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Author has written 2 stories for Pokémon, and Ouran High School Host Club.

Hello everyone! Little Miss Firebright here, and thanks for visiting my profile!

~About the Author~

Likes and dislikes: Cherry soda and spicy chicken wings are my life. (Not mixed together. I'm not a monster.) I love rainy days and bad cliches, and adorable kittens. I enjoy puns and Pokemon more than I should, and hate spearmint with a burning, irrational passion. If I could take over the world for the sole purpose of eradicating spearmint flavoring, I'd laugh while piles of spearmint burned in giant infernos around the globe. I'm also not fond of cold weather. Maybe the spearmint bonfires would help warm up the planet, two birds, one stone. :)

Previous username: Kagotori. Changed because that was stupid.

Gender and age, because apparently Fanfiction is like a Tinder profile: Female, mid-twenties, cute but only mostly sane. Let's be fair though, some girls on Tinder would slash your tires while wearing clown makeup, so it could be worse.

Favorite color: Red. Not relevant in the slightest, but people stop asking once you hit your teens, and I demand this information be relayed to the public anyways.

Writing Music of Choice: New Age Rock, such as Thousand Foot Krutch, Icon for Hire, and Fall Out Boy are some of my top picks. Anime instrumentals for mood specific scenes, because I'm a huge dork, and Skyrim instrumentals because I haven't wasted enough of my life listening to that music just yet. Tatsh and InnerPartySystem are less well known favorites as well.

Favorite Mythical Creature to Ride while Conquering the World: Ah yes, another standard question. I choose the mighty fire breathing dragon, both so I can look amazing and have roasted marshmallows whenever I desire. Next question.

Video Games? Is…is that a question? Do I like video games? Do I video tape people playing board games? This profile quiz has problems. I like Pokémon, Super Smash Brothers, Eternal Sonata (sans the weird ending, come on), and willingly let Skyrim consume my life and soul. I also enjoy dorky anime games like Naruto Ultimate Ninja, and even the badly dubbed Bleach: Shattered Sword game. (Was no one else available to voice the Arrancar villain? Seriously). Guitar Hero and DDR also make the list, and you can pry the badly reviewed Battle Network Megaman games from my cold dead hands.

You like Pokémon. Do you play Pokémon Go? If by “play” you mean obsess over my glorious Team Valor Pokemon like Smeagle and the One Ring, than yes, I dabble a bit in my free time...

Favorite Anime/Manga: Skip Beat is phenomenal, Death Note for the psychological horror, Douluo Dalu because daaannnngg, that author writes a Bleach length book every year! (The actual Manhua versions take longer. Also he’s getting 4 Hollywood live action movies starting in 2018, which rules). Other favorites in no order are: Naruto, Bleach, Code Geass (despite Kallen *fanservice* Kozuki), Spirited Away, Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood (because the original was only good until we saw Brotherhood, let’s be fair), and the unrelated Full Metal Panic (Fumoffu was a blessing to mankind), Fairy Tail, KHR, Ouran, Fruits Basket, the underrated Hana to Akuma, Attack on Titan, Black Butler (but only the manga, whoever developed the anime should be pelted with tomatoes), Kaguya-Sama – Love is War (new-ish but worth checking out) and last but not least Black Haze. (The art gets better I swear!) Undoubtedly more that I forgot about as well.

Favorite non canon ships: Ulquiorra x Orihime and Itachi x Sakura come to mind. Previously guilty of Zuko x Katara as well. Kagome x Sesshomaru is weirdly entertaining, and Byakuya x Rukia is another cute ship. Most of my ships are canon and boring, but there are a few odd ones that came out of nowhere, like Deidara x Hinata and Rin Okumura x Black Rock Shooter (Blue flames shipping FTW!)

Favorite type of actual ship: Pirate and Battleship. I’m also a fan of Submarines, which are a bit under the radar.

Enough about you. Stop the quiz! No…wait, I haven’t even told you my favorite pie yet! Or my least favorite kind of shoe! Nooooooo~


Ah yes, the real reason you people are here.

Becoming a Master: Yeah, yeah, it’s long and unfinished. I posted a few chapters back in 2011, forgot about it, picked it up again in 2014 when I started getting into fanfiction for real, and spent 2016-2017 rewriting it into a beautiful book length work of art. It’s getting finished, and soon, but I was not a good enough author to allow the first version to continue existing once I learned what I was doing. Suffer with me, it’ll get finished soon. I work on it all the time, I promise.

Loose Change: Do you like cutesy fic-lets? This is the story for you! Ouran fluff, in character to my completely non-biased eyes, and written in the same style as your average Ouran episode! No obvious ships, just your average Host Club shenanigans, plus penguins. The penguins were 1000% necessary, don’t fight me on this.

Future Works: I haven’t written them yet, but I’m sure they’ll be the most incredible things this world has ever seen. Don’t believe me? Stay tuned, I’ll write a crack ship OC angst fic which could make a Grammar Nazi cry with joy. Also original books are a plan, but you guys will never know the author is me.

Peace out, you glorious nerds of the internet!

~Little Miss Firebright

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