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hello people.

allow me to introduce myself. My name is Isom.

I like Naruto, Danny Phantom and any other show or Fanfic that has action in it.

I dislike anything that is not action.

my dreams are none of your business.

Now i would like to make an announcement. my story Naruto the Black Star is up for adoption. you may adopt this story, but tell me who you are so i can see who does. also if someone can give this message to Vfsnake. i read some of his earlier stories and i would like to see his take on this.

also for my story Phantom Among Titans does anyone know someone on Deviant art? i need someone to get some pictures of Danny's "Ghost Arms" as a review put it. please message me if you know someone who is on the site.

Okay my loyal readers. Since many people have done this before I've decided to make my own challenges for people to write. I would do these myself, but I just don't have it in me to do so. I just can't find the inspiration to completely write it out. So I've decided to do it myself. Here are my first few challenges

Challenge 1: Naruto: Rise! Prince of Whirlpool!

Naruto is nearly killed at the Valley of the End by Sasuke. Instead of Kakashi finding him his uncle Kenshin Uzumaki. Naruto is then taken to the Hidden Whirlpool Village where he is reunited with his long lost mother and sister. Naruto then finds out that Sarutobi had lied to his mother by telling her that he died during the sealing. Naruto already had a dislike of his home because of what he went through growing up, but that was the straw that broke the camel's back. Naruto now swears his loyalty to his family and Whirlpool. Back in Konoha everyone celebrates that Sasuke is back and that Naruto is gone. Sakura voices this and gets her butt handed to her by a very angry Hinata. Three years later the main villages get an invite to participate in a tournament held at whirlpool where Naruto is the champion. The villages come with their best, but all lose along the way. Finally Sasuke goes up against Naruto who then kicks him to the curb and either crushed his balls, tears out his eyes, or a combination of the two.

Rule 1: Naruto must become crazy strong with incredible skills in taijutsu, ninjutsu, genjutsu, kenjutsu, and fuuinjutsu.

Rule 2: Naruto must have a bloodline. I'm leaving it up to you what it will be.

Rule3: Sasuke will be arrogant obviously. It wouldn't be Naruto if it wasn't.

Rule 4: Naruto must gain a weapon from Kyuubi. Doesn't matter what it is, but it must come from the fox

Rule 5: Naruto must replace his toad summoning with the reptile summoning.

Challenge 2: Naruto/Darksiders crossover: Son of War

Due to the council's meddling Naruto faces Gaara in the first round instead of Neji. Naruto puts up a good fight, but winds up the victim of a sand burial to the arm. When near death he finds out that his real birth parents, War and Uriel, dropped him off at the Namikaze household the morning of the Kyuubi attack. The two did so to protect him from Samael's army. He is approached by the Horseman and Uriel who then bestow their powers unto him. Naruto comes back to life ready to shake the ninja world and avenge his parents.

Rule 1: From his dad Naruto gets his own version of Chaos Eater, from death a scythe, a pair of rapid fire pistols from strife, and book of ancient spells from Fury. He also gets an angelic sword from his mother (if you want to give him Zoro's style up to Nitoryu that's fine)

Rule 2: Naruto has to have an artificial arm like War's.

Rule 3: must have an angels wings like his Uriel.

Rule 4: Kyuubi must be female.

Rule 5: somehow bring Vulgrim into the whole thing. You can leave the watcher out of this. Favorite scene from the game was when that annoying insect finally got his head crushed.

Challenge 3: Danny Phantom/Devil May Cry: Son of Nero

During a fight with Plasmius Danny is attacked by his parents. During the fight he winds up changing back to his human form. His parents continue to attack blinded by their obsession with ghosts. In the fight Danny awakens the Devil Bringer which he got from his father Nero. When using it he knocks out Jack and almost gets killed by Maddie until Clockwork intervenes. Clockwork takes Danny away and tells him off his heritage. Danny doesn't believe him at first, but Clockwork shows him. Danny is then taken to Dante for training. For the next two years they train and Danny gains some devil arms. After two years Plasmius sends an army of ghosts to destroy Amity to try and flush Danny out. It works and Danny comes with Dante, Trish, and Lady. Leading to an all out brawl.

Rule 1: Danny must have Red Queen and Yamato from his dad and you can add a third weapon from Kyrie if you want.

Rule 2: the devil arms Danny gets must be original not one of Dante's.

Rule 3: Danny must have a devil trigger with that goes with the Devil Bringer.

Rule 4: Danny can hook up with any girl you want. It can be a human girl he had an interest in, or a ghost girl attracted to his new bad look and attitude.

Rule 5: Danny must harbor anger at his parents for not being able to see past their prejudice thoughts on ghosts. Jazz you can have him on good terms with.

Challenge 4: Danny Phantom: Ghost Fighter

After being left for dead by Dan Danny is taken in by an organization who have taken an interest in Danny. Once Danny awakens he is trained by the organizations 7 elite members for 3 years. After that he returns home stronger than ever which he makes a point of be beating the crud out of Plasmius without even breaking a sweat. Danny has come back even stronger. Woe to those in his path.

Rule 1: organization must not be evil!

Rule 2: Danny has new powers, and skills in hand to hand combat, firearms, all sorts of weapons, knows all different kinds of poisons, medical know how, technological skills such as hacking, and stealth all learned from the 7 elite.

Rule 3: must hook up with a ghost girl. Can be former enemy turned smitten can be human.

Rule 4: Danny must become full ghost because of training or the fight with Dan.

Rule 5: Give Danny a new look must include a pair of dog tags and scar down his face.

Challenge 4: Batman/Devil May Cry: Rise of The True Dark Knight.

Rah's al Ghul needs a way to be immortal. In an attempt to do so he brings back Sparda who slaughters the League of Assassais with Ghul and Talia barely escaping with their lives. Drawn byteh sudden flux of dark energy Dante, Trish, and Lady come to find Sparda. The four then go after Ghul and what's left of the league of assassins to Gotham where they have multiple run ins with the Batman.

Rule 1: Sparda must kill Joker at one point.

Rule 2: Sparda gains his old sword from Trish, but gives her a new one crafted from a sword used by a League of Assassins member.

Rule 3: Pair Dante with either Trish or Lady. You can put Sparda with whoever you want.

Rule 4: Rah's al Ghul must die somewhere at the end.

Rule 5: Have Batman gain powers from a demonic attack like Nero did. Give him what you want.

Challenge 5: Naruto/Generator Rex: new no. 1.

After the incident with the most deadly men in the world 1 aka Arashi Namikaze, finds that he is able to pass his conscience through the nanites in the earth. He finds that his nephew, Naruto, being turned down for training by Kakashi. In his rage the nanites form him a new body with increased strength, speed, agility, chakra reserves. He is also able to from various weapons raging from melee weapons to long rage weapons, and is able to destruct the nanites, active or inactive in a living organism allowing him to keep his title as the most dangerous man on the earth. He and the other dangers people, except 6, go to Konoha to find Naruto. Once they do Arashi discovers his nanite destruct power since he uses it on Ebisu. He was useless anyway so the village won't be missing anything. Arashi then activates the nanites in Naruto's body and the others train him for the Chuunin exam finals.

Rule 1: Naruto's EVO powers involve being able to take different forms and to cause incredible pain due to the nanites in everyone's systems which he doesn't reveal until the final round.

Rule 2: the chakra in everyone else in the elemental countries keeps the nanites deactivated and keeps them from turning into EVOs.

Rule 3: Naruto must develop feelings form 5 or some other girl from the series.

Rule 4: Arashi must keep himself hidden until the invasion where he helps Sarutobi fight and then kill the Snake sannin.

Rule 5: White Knight tries to destroy Konoha out of paranoia causing Rex, Bobo, Holiday, Six and other Providence members to quit and join Konoha.

Challenge 6: Danny Phantom/Bleach: Phantom Reaper

Danny winds up getting killed during an encounter with the Guys In White. When he dies Danny goes to the Soul Society where he gets trained. After a few years Danny returns to Amity to take care of some old scores and to get back at the Guys In White for killing him.

Rule 1: Danny gets to Zanpakuto on in the form of a katana and the other in the form of a broadsword. The katana Shikai is "Prowl the Frozen Tundra! Ice Fang!" the blade turns and icy blue and a crystal wolf head ont eh let with the blade coming out of it's mouth. The Bankai "Howl! Fenrir!" gives Danny a different form where he is armored with dark blue and white with ice spikes on the shoulders, longer hair, and a mask that covers the bottom part of his face. The katana also turns into a pair of hook swords. The Broadsword Shikai makes the whole blade turn dark red with a three pronged claw at the bottom of the blade with a fire design on the blade. The Bankai "Rise up! Raging Phoenix!" is armor like the other one only red and black with flame throwers on the arms, armored wings, and a mask that covers all of Danny's face. The broadsword also turns into a jagged scythe. with a pointed weight on the bottom.

Rule 2: Danny can hook up with a girl from Bleach.

Rule 3: Danny must have incredible skill in Hado and Bakudo.

Rule 4: Danny must form a fast friendship with Ichigo and constantly makes fun of his name which means Strawberry.

Rule 5: barely breaks a sweat when he fights Plasmius again.

Challenge 7: Naruto: Reptile Sage

Naruto won at the valley of the end. As both of Naruto and Sasuke were unconscious a raptor finds the scene before Kakashi does. It sniffs the two before picking up Naruto and running off. The blonde awakens later to find himself surrounded by raptors. He is then lead to the chamber of the Raptor's boss a T-rex. The Rex explains that the raptors and other reptiles were once allied with the Uzumaki's before their destruction at the hands of Iwa and Kumo. The Rex than gives Naruto the Reptile summoning contract which holds the summons for the raptors, snakes, crocodiles, alligators, turtles, serpents, dragons, Loch Ness, hydras and Salamanders. Naruto then summons all the bosses, much to the delight of the Rex. After some arguing they all accept Naruto as their summoner. After that hey all train Naruto. During training they give Naruto weapons.

Raptors-raptor claws: gray iron gauntlets with long black nails with hooks on the top that can fire. With chakra added the claws lengthen and are capable of disemboweling an opponent.

Snakes: Poison Saber: a scimitar with a gold and purple blade with a snake head at the bottom of the blade. Poison in the blade is much more fast acting then the Kusangi and can lay dormant until the user wills it.

Crocodiles-Swamp Slammer: a large hammer has a long brown handle with a large head that has a pointed back and a croc skull on the top. When channeled with earth chakra the hammer is capable of causing a small earth quake and capable of smashing through the hardest material.

Alligators-Water Hazard: a large blue broad sword with what looks like actual water swirling in the blade with a blue diamond on the bottom of the handle. When water chakra is sent through it is capable of forming tidal waves with a swing, but only when near large source of water like a lake.

Turtles-Razor Shell: a pair of shields that resemble turtle shells that have ultra sharp curved blades on the end. Can expand to form a ball and roll forward to crush a foe. Also capable of close combat and chakra can be added to extend the blades and harden the shield.

Serpents-Water Fangs: a pair of narrow switchblade daggers capable of slicing through armor. Not primarily used for combat but assassination.

