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Author has written 12 stories for Soul Eater, Fairy Tail, Naruto, and Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club.

I wouldn't say I'm a total noob at; I've been reading fanfiction for years before deciding to try my hand at writing my own. To those who reviewed any of my stories, thanks a lot. To those who will review, constructive criticism please. And point out any grammatical errors?

I should probably put something about myself here, right?

Author stats:

Name: *confidential*

Age: 19

First language: Filipino, but I write better in English (in my opinion)

Occupation: College student

Regarding the uploading of new chapters: I officially declare that I will wait for a minimum of five reviews for the previous chapter before uploading the next. I will do my utmost best to resist the urge to upload as soon as I finish a chapter. I will keep on revising it until the five-review requirement has been reached and I can finally upload it ^_^

Please, readers, review! It might give me more motivation to write faster. Who knows, maybe if people review more, I might post two chapters a week! Having said that, I'm not sure if people actually read this lousy profile and I realize that ranting like this would reach more people if I put it before a chapter from one of my stories but I don't really like long author's notes when I read fics so I try to avoid doing that on my own fics ;P

Yay for my Transcendent avatar! Was bored so I decided to tinker around with GIMP and managed to produce a workable pic. It's no masterpiece but then, I'm no artist so this is the best I can do T_T Will probably work on a Dust and Shadow avatar too just because :)

I made a Transcendent wallpaper and a Dust and Shadow wallpaper too if anyone's interested XD. Links are below:

I just recently joined Fairy Tail Mania but it seems it's not very active these days...

Story Status

Psychedelic Fantasy [Soul Eater]

COMPLETE. I have no more plans to continue this. Not that anyone was clamoring for a sequel or anything... Anyway, just to make it official. Thanks to those who favorited this story. I appreciate the gesture.

P.S: I actually wrote this for a college creative writing class. I finished it in one night. The night before the deadline. Without sleeping. And I had a math exam and a chem lab exam the following day. So, I guess that's where all the angsting came from. Xp

Words Unsaid [Fairy Tail]

COMPLETE. But I actually want to write a sequel to this or maybe make it part of a series of JellalxErza drabbles? If anyone wants me to do this, just review and suggest whatever you want. I'll try my best.

The Wizard of FT (WFT) [Fairy Tail]

IN PROGRESS. Currently 8 chapters long and counting. Kind of lost my GrayLucy spark because of current LokeLucy fangirling...A good GrayLucy fic should snap me back into writing mode for this so I'm keeping an eye out... And humor is surprisingly hard to write believably and not have it come across as corny or over-the-top so I should probably read humor fics or novels or watch funny movies for tips...

My GrayLucy muse still hasn't recovered from her crushing defeat at the hands of my LokeLucy muse who teamed up with my HibikiLucy muse to completely decimate her :( She needs a ton of quality fics and maybe another Gray arc in the manga XD

Transcendent [Fairy Tail]

IN PROGRESS. I wrote only the end of the mentioned date from Indefinitely... Writing Right Here, Right Now was a novel experience for me seeing as I have only ever attempted to write angst, humor, some fluff but never something lime-ish like the third chapter's ending ^_^

Summer Triangle was something I'd always wanted to try writing but never found a pairing that fit into what I had in mind. The Tanabata legend, for me, is even more tragic than Romeo and Juliet so I prefer that over doing a Romeo and Juliet parallel :) And I think Romeo and Juliet has been done to death already, no offense to those who spin their versions of that Shakesperean tragedy.

But then, Summer Triangle didn't turn out that sad. I guess it was more sweet with mild angst undercurrents. It's hard to write LokeLucy completely devoid of angst simply because they're practically doomed unless the manga finds a way around Loke being a spirit. Highly unlikely, though D:

I have some idea for the next chappie. Let's just say I will take another stab at writing humor that won't fall flat. Wish me luck!

Dust and Shadow [Fairy Tail]

IN PROGRESS. I have a pretty convoluted plot in mind so I hope I can keep track of everything and that no plot holes appear... Seriously enjoying myself writing because of the Victorian-ish setting :) Might have a pretty long fic in the making here... And ideas for a possible companion fic has been floating around in my head recently so don't be surprised if I suddenly announce that there will be another fic that ties into the plot of Dust and Shadow...

Trivia: I initially began this as a writing exercise in preparation for my joint project (with my sister), a full-length trilogy not based on any fandom. In other words, original fiction O_O But then I realized I had such an ambitious fic on my hands that demanded actual serious planning (*gasp*) and so the novel will have to wait :)

HeartQuake [Naruto]

Uwaa! I forgot to list it here! Anyway, it's here now :) This was also written for the same college creative writing class that Psychedelic Fantasy was written for although they were two different assignments. Psychedelic Fantasy sprung from an assignment that required us to write about our dreams (I'm not sure if this qualified though :P) while this one was the product of an assignment that required us to write stories in seven (seven!) different ways. This was the normal one; the other versions include a crossword puzzle, a personality quiz, methodology for an experiment (yes, I'm weird like that) and a DVD cover. It's too bad I can't put it up here on the site. Anyway, just wanted to share :D

I noticed that I have quite a lot of IN PROGRESS fics (three!) and only two COMPLETE fics. I will do my best not to put any of the incomplete fics on hiatus because I know the feeling of reading a fic then having it suddenly go on hiatus or worse, discontinued. But I'm not making any promises because if I run out of ideas, I would stop since I believe that forcing myself to finish the fic might ruin the whole thing.

I have decided that since I haven't done much reviewing for the stories that I liked, I will do my best to remember to review, even if just to tell the author how much I liked the story. Of course, I'll also try to give constructive criticism but I don't think I'm very good at that. Sometimes, I tend to come off as too critical (in my opinion, at least).

Author's Rant:

Semester is over! However, the reason for the late update for Dust and Shadow is my rediscovered obssession with crime drama. First it was CSI (all three). Now, it's Bones. I'm catching up to the latest season while I write chapter 7 of Dust and Shadow so if anyone notices the slight influence on the writing, you know why :)

FT manga spoilers:

I have no idea what Kana is supposed to be up to but I'm hoping Loke has recovered enough from his fight against Capricorn (more like Zoldio though). I'm rooting for another LokeLucy combo against whoever discovered Lucy passed out (Kain Hikaru???). But then, he looked pretty beat up so Lucy might just summon Gemini or one of the spirits she hasn't used much yet (Aries, maybe?)...

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