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Hi. I'm (the last time I checked, anyway) thetrumpetplayingponi

'Poni' is my nickname that my friends gave me. I don't know why it's poni, but yes, it is spelled with an 'i' and not a 'y'.

I am a huge fan of a huge list of books, including (sort of in an order...but not really, and I'm sorry about the non-caps on some parts.);

the edge chronicles (that one actually IS first on my list)

LOTR (I spent a good eight hours watching TWO of the movies. Yea. It was awesome. If you don't know what LOTR is, try; lord of the _. Figure it out. >.

harry potter

the chronicles of narnia

the series of unfortunate events

Alice in wonderland (The book and the movie)

the chronicles of vladimir todd

percy jackson and the olympians (my friend is going to be totally ticked at me for it being this far down, but in all honesty, if she would give these other series the chance that she gave percy, she'd get over it.)

night world


chasing vermeer (and its followers; the wright 3 and the calder game)

and at there are SEVERAL more, but at the very bottom (hate me if you must) is;

Twilight. (I would apologize, but if you have a problem with this, then you'd probably already be off my profile by now. I read it, it wasn't the best book ever...the plot line was good, and the writing actually got pretty good ((I know that being an amateur writer doesn't boost my expertise on the critique I'm giving Stephanie Meyer, but I'd just like to put that out there. I think she could have done a better job. there. I said it.)) at the end of breaking dawn, but I don't obsess over it.)

Anyway... I DO have a life outside of books and writing (sort of but hardly).

I'm 15, and have had about two or three (more now? i don't know...) years of writing experiance. I'm taking (excuse the spelling in the titles of the courses here for a second:) biology, geometry, spanish 2, honors english, marching band and a few other courses...but I don't like to brag..

other me: then what was all that? ^^^

me:...take a hike other me. (these courses have changed by now anyway. and i'm too lazy to go back and change them.. XP)

I've been playing the trumpet for about six years now, and have preformed (with a band, not alone) in:

schimerhorn symphony hall in Tennessee (terrible spelling there...ugh...just sound it out please.)

TMEA: Tennessee music educator's associtation. (again, excuse spelling. :P )

music in the park: king's island, three different six flags, and dollywood.

and in marching band this year I'm going to Hawaii and spending my thanksgiving week on the beach.

I want to make it clear that I do not have any cowboy boots, hats, a horse or anything of that nature before I say where I'm from.

I live in Nashville, Tennessee.

There. I said it. The only thing even partly related to the country stereotype that I own is an acustic guitar.

I'm pretty much addicted to music- I'll listen to any kind. Except country. I'm very picky about country songs.

song that is soooo stuck in my head right now: um... O_O my head!! for once it is free of a song!! OxO

I love the mentallist, Mythbusters, and Criminal Minds to high heaven and watch Avatar occationally. (Avatar; the last airbender...not that blue people one)

now let's do the 'favorites' thingy:


food: chicken

drink: water (ice cold)

animal: tie between quite a few.

plant: basil

flower: honeysuckle...or black roses. X3

veggie: lettuce...or raw spinach...or carrots.

herb: basil (duh)

spice: cinnimon

fruit: cherry

candy flavor: mint or cherry

gum flavor (I don't do fav brand): 5's react mint

candy: jolly ranchers and jolly ranchers fizzys

activity: writing, camping, drawing, swimming, reading, hiking.

instrument: trumpet

movie: I'm a movie junkie...but I LOVEEEE V for Vendetta.

actor: johnny depp or jim carrey

actress: resse witherspoon

book: *scoff* please, too many!!!

genre of music: too many

radio station: 107.5

DJ:, intern adam, no...woody & jim! eh...all three of those.

any other questions, and you can ask me.

oh yeah: I recommend reading (if there are that many) at least three or four books into the series that I'm doing a fanfic of, or you'll be totally lost. Like, for instance: my first fanfic; The Edge Chronicles- the crashing, takes place after the eighth book. I haven't read the ninth one yet (I finished the eighth in like, a day. I finished it two days ago and I've been on a misson trip cleaning up after the flood for the past few days) so I can't exactly say mine could fit inbetween the 8th and 9th. sorry.

edit: I HAVE read the ninth one, but unfortunately cannot find a copy of the immortals. :'(((

So...Bye for now!!!

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