Dragons-Burning Fury: a scythe with a long red blade modeled after a dragons wing. Capable of launching fire when chakra is added.

Loch Ness-Hidden Monster: a spear with a jagged blue green head, a long shaft that is capable of piercing a man through in one shot. Capable of shooting spears of water when chakra is added.

Hydras-Crushing Death: a long chain with a segmented head and a spiked weight on the end. When chakra is added the head splits into seven parts allowing it to pierce one target multiple times or multiple targets.

Salamanders-Acid Grip-a group of tattoos around Naruto's arms. When chakra is added they secrete a acid that is deadly to all but the bearer. The poison is capable of burning or dissolving flesh depends on how much chakra is used.

After training for three years with the reptiles Naruto learns that the Akatsuki has just captured Gaara. You know how it goes from there.

Challenge 8: Naruto/Bleach: Blade of the soul

Aizen discovers a stange scroll in his study. When he opens it he sucks himself and all the other Arrcanarrs into Naruto's world. They find themselves sealed inside an infant Naruto. After 6 years of hatred Naruto has grown bitter and angry. He hides it well behind a mask however. One day on his birthday a few council bribe some ANBU to kill Naruto one of which is Inu (Kakashi) who is bitter about losing his sensei. The ANBU take him out of the village to kill him. Naruto fights back as best he can, and loses his arm in the process. Before the final blow is struck he is rescued by Jiriaya who was passing by at the time to visit Naruto. Needless to say he's pissed and kills the ANBU save Kakashi. In Naruto's mind he meets the Arrcanarrs. He forms a bond with them and they become allies. Naruto then shares with them that he always hated Konoha. To help him in his quest for revenge all the Arrcanars, who were slowly dying from the seal give Naruto their Zanpakuto. As a bonus Naruto's arm grows back only as a hollow arm. Naruto then spends the next few years training with Jiraiya who is furious at his sensei for allowing all that has happened to Naruto in the past. Together they start a new hidden village: the Hidden Swamp Village.

Rule 1: Naruto wants payback on Konoha, but not destroy it just to make it suffer. Some people did show him kindness.

Rule 2: Naruto's hollow arm must have an original power.

Rule 3: Naruto is able to use the Zanpukoto freely. However he can only use them one at a time. So no using them all at once with shadow clones.

Rule 4: Naruto must be able to use a new type of Jutsu called Chaos Release

Example: B-rank jutsu: Chaos Release: Waves of Rage.

Unleashes a huge waves of dark chakra energy that destroys all in users path. Warning: drains huge amount of chakra. Use only as last resort. (doesn't apply to Naruto)

Challenge 9: Danny Phantom/Ratchet and Clank: the Lombax and the Phantom

During a fight with Skulker Danny accidentally freezes the both of them. Danny wakes up a long time later found by scientists who are examining him. A few weeks after being awoke Danny is sent to the Glatactic armada for training. After two long years of training Danny has become an elite fighter only given the deadliest of missions and is regarded as a hero on a great deal of planets know as "The Ghost of the Nebula". While on one mission he is captured and sent to Dreadzone. You can guess what happens from there.

Rule 1: Danny's armor in Dreadzone must be similar to the armor Ratchet wore. You can give him battle bots if you want. Armor must have weapons built it. He must also have a melee weapon like an ax, sword, or a wrench if you want to pull something from Ratchet.

Rule 2: Danny must have new powers including new ways to manipulate his ecto energy, electricity, real fire, and improved ecto reserves meaning he can stay in his ghost form after using his ghostly wail.

Rule 3: Danny must have at least 5 long range weapons. You can be original and make up your own, or you can borrow some from the game your choice.

Rule 5: Danny must team up with Ratchet or fight Ratchet somewhere in the story.

Challenge 10: Naruto/Kim possible: Impossible Ninja

When Dr. Drakken used the pan dimensional vortex inducer he brings Naruto, who just defeated Madara, to his world. After Naruto defies his demands and making Shego full body blush. He smashes through a wall and escapes. He is then intercepted by Global Justice who capture him and hold him captive. Du tries to torture him Naruto finds out that he went against orders from Dr. Director aka Betty and is demoted. She then offers Naruto a job which he accepts becoming the new head while Du plans revenge. This follows his adventures as a global justice agent.

Rule 1: you can pair Naruto with either Shego or Betty.

Rule 2: it doesn't matter if it's a harem or not.

Challenge 11: Naruto/Venom: Ravage

After the fight with Gaara during the Sand/Sound invasion a jealous Sasuke and a hopelessly devoted Sakura leave Naruto to die. In doing so Naruto is found by the Hybrid, Scream, Venom, Carnage, anti-venom, and Toxin…or at least them when they are slimy. They merge with Naruto's body. In his mind they meet each other and finally merge together forming the symbiote Ravage. Ravage is massive Silver symbiote with a black spider symbol like Venom's on chest. He also has six spider like legs coming out of his back that are pitch black.

Rule 1: powers are as follows super strength, speed, flexibility, agility, forms weapons with hands, can form tendrils as well. Spider like legs on back are capable of producing poison or acid.

Rule 2: Able to copy bloodlines thanks to parasitic abilities. Limited to one eye dojutsu, sub element, and one body enhancement. Increases effectiveness and power of bloodline.

Challenge 12: naruto: Dark Knight Returns

Naruto takes things seriously after the genin test. He went to all the Jonin sensei for help and got it. He has been growing stronger slowly. On the wave mission he finds the summoning contract for the bats and a Kusigari gama. He becomes the first summoner of the bats in years. Watch as Naruto becomes the bat sage of Konoha.

Rule 1: Naruto has a main affinity for wind and a secondary affinity for darkness. Powers must be similar to that of Heartless from Kingdom hearts and Black beards powers from one piece.

Rule 2: Sasuke and Sakura bashing, but Sakura must realized that she's been an idiot the whole time.

Rule 3: Naruto must hook up with either Haku, who survived the fight on the bridge, Fu or Yugito, who run away from their village, or someone from Konoha that is usually over looked. Your choice.

Challenge 17: Danny Phantom/ Bloody Roar: Halfa Lycan.

During a fight with Skulker Sam is kidnapped and almost killed. In his rage Danny transformed into a lycanthrope. After tearing Skulker apart he is cornered by his parents and the GIW who intend to take Danny in for future experimentation. They are thwarted however when Sheena, Gato, and Jenny show up and proceed to knock them around. When they confront Danny he tries to fight them, but is beaten when Gato takes his animal form. Danny awakens to find himself under the care of a nurse named Alice. Danny is then trained by the others to harness his lycanthrope form. It takes about four years before Danny returns home. How will they take the new Danny?

Rule 1: Danny won't have the same full moon problem that Yugo does.

Rule 2: Danny has to be paired with Sheena. The two start off as a rivalry, but it develops into more.

Rule 3: Danny must be able to transform into a ghost while in wolf form giving him a few extra powers in that form only.

Challenge 18: Naruto/Danny Phantom: Ghostly ninja.

When Danny's family and friends are killed Clockwork doesn't bring them back. Instead he offers Danny another chance. Danny takes it obviously. Danny learns that his new chance is in a place called Konoha in another dimension. Danny is then trained by the ghosts of the villages best including the Senju brothers, and the Yondaime Hokage. After gaining the skills of a jonin Danny is sent to the other world. After being tested Danny is assigned the rank of jonin and is given a team to be precise Team 7. What will happen in this crazy team? Find out.

Rule 1: Danny must knock Sakura out of her fan girl phase and make Naruto serious. I don't really care what happens to Sasuke.

Rule 2: Danny hooks up with one of the girls in Konoha. It can be one of the rookies or it can be some other girl.

Rule 3: Council bashing is a must in this. The council is usually idiots in these stories so why stop a tradition.

Challenge 19: Naruto/Kim Possible Crossover: Impossible new life.

Kim and the cheer squad have finally made the national cheer offs. During the routine Drakken and Shego show up unannounced and uninvited. Drakken, who stole the Pan Dimensional Vortex inducer, uses it to try and send Kim to another dimension. Shockingly it does…a little to well. Kim, Shego, and the entire cheer squad get sucked into the portal. Drakken tries to get away, but is cornered by a pissed off Ron, and a lot of very pissed parents. Meanwhile, Kim and co. are dropped off nearby a Konoha where they are immediately captured by ANBU. Shego not fighting due to being out cold after crashing into a tree. They are taken before the Sandaime and then tell him of the predicament that they are in. the Sandaime offers them a chance to live there, but they would have to become wives to a nearly extinct clan members. When some of the girls refuse he tells them that the other option is to become breeding stock or prisoners. They immediately choose wives. Guess who their new hubbie is?

Rule 1: obviously a harem with Naruto, Kim, Shego, and cheer squad.

Rule 2: Team 7 bashing must be there. Lets face it the team was pretty much a flop from the beginning. Plus I just don't like Kakashi that much…besides its easy to bash the guy since he mostly just trained Sasuke all the time.

Rule 3: Naruto must be hiding his true potential. He shows that true potential when a group of Chuunin and others try to kill/rape his new wives. After saving them he gains some newfound respect from them.

Rule 4: Naruto must have a bloodline. It can be bleach related, because I like that show, or it can be something original.

Challenge 20: Naruto: Return of the prince.

Naruto is not as alone as he thinks. It turns out the Sandaime lied to Kushina about Naruto. He told her that he died during the sealing and she left the village out of sorrow. Years later during th wave mission one of her jonin, Zabuza Momochi, reports finding Naruto much to her shock. After confirming it is in fact her son, she takes him away to the hidden whirlpool village. When the chuunin exams comes Naruto returns to Konoha…and boy is he pissed!

Rule 1: Sandaime bashing obviously.

Rule 2: pairing must not be with a girl from Konoha. Not even Hinata. Sorry.

Rule 3: Naruto has to have Storm release and special weapons that concur with his lightning, wind, and water affinities. I have a real penchant for weapons in case you haven't noticed.

Rule 4: Naruto must kick the tar out of Sasuke when the time comes.

Challenge 21: naruto: Fox in sound

After losing a mob Naruto runs into the forest. While there his is approached by Orochimaru who offers him a chance to not be hated. Naruto takes it. Naruto returns during the Chuunin exams ready to take down anyone and everyone in his path.

Rule 1: Naruto must have a bloodline involving sound waves. It can be a sonic scream or some other sound related thing.

Rule 2: Naruto's main weapon must be a bladed guitar. One capable of casting genjutsu, and shooting element attacks.

Rule 3: Naruto can be paired up with either, Karin, Tayuya, or Kin.

Challenge 22: Danny Phantom/Mortal Kombat: Betrayal's frozen touch

When Danny reveals himself at the end of Phantom Planet things don't go so well. His parents try to kill him and almost succeed if not for Jazz, Sam, and Tucker intervening. Mortally wounded Danny flies off and collapses somewhere in the frozen tundra. He is found by Sub-Zero and is taken into his clan. Danny then return a few years later for some payback. Ladies and gentlemen…hell has just frozen over.

