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Hey guuys... can I be in the movie? (Lol, don't get the reference? Haha youtube concrete giraffes)

Anyway, hiya!

Now I don't know what to say.

I like Twilight, and ponies, and kitties, and puppies (wait what?) and war, and horrible torture and death and kittens and flying ponies with horns and most especially Carlisle and Jasper and I really like Carlisle x Aro 'cause it's weird and against all involved parties' religions/personal restrictions. I also enjoy Adventure Time with Finn and Jake, Superjail! (Haven't seen it? Over 15? WATCH IT!) I like holidays in my favouritest place on Earth which is Stanthorpe and visiting my grandma who lives there and eating her delicious food. I'm kinda obsessed with rrraaapppeee (no offence is intended to anyone who is a rape victim or knows a rape victim. I take that sh*t seriously >:I) I like grapes and apples and kittens. Also medical antiques and antiques in general. And old stuff and history. And kittens :)

Just want y'all to know:

If I'm being lazy, you're going crazy,

You were once crying, but now you're dying,

For a new chapter, did she/he get eaten by a raptor?

It's alright, don't shake with fright,

For all you need, is indeed,

To send me wake up, a shake up, don't give me a break!

For whinge-ing and whining makes me find my pining,

To show you what lies ahead, are the characters dead?

The only way to find out the mystery and mayhem,

To send me a PM, nothing but phlegm will rhyme with mayhem!

Above we see a great example of why I'm not a poet (and don't I know it 0.o)

Anyway, the general message was PM the sh*t out of me if you want a new chapter 'cause I will update as soon as possible if I get PM's (even just one). It's just sometimes I get busy doing other crap and writing new stuff and researching my antique collection and getting frustrated 'cause no one seems to know anything about any of them... oops, where was I? Ah, yes, I get busy and sometimes forget about stories especially ones that don't get reviews because otherwise I'd see the review in my email and remember to write more, but I sometimes need to be told:

'Oi, b*tch, write mo sh*t cuz I enjoys reading yo mindless bullsh*t drabble-y crud, girl/man/homie/thang!'

So, please, please don't sit there if you really want more! Abuse the crap out of me in my PM's or reviews and don't stop until you get a new chappie out of me! Also, I like it when readers have ingenious ideas for what should happen next and suggest things, sometimes I run out of creative flow, so feel free to suggest or request certain things you like, for example:

smut, Carlisle rape (insert the name of the rapist please...), kittens, motorbikes, someone dying, someone dyeing their hair, someone killing someone, hilarious scenes you acted out with your cat while no one was home... that kinda stuff!

Just don't be mad if I don't like it or can't work with it...

So uh.



(Now I'm choking!!)

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Bella and Edward move into a historic mansion, but Bella soon finds that the home is not settled; old mysteries and sadness plague the home presenting in the form a dark figure that watches her sleep. With the help of Rose, she just might figure out who is watching her and why... This is now a series of 1 shots about the paranormal. Diff characs/places, summary for each new story:)
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