and attempt to follow me ok? OK. I live in the great nation of Canada, that is as specific as I’m going to get, with the whole you no sharey information thing, but I just want to let you know that most of the rumours are indeed true, I do own an igloo, which is getting unfortunately slushy as the weather gets warmer here (and yes I do count +3 Celsius as warm! Don’t judge my temperature insensitivity! That’s like T-shirt and shorts weather here : )). I drink maple syrup now and again, and I just want you to know its dam tasty (Ha ha, beaver reference there, ha-ha... I’m the only one who thinks that’s funny aren’t I? Come on! National animal jokes people!!) And I have a bad ass Canadian accent, it’s wicked. Oh and I an working on the polar bear thing, it will be difficult though as he does not share my love of maple tree sap and as the hunt ended a while ago, I’m a little short on sea lion meat, but he is my friend and my ride to school and my bed, we chill lots (Come on, you know the temperature joke was funny).

My school is like 60 years old and is made of more mould than building materials, but the teachers are awesome, especially Mrs. S! If you ever read this you’re like my favourite teacher! Now back to the serious matter of my life, serious, yea right, everything but, but anyways. I have really taken to writing in the last few years, and I like to think I’m ok at it, I have a few stories I’d lake to post. One of them is a horror story on Winnie the Pooh which I believe was pretty well written, but I’ll leave the little pleasure of commenting on my work up to you guys when I post it, so I expect lots of R&R!! I have a few more but I will post and talk about those at a later date. Back to the school year. I am finishing a year of school that involves a grad at the end of it, but is not as far along as you may think, I am a decent student, and the only class I really get in trouble in is foods, which is the most fun class to get crap from the teacher in anyway coincidentally. The only other thing I could think of for that is that I am a top marks kid, which I hear is good for GETTING A JOB later in life, so laugh at the nerds now people, you’ll be working for one later in your existence >: ).

Most of my work will be done this summer, but I will start it now, and post each progression. What is this amazing thing I am doing? Well I’m glad you asked Mamsir I am writing a... (Drum roll please!) NOVEL! I know that It’s nothing special for all of you, most of you reading this are probably thinking, “well that’s no big freaking deal, I’ve written one or two of those before!” well for all of you thinking like that, this will be my first, so it is special for me. I guess you could call it more of a mid range story than a novel, I don’t plan to make it like 500 pages or anything but it’s going to be on AVATAR THE LAST AIR BENDER, which I love with a passion, and if Mike or Brian ever read this, I EMAILED YOU!! YOU STILL HAVE MANY, MANY LOOSE ENDS TO TIE UP SIRS!! And just BTFW I want a book 4, as do all the rest of us avatar freaks, we get very passionate about that touchy subject, and I know I cried when the series ended with that cliffy kiss, and then I watched the whole series through again and cried some more, it was not a very good way to end guys! Oh and as you guys have probably also garnered from my Pen Name, I LOVE TOPH WITH A PASSION and would kill for her to be real (I have convinced myself that she is too, and I ignore any naysayers). It will be some Taang at the beginning, but I have a devious plan that will unfold in later chapters, so you’ll just have to wait and read.

I have another bfflol besides the Polar Bear as well, his name for all intents and purposes is Nikki McHookers, as he invented the concept of McHookers, which is a bit racy, but I believe the name is pretty self explanatory. The dude looks like a druggie, but he’s a rocker at heart... and in reality too, drums, guitar, and bass you name it, he plays it, we jam all the time. He has hair longer than most grown women and is pretty badass when it comes to sidebangs and other hair related watchamacallits’. My other lifelong partner in crime (for all intents and purposes, yada, yada, yada) id Yacobe (pronounced yack-obe-ee) Fleet, who happens to be my favourite drummer, and bud to adventure with. I have taken this boy rock climbing, repelling down a cliff with a tree, climbing trees, skiing down double black diamond runs, pulled him out of a tree bowl on that same run, ECT. He is my BBQ buddy as well; we have made BBQ pizzas burgers, steaks, the works. And cookies, can’t forget the cookies. So my friends are basically my world, and you don’t know how bored I would be without all the little escapades we have.

So that’s me for now, and I hope to update soon.


For now, this is all

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