Rule 1: Danny can still have his ghost powers, but he has much more powerful ice attacks and powers.

Rule 2: Danny is masterful in his ice powers and is capable to using a sword given to him by Sub-Zero to an incredibly deadly level.

Rule 3: Danny must hold anger toward his parents for what they did and Danny can't be swayed from his friends or sister.

Challenge 22: Danny Phantom/Friday the 13th crossover: Ghost of Camp Blood

Danny Fenton was a normal kid. He had trouble in school, his parents were embarrassing, he had an nosy sister, and he had trouble talking to girls. Unfortunately he was always picked on. One day the kids staying a summer camp played a mean trick on him. It went to far and Danny died. The teens swore to secrecy. Years later the kids are now teens and return as counselors to the camp. As they say though there is a sense of foreboding as an unseen pair of green eyes glare at them from the woods. Chu-chu-chu. Ha-ha-ha.

Rule 1: Danny is Jason in this fic. I've seen it happen in Naruto…so why not.

Rule 2: the kids and teens who played the trick on Danny are the A-list members.

Rule 3: Danny must have Jason' machete. It a classic in the move.

Rule 4: when Danny is alive he looks normal. When dead he looks like phantom.

Challenge 23: Danny/Nightmare on Elm street crossover: Phantoms Nightmare.

The students at Casper High are about to have some rough nights. Murders have been happening all over town all of children killed in their beds. Danny learns that the murder is the ghost of a man…with knives on his hands. Will Danny stop this madman or will the students of Amity Park become Freddy's children?

Rule 1: Danny must be one of the few who can actually hurt Freddie in his dreams.

Rule 2: the parents of Amity must have something to do with Freddie's death.

Rule 3: Dream warrior powers for some of the people who survive the encounters with Freddie.

Rule 4: kill Dash

Challenge 24: Danny Phantom/Kim Possible crossover: Phantom of Middleton.

Danny is taken in to the Possible family after the death of his friends and family. Danny tries to hide his ghost powers from them, but how long can you hide something from a teen super spy, a rocket scientist, a brain surgeon, two twin geniuses, and a ten year old super genius?Rule 1: Danny must be distant from his new family for a little bit, but grows to trust them.

Rule 2: Danny reveals his powers during encounter with either some of his enemies, or Kim's enemies.

Rule 3: pair Danny with Tara after she viciously dumps Josh

Challenge 25: Naruto/Arkham Asylum/City: Beast of Madness

While being chased by a mob Naruto is rescued by (insert villain name here). He is taken from Konoha to Gotham where he is raised by the person and raised. Years later during the Joker's plan to control Arkham he breaks out and his power is known throughout the city.

Here are the powers:

1. Joker/hHarley Quinn-clown themed weapons and deadly sense of humor

2: Scarecrow-use of fear gas, scythe, and must have some phrase he says while killing his enemeis involving fear.

3. Poison Ivy-plant love, Wood Release, and uses a Bo staff.

4. Mad Hatter-use of mind control, uses a fencing sword.

Rule 1: Naruto can hook up with one or more of the girls of Arkham.

Challenge 26: Danny Phantom/Batman: Ghost of Gotham.

After being orphaned after the death of his parents Danny is taken in by Bruce Wayne. Danny eventually learns his new dad's night job and becomes the dark knights new side kick-Shade.

Rule 1: Danny will deal with his depression in due time.

Rule 2: Justice League or other DC comic heroes must come in at some point.

Rule 3: Danny/Stargirl pairing or Danny/Barbra pairing

Challenge 27: Batman/Ghost Rider crossover.

There have been multiple murders around Gotham lately. Victims found with multiple burn wounds and with their eyes burned out of their skulls. The strange thing is that the victims are muggers and criminals. One single thing that is obvious is the single trail of ash left behind them. Batman must hunt down this new vigilante and when he does…he doesn't like what he finds. The Devil's bounty hunter has come to Gotham…and vengeance will be served.

Challenge 28: Batman/Predator crossover: Hunter of the Knight.

There have been a string of grizzly murders around Gotham victims found with huge holes in their chests, others with their heads and/or spines ripped from their bodies. Gotham is now the hunting ground of a vicious predator that makes the villains of Gotham look like a bunch of kids. Will Batman be able to fight and beat this alien menace…or will he become a trophy?

Rule 1: one of the victims must be one of the Batman's more notorious enemies.

Rule 2: Use the Predator's hunting animals like they used in the Movie Predator's released last year…or 2010. I can't remember.

Rule 3: Batman will have a one on one fight with the predator in a an enhanced human sized battle suit with special weapons.

Challenge 29: Batman/Friday the 13th crossover: Gotham's New Maniac

During another massacre Jason Vorhees is frozen in ice. He was sent to Wayne Industries to study. A group of batman villains break into the facility and lure batman in to gang up on him. During the fight Jason is freed and he begins the slaughter anew. Will the caped crusader and his enemies put aside their differences long enough to fight this nearly immortal foe? You'll just have to find out.

Rule 1: Jason must kill plenty of the staff at Wayne Industries including the scientist who thought it would be a good idea to study him.

Rule 2: Jason will die at some point, but is then reborn by some scientific means and is stronger than before.

Rule 3: Joker must try to sacrifice Harley at some point, but winds up getting killed himself since she looks like a person who helped Jason in the past.

Rule 4: Jason must be destroyed once and for all.

Challenge 30: Danny Phantom: Phantom Tales.

Danny is the new kid in town. He gets invited to a camp out by some of the kids at school. Danny arrives at the camp out where the kids are telling scary stories. Danny then reveals that he has been moving around a lot due to his parents. He tells them three stories and at the end…gives them a terrifying surprise.

Rule 1: Stories must be original, but you can pull oen from a movie if you want.

Rule 2: A-list can be nice to Danny because they don't know him.

Rule 3: Danielle must be present as Danny's little sister.

Rule 4: the end of the fic must be scary

Challenge 31: Danny Phantom: Crazy Initiation.

Danny is the new kid in school. When he tries to get into the A-list they come up with some crazy initiation to stay in an old abandoned school. The school used to be pretty prestigious until someone went crazy and slaughtered the entire student body. To join the group Danny has to stay one whole night in the old school. While Danny is there a the A-list tries to scare Danny. Unfortunately the ghosts of th students and a few of the teachers are still around.

Rule 1: the ghosts in the story must be Ember, Kitty, Spectra, Bertrand, Johnny, Young Blood, Lunch Lady, Box ghost, Technus, Danny Phantom and Danielle.

Rule 2: Danny does not have his powers in this one hence whey Danny Phantom is one of the ghosts.

Rule 3: Though freaked out at first Danny eventually befriends the ghosts and helps hunt down who killed them.

Rule 4: somehow bring Vlad as the murderer…don't care how just do it.

Challenge 32: Naruto: Shadow Fox.

Naruto is arrested for the harming of Sasuke Uchiha during the Retrieval mission. While the council schemes to kill him they are hit with an unexpected monkey wrench…the Fire Daimyo. The Daimyo goes over a multitude of things about the mission before realizing the corruption in the village and of Naruto's true heritage. The Daimyo then takes Naruto away from Konoha and tells the village of the blonde's heritage making a lot of people angry.

Naruto is then trained by the new 12 ninja guardians. While training Naruto realizes that he has a darkness, wind, and fire affinity.

Naruto returns to Konoha after 5 years of intense training…ready to show Konoha…and the world…what a fox can do.

Rule 1: Naruto has a specialty in darkness jutsu like the Nara's, but with different abilities.

Rule 2: Naruto must be at least jonin level when he returns from the group.

Rule 3: Sasuke has an epiphany while in the hospital and realizes just how stupid he was.

Rule 4: I don't care what happens to Sakura…I never really liked the woman.

Rule 5: the new 12 ninja guardians must all be OC. Hook Naruto up with a female of the group. Or you can hook him up with another jonin. Whichever comes first.

Challenge 33: Swords of the Uzumaki.

The story is that then swords of the 7 swordsmen were made in Kiri and wielded only by the 7 who had them.

This is a lie.

The Shodaime Mizukage stole them from the village of Whirlpool and tired to unlock their full potential. They failed and the swordsmen, thinking that the village was holding them back, left. Years later Naruto comes across a cave where all 7 swords were stashed. When Naruto steps on a specialized seal in the middle of the chamber the swords glow and then transform. Taking their true form and sealing themselves into Naruto's body. In the process the flux of chakra causes an eighth sword to form from Naruto and Kyuub's chakra mixing.

Naruto hides this from his teammates since Sasuke would no doubt demand them, Kakashi would try to force Naruto to hand them over, and Sakura would be a pain.

Naruto hides his potential until he sees the fight with Hinata and Neji. At that moment Naruto shows Konoha what a true swordsman is.

Swords and true forms.

1. Kubikiribocho (Executioners Blade)

True From: Grim Execution

Description: large Zanbato with dark black blade with jagged edge. Spikes on the back hilt.

Powers: light for size, able to slice through multiple trees in one swing, able to transfer chakra to make it sharper and stronger. Absorbs blood to make itself stronger.

2. Samehada (Shark Skin)

True from: Water Hazard

Description: Large broad sword with iron spikes along the ledge of the blade. What looks like a shark's fin coming out of the bottom of the blade and an iron shark tooth on the bottom of the handle.

Powers: spikes on blade are able to launch off and can be manipulated in midair by user's chakra. Able to transfer water chakra for a water attack.

3. Nuibari (Sewing Needle)

True From: Iron Wire

Description: long fencing sword with a Piranha head for the hilt. Blade has multiple wires wrapped around the blade so tightly you cant tell.

Powers: wires can launch from blades and wrap around, and basically slice though a person. Wires can also be used to form a drill capable to drilling through thick armor.

4. Kabutowari (Helmet splitter)

True form: Skull Crasher

Description. A large Zanbato sword with an ax blade on the hilt. Has multiple seals on it tha allow the sword to take a great deal of damage without breaking.

Powers: capable to slicing through thickest metals. Can merge with earth to lift large rocks from the ground and launch them at an opponent when chakra is added.

5. Shibuku (Splash)

True From: Blast Slice

Description: a normal looking black bladed katana with the kanji for blast running up the blade. With a hilt that has what resembles a small blast shield.

Powers: when chakra is added the blade glows white and is once it come into contract with a object explodes with the force of multiple explosive tags. Do not used within enclosed space.

6. Shibuku (Fangs)

True From: Storm brothers.

Description: a pair of O-katana. One blade has what looks like a water droplet on the hilt and a small twister running up the blade. . The second sword is electric blue with a white lightning bolt running up the blade.

Powers: the first blade is able to send out water and wind or combine both to form ice. The second one is able to launch lightning. Both are able to send out storm techniques when used together.

7. Hiramekarei (Twin Sword)

True Form: Morphing blade.

Description: a blade handle that has what looked like a brass knuckle and a trench knife blade coming out of the bottom. When chakra is added based on the thoughts of the user. The object stafff extends and forma scythe, crates a broadsword, a katana, etc.

