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Hi! I'm iheartLink, welcome to my page.

Summary of myself:

Hmm...what's there to know about me? Well, one thing to know is about my obvious love for Link. If you hadn't read my poem already about him on here...well... That's all the evidence you need to know that I've always had the hugest crush on him. Ever since I was little, he's been my one and only- I've never seen a cuter fictional character. And that's all I knew about him then- that he was really cute (especially when he becomes an adult in Ocarina of Time. -). Hehe, I know- how horrible of me for only liking him for his looks. I wouldn't even play Windwaker because I was saddened by the appearance of the new Link version- I was thinking, "Where'd adult Link go?").

It wasn't until about the end of 9th grade when it became more than just his appearance. It was that same summer when I became obsessed with the Zelda series. Needless to say, this obsession caused me to become a huge Link fangirl. Over time, as I developed more knowledge about the Zelda series and who Link was through endless research, game-playing, and manga-reading, he became my hero. He just seemed so sweet, so adorable, so perfect... He was everything I could ever ask for in a hero and more. Thank you Shirgeru Miyamoto!!!!

And thanks to my love for Link and an amazing Zelink story written by Allendra. (Read it! It forever remains in your heart. It still inspires me to keep writing to this day), I'm on here, with a few stories to share with you, stories that have my heart tangled up in nostalgia from a combination of my childhood, Ocarina of Time, and the fact that it's a story that I've thought about for a very long time before ever publishing it.

Long Stories:

Beneath the Shadows (A Zelda fanfic)

That was one of those stories. It's a story I've been imagining since I was 16 years old. Originally, it was just going to be a funny Link-transports-to-the-modern-world fic. Back then, my writing was weaker, and I had no real sense of direction of where I wanted to go with this story, but all that changed one night by the end of my senior year of high school. All because I wrote a later scene in the story, my simple, lighthearted fanfic transformed into a much darker, much more complex one. Thus, Beneath the Shadows (It used to be called A Deadly Town) came about- my first real fanfiction. And since then, I've been dedicated to this story because- trust me when I say this- I would go insane if I never finished it. Even if it seems like it's going to be forever until its completion, I am going to finish it. I will never ever abandon a story, well not this one anyway, one which has a special place in my heart.

My main goal with this story, honestly, is to go big with it. No matter how long it takes, I want it to be the best story that it can be, and I also want it to be a story that people are well...interested in. And I want to do more than just write a story on it. I want to do a lot in contribution to this story. Make fan art, create an animated movie (maybe if copyright stuff isn't an issue. The movie would be free). What spells out that I'm dedicated to my story more than this?!

(For all the short stories I was going to write and complete, I have to leave those in the dust for now. I'm not abandoning them, don't worry. They just aren't the biggest priority right now. With fanfictions, Beneath the Shadows has to come first.)

Beneath the Surface (Another Zelda fanfic close to my heart)

Beneath the Surface is the sequel to Beneath the Shadows. It's been on my mind for a very long time as well. It sounds crazy but I'm working on this one at the same time I'm working on Beneath the Shadows. The two stories compliment each other.

For Beneath the Shadow fans who were once interested in this story or fans who are now interested, I suggest you read my future original work called Derrick's Escape (It'll be on fictionpress.com). This work is related to Beneath the Shadows, and Beneath the Shadows will make much more sense if you read Derrick's Escape first.

I will say that it unfortunately won't be coming out anytime soon, so you'll have to be patient with me. I have some other original works that I need to write first, for me. I'm in the process of writing the first story right now- the story that's developing me the most as both a writer and a person.

If you want to know more about my stories,

watch me on Deviantart. My username is iheartLink33.

follow me on Twitter. My full name on there is Angel Of Light

friend me on fictionpress. My username there is Geekforlife101

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