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Note: Boothaddict 77 is now a collaboration between two different people.
Long story short, Boothaddict announced she was taking a hiatus from writing to attend college. Once there - after a totally crappy week from hell - she met new Boothaddict, who in fact turned out to be a fan of her ficwriting (what are the odds, right?) and decided to partner up with her for a collab where new Boothaddict will be responsible for earning both fics their M rating, or 'handling the smut' as she puts it, and old Boothaddict will pitch in with ideas and plot construction for moving them forward. Please note that new Boothaddict is actually older than old Boothaddict, and hence more...experienced...and qualified for her new position.

Follow me on my new Twitter @boothaddict77 if you want updates on the stories.

The rest of this is old Boothaddict's old profile.

About me-and my unhealthy Bones addiction

Well,I could begin with the fervent declaration that 'I'm the biggest Bones fan in the world!' or 'God might be Booth's imaginary friend,but his existence almost makes me believe in Him, or atleast open to the possibility that there might be a man upstairs, (both of those are true,by the way), but then pretty much anyone who writes for this fandom has probably used some variation of those words in their own profiles. I could also talk about how I've managed to get nearly the whole Indian subcontinent-and remember, we are the second most populous country in the world, and we're soon going to snag the not-so-coveted first spot-to watch Bones, and that includes people like my 50 year old disciplinarian middle school history teacher from Kanoor, although I doubt there are (m)any others of her kind. I think that was probably my ultimate accomplishment :) As far as she's concerned, Hollywood begins and ends with 1982's Gandhi. My most proud moment was probably when she turned to the class in the middle of a lecture on radical activism during British times and told us in her clipped Catholic school tones that yes, she was well aware we'd rather be at home drooling over Special Agent Seeley Booth, and as much as she would like to be doing that same thing, it would have to wait until after we were done with the lesson. Seventeen sets of (female) jaws dropped to the floor at that one.
I've got plenty of other Bones-related stories that are worth telling, ones that wouldn't prompt the blow-me-Andrea response we got from Hanson in the previous Comic con. In fact, if I could go as far as to say the show changed my outlook on life, but that might be too dramatic. Sure, it taught me that everything happens eventually, that elephants are never purple, that Jesus is (not) a zombie, that there's more than one kind of family, that the heart chooses what it chooses and we have no say in the matter. It taught me that hot tubcold beer=warm beer, and that hat=solution, and that the equation for happiness can be expressed by happiness=love, laughter, friendship, purpose, and a dance. (I'm having that one tattooed on my back at some point.)
But the real reason I love Bones isn't because of any of those things I just mentioned. I'm not dramatic, so I won't say it permanently altered my life- well, I will have that tattoo inked on my skin forever, but still. I won't say it's the best show in the history of television, because as far as I'm concerned, that's an honour that it shares with Lost. What I will say is that it made me believe in love. For the first time, all over again. And that's got to count for something, right?

My take on Bones now:

Bones may well go down as one of the better television shows of our time, but it must be said that it has yet to recover from the disaster that was season 6. Although the current season is built on a promising premise, with over five years' worth of excellent material to help move things forward, it certainly seems to be lacking in some respects. In the worse moments, even the regular cast members seem confused and somewhat unsure of themselves; the direction has been sloppy all through; and though Bones could never be unintelligent, the plot lines seem contrived and vague. To their credit, the lead actors do look like they have just been through the wondrous ordeal of becoming parents to a newborn child-and they have-but it certainly doesn't seem as if they've been through it together-and they haven't.Booth and Brennan,without a doubt,share the best chemistry to ever grace the(small, or big, or even off)screen,but the actors seem almost hesitant to deal with the (un)sublimated tension between them. If this is simply a ploy to keep the audiences coming back for more,I have no doubt that it will prove a cruel but effective tactic. Boreanaz and Deschanel rank among the best actors on television, and even with the tentative awkwardness and unusually small dosage of witty banter(read:extended foreplay)the two manage to keep the show alive.The supporting cast is nothing short of fantastic,as well,but the audience does not tune in to watch inherently likable,gun-toting characters who,it seems,have been used to single-handedly bring the show to the brink of ruin on multiple occasions and are simply begging to be hated.We'd like to watch Booth do his own job,please.Even if he's got to keep his shirt on all through.Baby shrinks and green agents can be trained later.Launching a pilot of another tv show through an episode in the series is just fine, but Bones is not about the changing of the guard,and using it to develop characters who will-maybe-move on to have their own shows is an insult to the show and those who are a part of it.We don't want a crime-fighting double date just yet.We don't want Booth staging half-assed proposals to other women on the advice of his twelve year old therapist,lost and hungover.We don't want the laws of physics broken under the guise of consolation sex,and we don't want hearts to be broken under the guise of consolation prizes.What we do want is an apprentice like Zach, brilliant and unpredictable;a therapist like Gordon Gordon who knows what the 'problem' is 'right off the bat' but counsels hope and patience instead of telling his patients what they aren't prepared to hear,who helps guide them when they are finally ready to confront the truth in their hearts instead of suggesting love may be the result of coma induced brain activity,who repeats his name twice and drinks tea at tea time; what we want are bosses like Goodman or Cullen, who act as mentors instead of sexual(substitutes)interests-