8. New Sword. Burning Rage.

Description. A long red O-katana with a hilt that resembled a flame anda black hilt with a kunai like blade at the bottom of the handle.

Powers: the blade can burst into flames when chakra added and sends out hotwires when swung.

Rule 1: Naruto only shows his real strength at the Chuunin exams when he comes extraordinarily angry at the fight with Neji.

Rule 2: all of team 7 must be bashed

Rule 3: Naruto must obtain some summon when he gets the swords. You can choose which one.

Optional: you can either use my weapon ideas…or you can make your own up. You're choice.

Challenge 34: Naruto/Infamous crossover: The Ultimate Conduit

Cole MacGrath died like a hero. After his death he finds himself in another dimension. He find himself shocked to be with Nix, and Kuo. There are also a healed Sasha and an recovered Alden (both of which most likely died because of the whole Ray Field Inhibitor). She tells them of Naruto and shows them his suffering.

Angered by the suffering of one child they agree to help the boy. They are all then transported into Naruto's minde. Luckily for Cole the sewer water that was Naruto's mind does harm him. After Naruto is unconscious by some nut jobs Naruto meets the conduits who transfer their powers to him.

He gains all of Coles different electrical powers, Nix's fire powers and teleportation, Kuo's ice powers, Alden's Telekinesis, and Sasha's ability to manipulate mind control tar. He even gains a few of Kessler's powers from the first Infamous game.

Naruto then leaves the hidden leaf and trains in secret growing stronger and stronger until he is well beyond ANBU level at the age of sixteen.

Watch out Akatsuki…the First Condoit is out for blood.

Rule 1: While Naruto does have incredible powers it take him many years before he is at the other characters level of control.

Rule 2: Naruto still has Cole's weakness for water.

Rule 3: you can have Naruto develop his own power with the help of Kyuubi if you want. I wouldn't since it would make Naruto too powerful.

Challenge 35: naruto: Ultimate Ninja

Naruto, tired of his life at the age of six, decides to give up on it all and then runs away. While he runs away he runs into multiple teachers. Each one is a master in the different art. Not just a regular master, but the ultimate masters.

They train Naruto mercilessly. Making him run train unitl his bones crack, until his chakra runs out, and his muscles ache like neve before.

In the end of it all Naruto becomes the first S-ranked civilian. When Konoha finally finds out about the boy...things are going to get hectic

Rule 1: Naruto is capable of taking on an S rank ninja

Rule 2: he first comes into contact with Konoha during the fight between team 10 and their fight with Hidan and Kakuzu.

Rule 3: Hidan and Kakuzu are dispatched easily.

Challenge 36: Ben 10/Justice League crossover: New Recruits (Idea by Story Lover213

After the fight with Agregor and the defeat of Ultimate Kevin the Justice League becomes aware of the alien activities on earth. Interested the original members of the league check it out. They find Ben, Gwen and Kevin beating down some aliens. They decide to recruit them. How will the League deal with more alien adversaries than usual? Is Ben and his friends ready for the big time? Find out.

Rule 1: Be must break up with Julie and then hook up with one of the teenage DC girls.

Rule 2: Kevin and Gwen must be put together.

Rule 3: there must be an epic team up of the DC villains and Ben 1- villains.

Challenge 37: [Prototype]/Danny Phantom crossover: Prototype in Amity

After stopping Black Watch from nuking New York Alex Mercer finds out that another Military group (The Guys In White) stole Dana away from the hospital. Almost immediately the man hunts them down to Amity Park. As soon as he arrives he comes across a fight between Danny Phantom and Skulker, Johnny 13, and Bertrand (Guess as to why). Skulker tries to kill Mercer, fails miserably and then gets the crud beaten out of him. The other two retreat leaving team phantom and Mercer alone. You can pick the story up from there.

Rule 1: hook Mercer up with any girl. She has to be a ghost girl though. I really doubt a human girl would be interested in a man who is actually a deadly virus.

Rule 2: the Fenton parents must be ghost Nazi because they pretty much are in a sense.

Rule 3: Mercer has to infect Danny with the black light virus to save his life after being fatally injured.

Challenge 38: [Prototype]/Kim possible crossover: Mercer in Middleton.

It has been a few months since Black Watch tried to nuke New York. Since then the infection has died and Mercer has gone into hiding. He ran away to Middleton, (insert state here). While there he became a teacher and, shockingly, a heartthrob for a few of the girls. He has managed to live in peace until Black Watch comes busting down the doors. Mercer refuses to fight until one of the guys gets arrogant and threatens one of the students. Alex then reveals his powers and the massacre begins. The Prototype is back and things are really going to get messy.

Rule 1: Mercer must hook up with Shego.

Rule 2: Mercer must have new powers from the ones he has in the game. I'm leaving you to decide on what.

Rule 3: when Du comes into the picture…kill him. I do not like that man.

Rule 4: Bring Special Agent Cross into the story when he fights the Black Watch Agents.

Challenge 39: Danny Phantom/Infamous Crossover: Infamous Ghosts.

It has been a few weeks since the Ray Field Inhibitor incident. Cole, Kuo, and Nix wake up to find themselves deep in the ghost zone. Instead of going out to the human world they stay for a while and hone their powers which have started to actually grow since their deaths. After about a month of practice they got to the human world where they come across a fight between team Phantom and a few of their enemies. Ghosts beware: Team Phantom just go at whole lot stronger.

Rule 1: there is an eventual fight between the ghosts of Cole, Nix, and Kuo against the ghosts of Sasha, Alden, and Bertrand.

Rule 2: Cole gains the ability to activate create conduits, like the Beast, only without the destructive after effects.

Rule 3: in the first fight with the other Infamous ghosts he uses this power to save Sam, Tucker, Danny and Jazz. Sam gets plant powers like creating massive roots and creating plant soldiers. Tuckers gains electric powers like Cole only he also has the ability to manipulate technology like Technus. Jazz gains fire powers like Nix, but she can manipulate flames and cause explosions she can't use that teleport thing. Danny gains wind powers. He can sent out gusts of wind and fomr miniature tornadoes in his hands. All of them are able to focus their powers in different ways.

Challenge 40: Danny Phantom/Asura's Wrath crossover: Phantom of the Eight Generals.

This story is a follow up to Kixen's story Phantom Flu. Following the events of Phantom Flu Danny goes to Shintoku where he meets Asura and the other generals. While there Danny becomes a powerful fighter with abilities on par with all of the generals. While there Danny manages to stop Deus from killing the Emperor. In the end he, along with the others, finally defeat Vlitra. Unfortunately Ghoma start appearing in Danny's old world. After convincing the emperor they go to Danny's world to start cracking skulls.

Rule 1: As you can tell this is one of those Alternate Universe things. If you haven't played the game look it up and you'll figure it out.

Rule 2: Danny and Ember are the pairing.

Rule 3: Danny is incredibly powerful and will beat anyone and anything that gets in the way.


Challenge 41: [Prototype]/Batman the animated series crossover: Gotham's Black Death.

When Dana is taken from the hospital in New York Mercer goes after them. He tracks his sister down to Gotham City Hospital. He stays there after house when the Joker and his gang break in looking for a few laughs. When Alex tries to stop them he gets shot and his powers are shown to the criminals. The man then proceeds to slaughter the group of criminals. After the one-sided fight turned massacre that includes the death of Joker Batman arrives to find the slaughter and Mercer gone. One of them who survived is sent to Arkham where he goes on about a immortal man with incredible strength and shape shifting powers. Upon finding the same man was the one who killed Joker the "Black Death" is born.

Rule 1: Mercer will only kill the criminals and jerks who get in his way. So basically he is a vigilante like Batman only he is more dangerous and willing to slaughter his enemies. Basically he is the only person more feared than batman.

Rule 2: Bring Special Agent Cross along with Black Watch into the fight.

Rule 3: Hook Mercer up with either Harely, out of her happiness of killing her major torturer, or Ivy because Alex is immune to her natural charm and her pheromones.

Challenge 42: Naruto/Danny Phantom crossover: Half ghost Kitsune. (inspired by Challenger)

While on the search for Tsunade Naruto and Jiraiya are attacked by some sound ninja who want to stop them from interfering with their master's mission. In the fight Naruto and Jiraiya get separated while separated Naruto finds an old summoning scroll. After signing it he is exposed to an incredible power while he summons Pariah Dark. After a test Naruto is made the sole user of the Ghost Contract. Naruto then rejoins Jiraiya just in time to join the fight with the three sannin.

Rule 1: Naruto has ghost powers like Danny Phantom Ghostly wail included. He must also develop powers of his own.

Rule 2: Naruto must hook up with at least 2 of the girls from Danny Phantom. I don't care who just as long as they are female and not the Lunch Lady, Danielle, Box Lunch.

Rule 3: there must be bashing. You'll figure out who.

Rule 4: give naruto a ghostly weapon.

Challenge: 43: Naruto/DC crossover: Villains of Konoha.

While the Justice League is fighting a new increased version of the Sisterhood the Sisterhood gets sucked into a vortex by the recently created, and supposed to be destroyed, Pandimensional Vortex Inducer. The sisterhood members, consisting of Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, Volcana, Killer Frost, Livewire, and Giganta wind up in the Naruto universe during the Chuunin exams. They show up just as th esound team is attacking Team 7 and 10. After the congfusion at the new arrivals wears off Sasuke awakens his curse mark while Naruto awakens powers of his own.

Rule 1: obviously a harem. Girls are against it at first bit eventually warm up to Naruto after a few missions together.

Rule 2: Naruto awakens a bloodline or bloodlines. They can be made up or known in the story.

Rule 3: Sasuke can be bashed since he can be a jerk at times.

Challenge 44: Danny Phantom: Betrayal

Danny is having a pretty good day until Danielle arrives. When she arrives Danny decides to tell his parents about his powers. They don't take it well. Danny is knocked out and wakes up tied to a lab table. Danny then fights his way out of the bonds and rescues Danielle. While escaping from Fenton works the GIW shows up having been called by his parents. In the resulting fire fight a lot of property damage. Danny also takes a shot for Danielle killing him completely this time.

2 years later things have not gone well. Since Danny's death the ghost attacks have gotten completely out of hand where everyone thought things would get better. The Fenton parents are hated even more since they killed the hero that they needed.

Danielle has been capture by the GIW and has been used as a test subject for the past 2 years. She is then broken out by Danny who has become a Wraith and has spent the last 2 years mastering his powers.

Danny's back and its time for some long overdue payback.

Rule 1: Danny has a new look that is a bit darker than last time.

Rule 2: Fenton's are demonized by even more than ever except Jazz because everyone knows she is the only one with sense in the family besides Danny.

Rule 3: there is an epic showdown between the GIW and Danny.

Challenge 45: Naruto: Lord of the birds.

What most people don't know is that before she died Kushina was approached by the Ravens, Hawks, and Phoenixes. Years later when Hinata is nearly killed the powers of the birds come out in Naruto. Things go crazy as every clan tires to get the power and summons Naruto now has.

Rule 1: the 3 different birds give Naruto different powers.

