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Welcome to my profile page!

Name : The Happy Captain

Age : 19

Gender : Male (Surprise!!) Yep I'm a man who likes yaoi and likes writing them too. Judge me all you want.

I'm Indonesian and live in Indonesia also, but I dunno why displays my Location in USA -_-

Well those are the basic introduction, since I'm lazy to write anything about me that even you maybe won't be interested.

Favorite Anime : (I'm into anime more than anything)

One Piece (my all-time favorite anime)

Ao No Exorcist

Darker than Black



Favorite Characters :

Monkey D. Luffy

Li Shunsheng / Hei

Mephisto Pheles



Favorite Pairings : Luffy/Zoro (Be it nakamaship, bromance, or romance) prefer bromance though




Story Project

1. How to Tame Your Student (LuffyxZoro) WIP

A semi SM-themed story where Zoro must undergo a training under Luffy's watch. AU

2. Luffy is NOT a Blushing Girly Uke Drafting

Title is self-explanatory, Will consist of several pairings from several one-shot stories to counterattack the force of ukefied Luffy Xp

3. Dom! Luffy Drafting

Luffy's quest to dominate all powerful man to maintain peace. (Inspired by Priapus Manga by Mentaiko)

And other that has yet to be written.

Grand Project

As I said in my story I have this project of mine to stop Ukefied Luffy story, thus this theme would be my current grand design for all of my stories.

1. Project Name : Anti Ukefied Luffy (Lame but whatever)

Fandom : One Piece

Main Target : Monkey D. Luffy

Background :

I've been fooling around in for 4 years, and one of my oldest fandom is One Piece. What irked me until now is several author or authoress to be exact, got Luffy's character wrong (the list can be seen below). Since LuZo is my OTP I can't help but read with disgust all of junk story that contained ukefied Luffy. So to make things right again, not that I hope it'll work so significantly, I start this project of story that will make people realize what Luffy's real character is.

What is ukefied? well It's not a word exactly, it's a term to show that a character of story has been raped and destroyed beyond repairable so a pairing can work. It happened on Yaoi pairing where many fangirl cannot accept that in gay relationship two person can be dominant, so they force one person to be submissive, the process called ukefying (my term) where all of manly attribute of said man was stripped off and he is turned into hopeless moe.

this link should show you better of my meaning :

Main Conflict :

As of late, many ukefied Luffy stories came flooding the fandom, they just write a heterosexual stories but the character are both men. I'll list the ukefied-Luffy themed story (Poor Luffy)

1. Luffy is a Feminine looking man, the story will tell about how feminine Luffy is and suddenly he got no muscles even to carry both his arms, well the author of this kind of story most certainly never watched Luffy's battle.

2. Luffy is girly, in which the story will contain Luffy as a cross dresser or being forced to wear woman attire, and then he blushed every time he neared his crush untill the blood spurting out from his head because a constant blushing. this includes:

-Luffy is a crybaby who cries over small cuts

-Luffy who always whines and squeals

-Luffy is being portrayed as the housewives

and so on, I don't even know if the author read One Piece, to even got Luffy's character raped this far.

3. Luffy is hopeless. The story will tell us on how Luffy can't be responsible of his own life even though he is already 19. He always need someone to take care of him because he can do nothing at all, then he is portrayed as the spoiled little disgusting uke. Well he's the captain and so far he can maintain all the loyalties of his crew, enough said.

4. Luffy is a weakling. Who always on bully list and raped everytime he goes to school utill he dies because of sexual disease and he can do nothing because he is weak, but then nooo a knight in shining armor always come to save him (the dominant character). The story will also tell how weak Luffy is so he cannot even beat a single fly. Same like number two, the author never reads one piece.

5. Shota!Luffy. or dwarfed!Luffy when Luffy's height shrink until his height just reach people hips, and had to use ladder to kiss his partner, and his d* is also shrinked to the point it's not bigger than finger.

6. Luffy is submissive. The story where Luffy is a w* who always need a man to pleasure himself and suddenly all of his power, manliness, and strong will are stripped by the author so Luffy can only mewl.

7. Luffy is too innocent even angel is like a devil compared to him. Apparently the story describes how Luffy doesn't know anything about sex, he even surprised he got a d, and after sex he just lost all his power, became depending on his lover because he was reborn into innocent angel even the idea of killing people make him die.

And a lot more that I can't bring myself to write in here (I'm lazy), of course my rant above has been hyperventilated but you get the idea anyway.

what the problem i here is many author hadn't done enough research about gay relationship, they simply applied the same rule of straight (heterosexual) relationship to to them which is greatly different. Accepting a gay relationship meant accepting that there are a woman or man who love their same sex who has the same nature as them. so man loving a man is not a matter of because one of them can be looked as a girl, why we bother that if we can get a woman, but it's about accepting that the partner has the same nature as them, which is dominant and aggressive and how to overcome that by switching role.

A simple way to prove that Author or a fangirl is heterosexualizing a gay relationship is through her pairing, she can accept AxB but she greatly despise BxA because B is the girl in relationship. Well done author, you're not only messing up the gay relationship, but you also messing up with a gender role.

Uke is not the same as bottom, bottom means only limited to the role you play while doing sex, and it's not permanent because most gay couple switch position (a fact that somehow many fangirls and authoress miss). While Uke is like a role in daily life and an Uke is always portrayed as girly little shit, and it's permanent according to some fangirls. This is a silly theory, because it can't be applied in most gay relationship.

So don't get me wrong, while I prefer LuZo, I also like when Luffy is being bottom in sex sometimes. But what disappointed me is almost every ZoLu strory contains Luffy as an disgusting Uke. Duh poor Luffy.

well that's my rants anyway.

Conclusion :

I'm trying to make a decent-length LuZo and Luxother stories to give a wake up call for other author that they had written Luffy's character wrong. even when they said it's OOC I prefer to call it DC (Destroyed Character) So everyone who share the same idea as me are very welcomed to join this project. :)


Well maybe some of you already read my review, or your story have been reviewed by me. Yes I tend to leave a very loooooooong and detailed review, since my paper works from college always involved reviewing someone's article, so yeah I love to review.

I, for myself, love to get reviews, no matter how short that is (like just one emoticons) or even flame (even though they're haters but sometimes they got a good point too). But what I like the most is the real review, you pick some parts of story and give your opinion about that, whether or not you're agree and what's the reason, or you mentioned a contradictory point in the story, or even the grammar. Those kind of reviews, I think, are what will help the author the most. So I tried to give my best when reviewing other's story, and very detailed (if I'm not too lazy), I once write 1300words for review :)

so yeah remember that if you really love someone's fic give it a good review. *ehem*and give me one too if you don't mind*ehem* -_-"

Uhh I think Those are all about me, sorry for wasting your time reading my rants.

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