characters who are never given too much importance even if we know they deserve more time in the spotlight,and think we want them to have it. And if we can no longer have boyfriends like Sully who all but force Brennan to choose Booth,and Booth always-always-choosing Brennan over any other woman he's supposedly dating,we want to see them choose each other.Not because of fate or proclivity or any other such phenomenon on which they might blame their inevitable decision to become partners in every sense of the word.Not because the heart chooses what it chooses and they have no say in the matter-but because they do.
And along with what would have to be the most adorable baby on the surface of the earth,this is what season 7 can give us. Proof that 'hope and patience' really does pay off. The Booth-Bones dynamic is still unique, and replacing the unresolved sexual tension with unresolved baby issues is an exceptionally smart move, typical of the creators of the show. Still, it's about time Hanson put out just a little bit, for lack of a better phrase.Ratings will continue to rise, and people will continue to watch,but the rabid-and under appreciated fan base can only be neglected for so long. Before viewers begin to turn to obvious, pandering imitations of the show, it wouldn't hurt to throw them a few Bones.Or a Booth.

Background for Don't Call It Bones:

I've always fought against the temptation to write fanfiction. As I was telling another writer the other day, I think there's a part of me that believed it would be the final straw, the ultimate act of giving in to that unshakable Bones addiction that's followed me around for years now. As if I haven't already. Ah well. Good thing that show's taught us a thing or two about denial. Anyhow, the idea for Don't Call It Bones popped into my head and just refused to go away. If nothing else, I'm hoping that turning it into a story and posting it on this site will help get it out of my system so I can stop obsessing over the characters and the plotline and focus on other things.

It's completely AU-until very recently I avoided all stories of that kind, without exception. And then I read some extremely good ones which came highly recommended from a friend-such as Sleeplessinatlanta's Fated-and I realised that alternate reality can be so much better than the real thing,if it's handled well. I wish I'd discovered this sooner-preferably when the Bones verse was in turmoil what with the recent*cough*blonde*cough* developments. By introducing the Booth-Brennan dynamic in an alien setting, and still managing to preserve it, stories like these only seem to enhance the strength of the bond between them, showing us that what they have is bigger than plotlines and work places and age, bigger even than them-or, at the risk of sounding cheesy, that their relationship transcends time and space. In other words, this serves as a reminder of why we love Bones. And after the disaster that was season 6, that's something we fans seem to be in need of right now.

At any rate, this story is for Bones fans alone(I don't do rip-offs like castle or whatever that is). There are snatches of dialogue from the show, a few fun anecdotes that have made their way to our ears from behind the scenes, and random bits of Bones trivia scattered all through the fic, so keep your eyes peeled for any familiar references. Enjoy!

Summary for Don't Call It Bones:

[AU.Although Booth and Brennan still have the best chemistry to grace the (small, big or off) screen]

Seeley Booth and Temperance Brennan are actors. He's the ultimate teen heartthrob all grown up, riding a wave of success after starring in a number of films and a popular tv show about vampires; she's a young broadway starlet looking to make a foray into television. They have both been cast as leads in the new television show, Bones. Yes, he's handsome and she's beautiful...and no, this is not a story about Emily and David.(Although I might make some allusions to both their careers). I know it sounds a bit ridiculous, but give it a shot. The other cast members will make an appearance as well-Dr. Daniel Goodman, director of the new series; Cam Saroyan, the producer; Jack Hodgins, Booth's agent and publicist; Angela Montenegro, artist, singer, matchmaker extraordinaire, and Brennan's best friend. Don't worry, we'll see Zach, too. Can't promise anything on Sweets. Sorry, but his shrink-speak and gun-toting are pissing me off right now. However, you can look forward to meeting Gordon Gordon Wyatt, everyone's personal chef and confidante, known for handing out the most delicious food and advice)

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