Each bird allows Naruto to grow different types of wings. Hawks give him large white feathered wings, Ravens give hive large black ones, and Phoenixes give him large fiery ones.

They also give him a different powers. Ravens give Naruto darkness and ice jutsu. The Hawks give him a higher than normal affinity for wind, and the Phoenixes give him an incredibly high fire affinity meaning fire jutsu have now effect on him.

Rule 1: since Naruto has three different summons he is limited to three different girls.

Rule 2: Sasuke bashing is a must ofr these. If you're one of those who don't want to bash the guy then you're okay.

Rule 3: civilian council bashing.

Challenge 46: Naruto/One Piece crossover: The 12 Supernovas.

Thanks to the work of a marine who ate the Jigen Jigen no mi (Dimension Dimension Fruit) the 11 supernovas are all sent to the Naruto universe just as the team is heading back from a mission. Eventually they are convinced to go to Konoha with Naruto and his team. While in Konoha they decide to train Naruto as they see his teammates practically spit on him. Naruto then becomes a part of their group: the twelfth supernova.

Rule 1: no godlike Naruto. More like a sage level Naruto.

Rule 2: Naruto must gain the powers of a devil fruit that one of the supernovas had with them should they want a new member to join their crew. The reason being that they didn't want to deal with a weak member of the crew.

Rule 3: team 7 bashing optional.

Challenge 47: Danny Phantom/Ghostbusters crossover: Phantom Menace.

When Amity thinks Danny is a bad ghost after the mayor incident they call in the ghost busters. Whent ehy arrive they almost capture Danny except with Danny being a good ghost their proton packs only make Danny stronger. When Danny's power proves to be too much for him to control he flees to the ghost zone. Unfortunately Gozer (Ghostbusters Movie) and Vigo (Ghostbusters 2) have joined forces to bring the world to its knees. Will Danny ever get his powers under control? Will the Ghostbusters be able to stop two of their strongest enemies? Will Peter ever get a lasting girlfriend?

Rule 1: Town hates Danny at first, but they realize their mistakes and love him. Though Danny isn't very accepting at first.

Rule 2: Danny gets a power up himself from the proton packs used by the ghost busters.

Rule 3: Danny/Sam pairing, Peter/Random girl pairing.

Rule 4: Ghostbusters have the gear they had from the Ghostbusters game

Challenge 48: Naruto/Friday the 13th crossover: Meet My Brother.

As a young boy Naruto is chased by the villagers into an old cryogenics lab. When Naruto hides there he stumbled upon the frozen body of Jason. When Jason is revived he slaughters the group trying to kill Naruto. Fortunately the time in there has given his brain time to grow so Jason is now smarter. As Naruto grows he teaches Naruto all he needs to know about fighting and killing. What better way to live in this world?Rule 1: Naruto has a quiet cold personality like his big brother Jason.

Rule 2: Jason is smarter, so he doesn't go killing everyone in his way. But he does still smell.

Rule 3: pairing can be any kind.

Challenge 49: Naruto/Green Lantern crossover: The Green Flash.

While sealing the Kyuubi the Shinigami didn't take Minato's sould (something about pure souls giving him indigestion). Minato is taken up by the Green Lanterns, but had amnesia for a while. When Minato returns 13 years later he gains his memories back. When he goes to check up on his son he is not happy with what he finds. Fighting a kage is hard enough. Now they have to fight a kage and an army of super powered aliens.

Rule 1: Minato and Kushina forever.

Rule 2: Naruto gains green lantern powers like his dad.

Rule 3: Konoha bashing.

Challenge 50: Naruto/Danny Phantom crossover: Demon of the Ghost Zone.

When Naruto died he died a traitor for hurting the Uchiha. Instead of hell or heaven Naruto was sent to the ghost zone. He trained for years until his powers reached their peak making him stronger than Dan Phantom or the Ghost King. When he ventures out from his lair he sees potential in Danny and a few other ghost zone. He takes them in to train them and get revenge on his home that turned its back on him.

Rule 1: Konoha bashed as a whole.

Rule 2: Danny is taken in and trained to a level of strength equal to his evil future self.

Rule 3: some of Danny's enemies must be taken in as well and become Danny's friends at a later date.

Rule 4: Fenton parents Bashing (Must) Sam bashing (optional) you don't see very many stories where Sam is bashed. You must have a valid reason though

Rule 5: Dann/Ember pairing, Naruto/Hinata/Desiree pairing

Challenge 51: Naruto/Green Lantern crossover: The Master of Light.

Naruto died during the confrontation with Sasuke. While Naruto is taken back his spirit still resides in his body. While inside of himself Naruto finds himself in the presence of the spirits of the emotional spectrum including the ones of black and white. They decide, in a unanimous decision, that they will inhibit Naruto with their power. Meanwhile back in the outside Konoha is having a funeral for Naruto. The civilians and daimyo, along with Sasuke and his fan girls, crash it. Just as Sasuke is about to burn the body Naruto bursts from the grave with new attire, more power than ever, and the rings of all the lantern corps on his hands. Things are about to get a whole lot more interesting.

Rule 1: Sasuke, sakura, Ino (optional), and civilian bashing

Rule 2: Naruto is able to give copies of the lantern rings to whoever he wants should he deem them worthy (no sasuke)

Rule 3: not a harem. Naruto is a one woman man in this one.

Challenge 52: Naruto/G.I. Joe crossover: Demon eyes of Konoha.

While on a mission the Joes wind up in Konoha. While there they are horrified to find Naruto in the middle of an attack. After saving Snake eyes shocks everyone when he reveals…he can talk and that Naruto is his nephew since he is Minato's twin brother (which is why he wore the mask so he wouldn't be attacked by fan girls). He takes Naruto away and trains him alongside the other Joes. The boy returns when he's sixteen with all the experience and combat training.

Rule 1: cobra and Akatsuki team up.

Rule 2: naruto takes up the strong and silent type attitude.

Rule 3: naruto while beign serious still has his love of ramen.

Rule 4: you can make it a harem if you want.

Challenge 53: Danny Phantom: Phantom Rising.

It has been a few months since the incident with Phantom Planet. Ever since then Danny has been changing and his power has been growing. Danny then shocks himself when, in a fight with some unnamed ghost, he actually manipulates his shadow like Johnny would. When Danny goes to Clockwork for answers he is shocked to learn that he absorbed the ectoplasm from the his enemies when they blasted him in the incident that returned his powers. Danny is now growing stronger by the day, his human half is slowly being broken down, and he is starting to display some of the his enemies abilities like Johnny's shadow manipulation, Technus' electric powers, Skulker's tactical mind, etc. After this gets out the Guys In White try to capture Danny to brainwash him and turn him into a weapon. Danny runs away to protect his family. When he leaves he is given gifts by a few of his less nutty enemies turned allies since the Disasteroid. With that Danny leaves to train and hone his new powers.

Note: loosely based on Ze Long Road by angel the angelic demon

Rule 1: Bring in slight crossover with other show to add a bit of flare. the choice on which one is up to you.

Rule 2: Danny has trouble controlling new powers for a while until he gets training.

Rule 4: Danny will not be with Sam! Not all of those relationships work out after all and not with Paulina because she really is a shallow witch.

Challenge 54: Danny Phantom: Black Heart.

After a fight with a new ghost Danny winds up on the receiving end of a curse. Now whenever Danny's near a girl they go all crazy. Now Danny all the girls in town, including his ghost enemies, are throwing themselves at him. Now normally this would be a good thing, but Danny's shy nature isn't' coping with this well. He has to figure out a way to end this madness before he ends up in a very compromising position.

Rule1: this story is basically about Danny dealing with unwanted affection

Rule 2: Tucker tries to get Danny to capitalize on this and doesn't really help his friend.

Rule 3: Madeline Fenton and Jazz are not going to be attracted to Danny! That would be way to awkward.

Rule 4: This is basically a one-sided harem thing.

Challenge 55: Naruto slight Kim Possible crossover: Flames of the Uzumaki.

After being rejected from training by Kakashi Naruto goes outside of the village for a bit to vent. While there Naruto is struck by a comet that give him different powers. Naruto now has the abilities he needs to fight back. Lets see how this goes.

Rule 1: Naruto has the powers of the Go siblings. Hego's strength, Shego's plasma powers, and the Twins replication.

Rule 2: change Mego's power to something actually useful. I mean seriously shrinking? That's only good if you're a pervert and I really doubt that it is that useful in combat.

Rule 3: Naruto has a lightly sadistic streak. You tend to get that living in the red light district of a ninja village.

Challenge 56: Danny Phantom/Mortal Kombat crossover: Phantom in Outworld.

While Danny is fighting a new ghost he gets flung to another dimension. He wakes up just in time to get attacked by Baraka (the guy with the swords in his arms). Despite his lack of training Danny manages to beat the monster which draws the attention of Rayden. Impressed by his skills he bring Danny with him to train him in combat. When Mortal Kombat rolls around Rayden is ready with his champions and a new combatant for earth realm's defense.

Rule 1: Danny must have fatalities. He gets used to killing thing over the time of training. Though he gets depressed because of it at first.

Rule 2: Danny has new powers from training with Rayden.

Rule 3: danny must be paired with a Mortal Kombat girl

Challenge 57: Naruto/Asura's Wrath/Bleach crossover: Wrath of the Dark Bat

Naruto died at the hands after the defeat of Pain because the elders and Danzo thought that the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki was becoming too powerful. In the attempt to capture him Hinata is killed. Broken and angry Naruto dies at the hands of Danzo's Sharingan swearing vengeance.

The story then fast forwards to where Asura had just returned from his first victory of Vitra. When he goes to visit the emperor Deus is stopped by Kami and then killed. Kami then pulled Asura along with the other eight generals to heaven to talk with them. With the god is Ulquiorra Schiffer along with his team.

Kami explains that when Naruto died his soul was split in two. His rage when tot this world and formed Asura. His despair over the loss of Hinata formed Ulquiorra. The man then explains that Sasuke was let back into the village just getting a slap on the wrist for his betrayal bringing Orochimaru with him. The village has become evil and corrupt. Kami wants the generals to fight Konoha and bring the corrupt village down while saving the few that are still pure.

Kami then fuses Ulquiorra and Asura forming a much more powerful Naruto. The generals and Ulquiorra's fraccion then head to the elemental nations to crack a few skulls.

Rule 1: you can bash all of Sasuke's fan girls if you want to.

Rule 2: the newly formed Naruto has access to the Arrancar techniques, Ulquiorra's Zanpakuto, and mantra making him easily kage level. This includes Asura's berserker form.

Rule 3: Konoha bashing must happen.

Rule 4: before killing Sasuke Orochimaru, Kabuto, and Danzo, all must die.

Challenge 58: Naruto/Guyver crossover: Rise of the Bio-boosted Ninja

When Jiraiya threw Naruto over the cliff the blonde didn't summon Kyuubi's chakra and hit the ground. While down there Naruto actually lands where an old Guyver unit had been store and left by the creators. The guyver reacts and due to the Kyuubi's influence completely merges with Naruto. Come the Chuunin exams Neji is in for one painful surprise.

