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Apologies to one and all! Had major family emergencies on both my and my fiance's side, plus managed (amid the stress) to have an accident whilst backing up my PhD work, and lost everything that was the most important work I've done for the past 7 months. Uni guys may or may not have buggered up recovery so we're exploring some other options and until then, I don't have a computer at home and I've been cut off from updating my stories. I'm in my final year of my PhD, so busy with conferences and papers and so forth (yes, Thesis is apparently supposed to feature somewhere too). I do hope to be back soon though - maybe put something up on Finding The Heart next month if not before.

Thanks to all

Tree Wyrm


I feel like I should duck my head and hide when real writers come along.

As a kid, I hardly read any books, unless they were fact-based ones on rocks, dinosaurs, or various sciences. I hated reading fictional stuff with a passion... Until I was pursuaded to read something by C. J. Cherryh, and fell in love with her style of writing. She seemed to think just like me, you see. You should know I like happy endings, because there are too many times in the real world when they don't happen. You should also know that the stories published on here are the first I've ever put out there to the public, although I have been writing an un-related science fiction story for some time (dreamed it up when I was back in high school). One day I might try to get that story out there for people to see too.

I love all sorts of music - very wide-ranging tastes, I do on occasion draw (sometimes very arty-farty doodles, other times sketches of characters or dragons). I fell in love with computer games aged 17 - I'm late for everything. I sing and play the piano (sometimes composing my own stuff too) - I can't sight-read to save my life, I can play pretty well by ear. I'm a fan of anime - the cute ones by Ghibli and some of the more serious manga types like Patlabor.

I also love existence, meaning I love Earth, the stars, the universe, and all the life contained within it. That also means I have a big heart for pets, and for people who need me, so I'm always out to 'save the world'! Bullies, meanies, and nasty people:- feel my furrrrrrrryyyyyyy!! Or at least please don't bother me. I'm champion of the underdog!

I did Biology, Chemistry, and Physics at A Level, and I have a degree in Environmental Science. I worked as a high school science technician for four years, and at the moment I am doing a PhD in Electronic and Electrical Engineering. I'm much akin to the mad scientists of old. I'm investigating the possible benefits and drawbacks of integrating road transport and the electricity system. Who knows what I'll do afterwards - maybe try to do my arty stuff for a while, like my story. Oh and my console game, but that's another story.

I'm not sure if I'm supposed to mention any details about my own original sci-fi story, but here goes. I'm going to throw words at you because I'm not doing big details. Humanity, future, still earth-bound, but things are a little different to how they are now. First main character is a mediator, who gets 'volunteered' to mediate a first contact scenario - Earth's first. 2nd main character is the alien in question. Fate, probability and possibility. Religion, science, politics and logic. Genetics, psychology, sociology, gender, love, threat of imminent doom and distruction, and connections everywhere between the past, present and future. Throw these things into a story about how the two main characters interact, and are forced ever closer to one another as they try to find out what exactly is going on, and why in fact they are drawn to each other at all. Those of you who like dragons and romance may like this story. Current word count 100,000 words with about 13 chapters that actually meet up. Names for other characters will probably be finalised when I've written the whole thing, so I won't be publicising it until... well... I try to get it published!

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