Rule 1: thanks to the merging Naruto has some powers outside his guyver form. Enhanced speed, enhanced strength and agility, chakra barrier, and chakra blasts.

Rule 2: naruto has access to the Gigantic Guyver armor (for those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about look it up)

Rule 3: naruto doesn't reveal his guyver form until the fight with Gaara.

Challenge 59: Naruto Bleach Crossover: Strength of the Giant.

At an early age Naruto is kidnapped by the Akatsuki. When that happens he awakens the power that has laid dormant in his father's side of the family for years. The power of the giants. While the Kyuubi is being removed Naruto goes into his mind and meets the fox as well as his ancestor Yasutora Sado. Sado then explains his powers and what he can do. Naruto then rises from the sealing and unleashes his powers in the process killing one of the weaker Akatsuki members. That is where our story picks up.

Rule 1: naruto gains Sado's natural strength and his arm changing abilities.

Rule 2: Naruto speaks in Spanish at times thanks to Sado's influence confusing people at times.

Rule 3: Naruto actually gains a fourth arm form that is actually stronger than the demon arm thanks to Kyuubi.

Rule 4: naruto can form the giant and demon arm powers with both his arms instead of just one.

Challenge 60: Danny Phantom multi crossover: Phantom Gone

Danny has had the worst day of his life. His parents find out about his secret and try to vaporize him. His friends think more of their own wellbeing and betray him. Danny then leaves Amity in search of a better life, but he now has the GIW, the worlds ghost hunters, and a bunch of other people after him. When a good distance out of Amity he tries to kill himself, but Clockwork intervenes. He tells Danny that this was not the future he saw coming. He told Danny that this would be the start of something big. He hands Danny a book of powerful spells of both darkness and light. He also gives Danny a powerful sword that belonged to the ghost king before Pariah Dark. He wishes Danny luck and leaves.

This is a story of Danny's life after that. Will he ever recover from this ordeal or will he let he darkness consume him?

Rule 1: there are a lot of crossovers in this story you can choose which one.

Rule 2: Danny is not very trusting of anyone after his betrayal and is very suspicious of everyone around him.

Rule 3: Danny gains new powers and easily becomes the most powerful ghost on the planet.

Rule 4: Jazz is the only person who doesn't betray Danny

Rule 5: No Danny/Jazz pairing.

Rule 6: Danny must have the powers of the Darkness from the game the Darkness.

Challenge 61: Naruto: Dark Angel

During the Wave Mission Sakura rejects Naruto more harshly then usual. When she moves to punch him Naruto intercepts and punches back. After giving the pink haired headache a much needed chewing out Naruto storms off to vent his frustrations. While venting Naruto winds up growing a pair of wings on his back. In his panicked state Naruto accidently summons some strange black creatures (heartless). One of the smarter Heartless then explains what they are and tells Naruto of his heritage. Naruto, angered at the villagers, swears that he'll make them pay for what has happened to him.

rule 1: Naruto's bloodline is called the Dark Angel Bloodline. The wings are as stronger than steel and can fire the feathers like kunai or shuriken.

rule 2: Naruto can summon the heartless and the darkling from The Darkness. He won't be able to summon the boss level heartless until after the year timeskip.

rule 3: if there will be bashing i leave it up to you

challenge 62: Spawn/DC crossover: Hellspawn of DC

after the end of the Spawn comics Spawn is sent to another dimension after he recreatest the world. The man finds himself in Gotham. When he sees a crime nearby being committed by Two face he intervenes and kills the man. Now something has risen up in Gotham. Something the criminals fear more than the Batman.

Rule 1: Spawn has his face remade to where he doesn't have to wear the mask all the time

rule 2: if you don't know how the Spawn comics end look it up.

rule 3: hook Spawn up with a hot lady. seriously it may help the man get over Wanda.

challenge 63: Prototype 2/Marvel crossover: Prototype Avenger (warning spoiler ahead)

When Heller goes to confront Mercer at the end of Prototype 2 he is met up wiht the Avengers (you choose which version). After killing Mercer and saving Maya he is confronted by Fury. The head of S.H.I.E.L.D. offers the man a fresh start somewhere else. Heller spends time undercover until the Hulk returns in World War Hulk. In the Hulk's rampage Maya is killed (for real this time). Heller then sets his sight on Hulk. will he win or die at the hands of the green monster?

rule 1: Heller wants nothing to do with the hero world until Maya dies.

rule 2: Heller hooks up with one of the Marvel women.

rule 3: Heller doesn't kill Hulk, but he does give him a run for his money.

challenge 64: Spiderman: New Spider

During the fight with Queen (comicbook encounter) Spiderman does die. When Queen destroys the lab something insane happens. Some of Venom's symbiote DNA merges with Spiderman's DNA. The result is a faster, stronger Spiderman with new powers. How will the Marvel World handle the new Spiderman?

rule 1: Spiderman has a new look for his new form

rule 2: spiderman does have certain symbiote powers like Carnage's weapon powers. he also has a symbiote sense that allows him to sense Symbiotes.

rule 3: Spiderman Black Cat pairing

challenge 65: Danny Phantom: Friendship ruined?

The unthinkable has happened! Sam has joined the A-list. Over the course of Summer break Sam's parents force her to spend time with Paulina. Over that time Paulina corrupts Sam into joining the A-list. Sam turns into a popular pain in the butt like Paulina just take away the tramp part. When Danny approaches her she rejects them as her friends as she goes off with the A-list. Later when it happens again Danny snaps. He chew her out callling her a hypocrite and says that the only reason she's popular now is because of her money. When the other A-lists try to intervene Danny breaks Dash's arm shokcing everyone since he was suppossed to be a weakling. A year later Sam's family hits a rough spot and most of their money is gone. Sam is thrown out of the A-list and when she tries to go back to Danny and Tucker she is rejected harshly and finds out she's been Valerie. Will Sam get her friends back or will she be forced to live the rest of her life alone.

rule 1: Not a Danny/Sam pairing.

rule 2: Sam is OOC the first few chapters due to her change in life.

rule 3: Danny becomes more outspoken and actually starts defending himself from Dash and the other A-list Jocks.

challenge 66: Kim Possible: Heartbreak, Rage, and Return

Thngs were looking up for Ron his last few months of Highschool junior year. He was dating the girl of his dreams, his grades were improving, and he got an acceptance letter from a college the day before. His world comes crashing down when he find Kim kissing Josh. Heartbroken and angry he runs off and spends time at Yamanouchi to clear his head. When Ron comes back for senior year he is different and he's not going to take any junk from anyone especially Bonnie

rule 1: This can be a Kim cheating on Ron story, or one of those stories where Josh was just trying to get a girl because Bonnie dumped him.

rule 2: Ron becomes much more mature after spending time at Yamanouchi.

rule 3: Rufus shows animosity towards Kim every time they see eachother

rule 4: Ron beats on Big Mike when he comes back.

challenge 67: Naruto: The True eyes of god

Kami watches over Naruto after his sealing. The pain and agony Naruto has gone through has made the deity furious. Finally, after having enough of Naruto's suffering the deity blesses Naruto with the most powerful bloodline she has ever created: The Konshakugan (the passion eye). How will Konoha stand up to Naruto have the ultimate god like power?

Rule 1: Settings and powers for the Konshakugan: unparralleled control over the five elements even to fusion. can combine all the elements to form life chakra, the ultimate and most powerful kind of chakra on earth that is able to healy any kind of wound. (medical jutsu is a ripped off version of this). can also be used to heal tendons, poisons and even bring back the dead.

the eye has a gold iris with a eight pointed star pupil with silver elemental designs around it.

rule 2: Naruto is on his own in this story. Konoha only wants him for breeding or to kill him while the other villages pretty much want the same thing...except Kiri that is pretty much his only safe haven.

rule 3: pretty much all around Konoha bashing. feel free to make as many people you want evil or just plain pains in the neck.

challenge 68: Naruto/transformers crossover: The Autobot Shinobi

One day, while of venting his frustrations from dealing with his team Naruto accidenlty stumlbes a cross an old Autobot ship where all the autobots from the transformers cartoon to the Beast Wars season all sleep in stasis. While exploring Naruto is exposed to waves of energy and a small fragment that was left of the all spark. When these energies mix with Naruto's chakra they transform him into the first ever human/transformer hybrid. As a result the autobots and their allies awaken. Naruto just made a lot of new friends and things are going to get hectic.

rule 1: Naruto has four forms: human, robot, animal, and vehicle. the human form can be transformed from either the vehicle or the animal form giving it different abilities. while the vehicle form is good for long range attacks the animal transformed is good for mid to short range combat.

rule 2: Naruto's animal form is a fox (for obvious reasons) and his vehicle form is one of those advanced jets from the movie Stealth.

rule 3: if you have no idea what i'm talking about watch Stealth.

challenge 69: Naruto: Betrayal has its benefits.

On the wave mission team 8 accompanies team 7. During the fight with Haku Kiba attacks and kills Naruto out of jealousy for Hinata's feelings for him. As a result Haku attacks and nearly kills the boy. When the fights over Kiba tries to sell it that Haku killed Naruto so that he can "comfort" the heart broken Hinata.It almost works until Shino points out that his Kikai pick up Naruto's blood on Kiba's claws. AFter realizing he's been caught he admits it and tells them why believing that they can't touch him due to him being a clan heir. This is proved wrong when Hinata, in her fury, actually cripples the boy. She was about to go through with the killing blow when someone stops her. You know who and you can guess where this is going.

rule 1: Naruto must have a bloodline. it could be the rinnegan or something made up.

rule 2: obvious Kiba bashing. you can bash anyone else if you want to.

challenge 70: Naruto: The Broken Fox.

What if Naruto's will had broken? What if he had grown sick and tired of always being on the bad end of a joke and being th brunt of the village's rage. Naruto's broken will almost allows him to take over Naruto's body. The seal, luckily, had a fail safe in it that caused the Kyuubi tobe destroyed and it's power merged with Naruto. Now Naruto is badass with all the Kyuubi's chakra and a distrust for those around him. How would the story go this way?

rule 1: konoha bashing.

rule 2: don't care about pairings.

rule 3: naruto is badass and won't take anything from anyone. can also be very short tempered at times.

challenge 71: xialin showdown/Naruto crossover: The True Master

Master Dashi wasn't the man that the world thought he was.

one night while Jack and the other bad guys are thinking of some crazy evil plan to steal all the shen-gong-wu. suddnely teh alarm goes off. they all rush down to the shen-gong-wu vault to find a blonde man with a huge scroll on his back. with little to no effort he smashed all of them and escapes. later on the chosen ones are struck by the same man.

later on they receive a letter for master Fung.

they go to find Chase Young,Wuya, and Master Monkguan there as well. the man reveals himself to be an immortal rinnegan wiedling Naruto. the blonde then uses the Wushan Geyser and Reversering mirror to show somethign the three masters and witch had long since forgotten.

They remember that Naruto was in fact their master. the man who taught them how to fight and made the Shen-gong-wu. At one time he was also in love with Wuya. Dashi, apparently jealous of Naruto's power and hungry for glory used a Wu called the Serpent's eye to turn Naruto to stone. then he used The Wushan Geyser to wipe everyone's memories and made them say that Wuya killed him. the anger at losing her love is what drew Wuya to being evil.

after all those years Naruto broke free of the Wu's power and was now ready to fight again.

the monkes, especially Omi who looked up to Dashi, were shocked and furious. Naruto then agrees to help them train in the true art of the elements to which to monks agree and training begins.

rule 1: This is after the end of the series so Raimundo is the leader.

rule 2: Omi is depressed at the first few chapters, but he eventually gets in stride again and is much more humble after a few lessons (beatings) in humility from Naruto.

rule 4: Bring in fighter of lightning. you can use one of the other characters that they met before Jamain or Jack...preferably Jamain.

rule 5: Naruto/Wuya pairing.

challenge 72: Splatterhouse/Naruto crossover: Splatter in Kumo

Naruto, after escaping yet another mob, falls asleep in a cart and find himself in a cart. When he wakes up he finds himself in Kumo. naruto after tring to get out througha nearby mine finds the Mask and makes the mistake of putting it on thinking it was just a halloween mask. naruto gains the power of the mask and has the power of Kyuubi at bay. Naruto's opponents better beware because if you get in his are gonna find out why the game was called Splatterhouse.

rule 1: Super Naruto

rule 2: Naruto/Karui pairing

rule 3: the mask is always talking to Naruto and it is perverted.

challnge 73: Naruto: True Power.

Naruto has grown tired. He's tired of people underestimating him, spitting on him, and just being the village's scapegoat. Naruto knows of his heritage and that the man he called his grandfather actually let all the bull that's happened to him happen. He no longer sees him as his grandfather. One day after a team meeting, if you can call it that, Naruto is approached by two people. His grandfather on his dad's side, Hanzo the salamander, and his uncle on his mother's side, Nagato aka pain. They agree to train Naruto in his bloodlines and their clan techniques. screwed.

rule 1: Naruto has two bloodlines. The Rinnegan from his mother's side of the family, and a bloodline called the dragon's blood from the Namikaze side. Dragon's blood allows Naruto take a dragon like form and perform special jutsu called Combustion Release: Enhanced version of fire that burn almost as hot as the Ameratsu. the reason the Yondaime didn't have it is because it skips a generation and the reason Hanzo doesn't use it much is because he doesn't like to rely on it.

rule 2: Konoha bashing

rule 3: Ame aligned Naruto.

rule 4: Good Akatsuki that act like the ninja guardians of the fire daimyo.

challenge 74: Naruto: Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze...Ichiruka?

there is a little known fact about the Ichiruka family. Teuchi used to be in ANBU while his daughter Ayame was an elite jonin. One day after seeing a particularly vicious beating they snap. The father/daughter duo unleash their skills and slaughter the mob. They officially adopt Naruto and Sarutobi gives Naruto his family inheritence.

rule 1: naruto becomes Rookie of the year and Ino and Sakura are his fangirls. (twilight zone)

rule 2: naruto becomes really powerful and knows the black leg style from one piece (he's raised by chefs and i don't know any chef fightning styles)

rule 3: Super Naruto after 3 year skip with Jiraiya who gets a vicious beating from Ayame, Teuchi, and Naruto for not being there for him.

challenge 75: Rosariovampire: A True Monster

Tsukune finally confesses his real feeling for Outer Moka. She accepts them, but Inner Moka comes out and tries to kill him. Near death she spits on his telling hm that he isnt' worthy of licking the dirt of their boots and that her bubblegum headed outer self is foolish to lower herself to try and have a relationship with a human. She leaves not knowing the damage she left Tsukune in. Tsukune then leaves and isn't seen for a few years. When he comes back everyone is shocked. He's buff, bad, and it runrs out that he was a fallen angel one of the most powerful S-class monsters around rivaled only by the Youkou and vampires. when he returns he may be stronger, bu the girls are releived that he is still the nice guy they knew. When he's approached by Moka he grabs her and rips her and Inner Moka apart. After that he kisses Outer Moka like he's wanted to for a long time...and then beat Inner Moka within an inch of her life!

rule 1: Superpowered Tsukune

rule 2: Inner Moka bashing. after getting beaten she says that she will allow Tsukune to court her. you can guess where i'm going with this

rue 3: the other girls aren't left out.

challenge 76: Danny Phantom/Tenchi Muyo crossover: Ghost of the GP

Danny's home was obliterated after the Dan incident. Before Vlad can adopt him Tenchi's father calls in and does it before hand. When he arrives Danny is greeted to t normal chaos that is Tenchi's life. On top of that he winds up taking Seina's place in the spin off series Tenchi Muyo GXP. If that doesn't make things crazy Danny's ghost powers are going ballisitic after the whole body enhancement thing.

rule 1: Danny attracts the same girls from the series and has the same enemies. the only difference is he actually knows how to fight.

side note: For those of you who don't know there is a guy named Seiryo Tenan who is a major pain in the series. I think that its a common thing with people who have pink hair except Outer Moka from Rosariovampire. if you have any other examples of pink haired people who aren't a pain let me know.

rule 2: Danny's powers increase after body enhancement

rule 3: Have Danny adapt to Tenchi's own chaotic life before he goes to the GP

challenge 77: One Piece/Danny Phantom crossover: Pirates in Amity

Through a series of events too difficult to explain the Strawhat Pirates wind up in Amity Park. They are attacked by ghosts and wind up knocking them around with their skills and powers. Vlad utilizes their unknown knowledge of the town and tries to get them to destroy Danny. Will the Strawhats actually end Danny or will Danny find a way to bring them to his side?

rule 1: Make a good reason as to how the Strawhats come to Amity.

rule 2: This is after the timeskip so they are all powerful

rule 3: Give Franky and upgrades so he doens't look so damn ridiculous! i mean seriously am i the only one who thinks Franky looks ridiciulous? well he didn't have much tech to work with and he did pretty good wiht what he had

challenge 78: Resident Evil/Danny Phantom crossover: Project Phantom

Danny is finally capture by the GIW. On his way to their base they are intercepted by mutants and soldiers sent by the Umbrella corporation. Danny is taken in and used as a guinea pig for new strains of the G and T virus. This causes Danny's human side to die and his ghost half to mutate due to the two viruses in his system. When Danny finally escapes the world is in turmoil and Umbrella is trying to take control. How will Danny survive?

rule 1: Danny is a mutant in his one and has lost most of humanity due to the cruelty of the organization.

rule 2: Danny can be paired with a ghost girl no humans because he feels he is a monster now.

challenge 79: Naruto/Marvel crossover: Marvelous ninjas

Through some crazy accident Rouge, She-Hulk, X-23, Jean Grey, and Emma Frost wind up in Naruto's world. the girls show up during th wave mission. imediatley Sasuke comes in and tries to make them his concubines so that they can spawn powerful childrne. the result is him getting his butt kicked an dSaur ageting kiced for freaking out about it. Now they go to Konoha having no other choice. They go, fight, and become friends with Naruto.

rule 1: Naruto harem.

rule 2: bring in the other marvel guys to hlep in certain matters.

challenge 80: Naruto: Konoha's true monster

Naruto's treatment has cused him to despise all human's. One day he is taken by some of the villagers and thrown into Konoha's prison. The ninja of the group do a god job of covering their tracks. Naruto doesn't escape until he's thirteen. When he gets out he hunts down all the pople who did that to him and tears them apart. Naruto finally becomes the monster th village accussed him of being. Can the Sandaime help Naruto recover what is left of his former self or will he remain an animal?

rule 1: Naruto/one girl

rule 2: Scary, dark, sadistic Naruto.

rule 3: bash whoever you want.

Challenge 81: Naruto: Zodiac summoner

While out training with Jiraiya after the Sasuke retreival arc, Naruto leaves the sannin frustrated that the old man is more interested in peeping on girls instead of training him. While out Naruto is attacked by a group of sound ninja. Naruto fights valiantly, but is beaten and cast into a ravine. Jiraiya, finally shows up, having put a distress seal (seal that acrivates when teh wearer is in panic) and basically goes to town over his lost godson. At the bottom of the ravine Naruto is found and cared to by an old monk. The monk having sensed Naruto's potential decides to train him. Naruto trains for three years and is reported dead to Konoha. When Naruto is finally brought back out he is stronger, faster, and deadlier than ever with the zodiac summoning contract under his belt.

Summon bosses are as follows

1-rat: Great mongoose-Rikitro-male, element:lightning. power level:9
2-ox-Mammon Ox-Gordos-male element: Wind, power level:2
3-Tiger: Sabre Cat-Leonoro-male element:ice, power level:3
4-Rabbit: Storm being-Testra-female, element: storm, power level: 12
5-Dragon:leviathan-Bahamut-male, element: lava, boil, metal (plus the three components), power level:1
6-Snake: Basilisk-Nagira-female, element: earth, power level: 11
7-Horse: Nightmare-Umbra-female, element:dark, power level:4
8-Sheep: Capricron-Ersos-male, element:neutral chakra, power level:8
9-Monkey: Grand Ape-Mizaru-male, element: wood. power level:6
10-Rooster: Firebird-Virest-female (it's someone else's challenge go whine to him about it, it's supposed to be ironic) Element: fire, power level:10
11-Dog: Hellhound-Thaleus-male, element:blaze (windfire blue or white color), power level:7
12-Pig: Demon Boar-Galumbut-male, element: blood element (turns bodily fluids and body into living weapons) power level: 5
13-Cat: Nekomata-Talris-female, element: light. power level: 13

Power level doesn't mean overall power, it means effectiveness in combat (cunning, force, chakra density and chakra levels). For example, Talris' speed in unmatched and her wit is higher than all the others. She, although, lacks in force, chakra density, and her chakra level is small compared to the other zodiacs. He timing is much better though, and her aim alwasy hit sa critical point. Add in her agilitiy and less likely chance to get hit. Her cunnin even allowers her to get under Bahamut's guard. If those scores added up she would easily be in the top three, but the guy who wrote up the power levels was short sighted.

Rule 1: Super Naruto, not godlike Naruto.

Rule 2: Can be a harem, doesn't have to be

Rule 3: Naruto has multiple fighting styles, and jutsu that go with those fighting styles.

Challenge 82: Asura's Wrath/DC universe: Cries of rage

After defeating Deus and reclaiming his daughter, Asura is sent to another dimension by Chakravartin. After crashing into metropolis Superman accidently mistakes him for a minion of Darkseid. This leads to a powerful battle, one that the man of steel winds up losing. After seeing his defeat, which was broadcast on live TV, villains and heroes everywhere are after Asura for his power or to try and urge him to their side. Will Asura survive the coming battles? Will he remain faithful to his wife Durga even though she is beyond his reach? Will he ever get home? Will he ever realize there are more ways to solve problems then just punching it in the face? Well, you'll just have to find out.

Rule 1: Asura hasn't gotten the mantra reactor in his chest yet so he can't become, The Destructor yet.

Rule 2: Asura/hot babe pairing, it will take time for him to get over Durga however, like how batman refuses to acknowledge Selina.

Rule 3: Eventual return to his world with his allies in tow.

Challenge 83: Asura's wrath/Marvel crossover: Finally, someone angerier than me.

After the defeath of Chakravartin, Asura didn't pass on to his beloved Durga. Instead he was cursed by the god before his death and was forced to walk the earth for all eternity. The god of wrath had seen the rise and fall of nations, the destruction of many species, and has been living secluded int the mountains for mos tof his life. He has lived in peace until a hulking green man comes bringing an evil organization with him. Asura takes out the organization before he and the green beast enter a great fight.

Rule 1: it is moslty a oneshot. A battle between the Hulk and Asura...i'm suprised nobody has actually tried to do this yet. If you want to make it more than that you can.

rule 2: If you do continue it, eventual brawl between Asura the Destructor and Galactus.

Challenge 84: Asura's Wrath/Street Fighter crossover: New world, New War

Lord Bison tries to reach through to another dimension to pull out a warrior strong enough to end his enemies. What he got was Asura just as he was about to leave th earth to meet up with Durga. Enraged that he had been stolen from his family once again, Asura proceeds to tear the base apart and then gets out of there. He's hunted down by Bison's organization and a few others.

Rule 1: Nobody can match Asura in raw power. The big russian wrestling dude comes close, but no cigar.

rule 2: Eventual battle between Asura and Akuma.

Challenge 85: Danny Phantom/Darkstalkers crossover: Dark Angel

Danny's life had been looking up lately. He started dating Sam, Dash and the A-list members are finally leaving him along, the teachers are being less of a pain, and there has been little to no ghost activity recently. All has been good for Danny...until it all comes crashing down. During a field trip to the history museum a bunch of thugs break in and try to steal a rare artifact. Unfortunatley, in the process they disturb the tombe Anakaris causing warrior king to rise from the dead. Danny, as phantom, tries to stop the ancien mummy, and does, after a few broken bones and a few issues. Danny changes back to his human self while everyone watches. Unfortuantley, they aren't the reactions he got before, his parents try to kill, and everyone, save Sam and Tuck, call him a freak.

Betrayed and broken hearted Danny flies off. This starts a reaction of epic proportions. After flying into the ghost zone Danny is overcome with incredible pain. Luckily for him, Dora was the one who found him and hides him in her kingdom. Inside Danny meets another version of himself, the part of him that told him not to hold back in a fight, his true potential.

It turns out when Danny's healed himself during his fights it was due to the ghost energy healing him. Due to his now vast injuries he and his ghost half have successfuly merged. He was still half ghost, he just didn't have to change between human and ghost form anymore. Danny stays in Dora's kingdom for a few years before news reaches him about different creatures rising up in the human world. knowing a debt he had to his friends he returns to the human world to fight, but will he be able to handle the slew of monsters and monster hunters that are now in the world?

Rule 1: Danny has more powers and is much more powerful now that he doesn't have to worry abou trunnin gout of power as quickly.

Rule 2: Jazz didn't know Danny's secret before the Anakaris incident. Her reaction is up to you.

Rule 3: This will be a three way pairing Danny/Dora/Felicia, if you can't make that work then just go with either Dora or Felicia.

Challenge 86: Danny Phantom: Light and Dark, Human and ghost, what does it matter?

Some time after Phantom Planet Danny's home is attacked by the GIW. His parents and friends are arrested for conspiring with ghosts. Danny escapes into the Ghost zone after his parents are taken away. In the ghost zone Danny is lead by a strange feeling to an ancient ghost temple. Danny finds two weapons in the temple that call out to him. Danny takes them and the two weapons test him. They agree to help him and the spirits inside the weapons train Danny until he's strong enough to take his destiny.

Weapon 1: Weapon of Light: Ashbringer-a black and gold broadsword with a total of four angel wings on the pommel hilt acting as a guard with a pair of crossed halos on the bottom with runes in white covering the blade.

powers: Capable of calling on light and celeistial elements, wind, lightning, and water.

Weapon 2: Weapon of darkness: Harvest: Black and purple long scythe with a long curved jagged bottom edged blade, a black shaft with dark green runes, deformed skull on the back with pale blue glowing eyes.

rule 1: Can be a harem if you want it to

Challenge 87: Naruto/Darksiders/Warhammer: Chaotic End

Naruto's parnets were descendents of the horsemen on his mother's side and his father's ancestor had the blessings of the four gods of chaos. Now on the edge of death's door (you pick how) Naruto awakens their gifts to him and he becomes a force to be reckoned with.

War: Japanese longsword version of Chaoseater and a Rage form
Death: Crow summoning contract and a pair of medium sized hand held scythes.
Strife: ability to change vision (night vision, thermal vision, etc.) and a little shapeshifting creature (think the little skull guy, from shadows of the damned) that can take the forem of any fire arm (pistol, bazooka, shot gun, sniper rifel, etc)
Fury: a gauntlet similar to that of the Earth Shaker from Darksider's 1 and book of anceint spells

Khorne: Large black and red broad capable of draining a person of blood and techniques involving blood
Tzeentch: a gauntelt, for the other arm, that can drain the information (secrets, jutsu, etc) from a person if held to their head long enough as well as vast knoweldge of strategies and history (especially politics)
Nurgle: Black and green dagger that can infect a person with a powerful virus as well as poison release and toxic release
Slaneesh: Ability to summon the differents soldiers of the different gods

Rule 1: Strong, somewhat sadistic, and probably dark Naruto

rule 2: possible harem.

Challenge 88: Naruto: Fox of the Rain

Naruto knows that since the mission to retreive Sasuke failed he will be balmed and will most likely be executed by the corrupt council. Naruto runs away, and by some strange reasons too difficult to go into, he lands in Amegakure. Naruto joins the Akatsuki, and after opening pains eyes to how his plan is kind of hypocritical, he convinces him to try a more peaceful way.

Soon the different Jinchuuriki of the villages go missing and a few years leater the kages are called to retreive them. They are gonna be shocked by what they find.

rule 1: Good akatsuki, strong Naruto

rule 2: Naruto/Fu/Yugito/Shizuka.

Challenge 89: Kim Possible: The day Ron came home

Ron was locked up in prison for the murder of his parents and Rufus. Basically, everyone turned on the so-called criminal and left him to rot. Ron was close to the electric chair if it weren't for the fact that Wade, through many means, discovered that he was framed and Ron was sent free. Ron was only in prison for ashort time, but the betrayl, and hard life of prison changed Ron. Will his friends be able to make it up to the boy and return him to normal, or will they be stuck with the new Ron?

rule 1: cold, harsh, brutal fighting Ron

rule 2: possible bashing at first, but become redeemable after a while.

Challenge 90: Danny Phantom/ Young Justice: Dark memories

Danny was taken by the GIW after the incident with the mayor and Walker. Danny is found guilty and his secret is exposed by the GIW. The town rejects Danny thinking he is in fact a criminal. Danny is put on trial, found guilty, and sent to Belle Reve. Danny is seen and befriended by Tommy Terror and Icicle Jr. Danny is taken down below and experiemnted on by certain members of the GIW, who work with the Light. He is exposed to many forms of radiation, poisons, the venom serum, the blockbuster serum, and is pretty much put through hell until the break out. Danny's anger and bitterness at the betrayl and his treatment causes Danny to change. Now aligned with the light will Danny go down the road of destruction, or will he be able to stop himself.

rule 1: Dark and powerful Danny, new powers and close to heartless

rule 2: Danny hooks up with either one of the YJ girls, Tuppence Terror or Shimmer.

rule 3: If Danny hooks up with either of those two he has to go through their big brother.

rule 4: Danny fights Young Justice group

Challenge 91: Danny Phantom/Justice League crossover: Phantom of the League v 2

During Danny's first ever fight with Vlad, Vlad goes through with his promise and exposes Danny. Unforunately, he does it while in human form so his parents and sister reject him and don't listen to Danny and he is banished to the ghost zone. There Danny falls into a natural portal and is sent to DC universe, where he is found by Doctor Fate. Fate is then contacted by the Lord of Death and Lady of Life. Since Danny walks through both of their territories at the same time they want to bring Danny up as their herald in the real world, like the Lords of Order do with Fate. Two years later, Danny (now called Wraith) is then sent out by Fate to see the new world that has become his home, will he survive or will he rise?

Rule 1: Danny paired with sorceress villain or hero, can be a harem, but it has to be believable.

rule 2: Good magic and necromancer Danny, super strong, pissed at so-called family.

Rule 3: Tucker and Sam, rip the Fentons a new one when they get back and try to find Danny. Bring them in somehow if you want to

Challenge 92: Danny Phantom: Ghost Zone's New King.

Danny gets captured by his parents while fighting ghosts one night. They don't listen and inject Dany with a few viles of Ecto-dejecto (not yet perfected) to study the effects. Danny's body basically explodes and the remains melt and fade away preventing the Fenton's from getting the data. In the ghost zone Danny's body reforms, and thanks to the ecto dejecto is much stronger than before. on top of that his human half was destroyed when his body was so he's all ghost now. Danny goes into his new lair and trains finding his nrew form deadly, strong, and nobody being able to stop him. Some thing he learned after a quick fight with Undergrowth and Vortex. Danny is approached by Clockwork who says that he is being sought out by Amelia Dark, the ghost king's daughter . Since he defeated the ghost king he is next in line to become king himself. This brings a lot of problems after the Box Ghost hears about this and spreads it all over the ghost zone. Now, arrogant ghost and new ghosts are trying to beat Danny to gain his future crown. Will they succeed or will they be beaten?

rule 1: powerful Danny, possible harem.

rule 2: Fenton bashing

rule 3: have Danny kick Dan's butt at some point.

challenge 93: Kim Possible/Guyver crossover: Alien in Middleton.

During Sho's final confrontation with Arcanfel Sho aka Guyver 1, destroys Arcanfel. Before his death though, Arcanfel rips a whole in dimension and sends the Show to another dimension. Sho crashes down in the middle of one of Drakken's crazy (and admittingly ridiciulous) plans to take over the world, which happens to be the pandimensional vortex inducer (again). When Sho (still in Guyver form) arrives Drakken orders him to kill Kim and Ron. It ends with Drakken being on the receiving end of the Guyver's Pressure Cannon. Sho breaks out from the facility and runs for it being hunted down by GJ for answers and WWEE who wants him for power.

Rule 1: Death to Du.

rule 2: Sho/Shego (if that doesn't work try someone else)

Challenge 94: Guyver/Predators crossover: The Greatest Prey.

While searching the Earth the alien hunters find the Guyver and see his potential in a fight against a horde of Zoanoids. After the bloodbath Sho (or Sean if you want to use the American movie) is abducted by the Predators and dropped off on their game preserve. The Guyver, still in armored form, gets intoa brawl with the other people being hunted and they don't get along, but they start to after Guyver kills one of the Predators.

rule 1: no gigantic guyver (look it up if you don't know what i'm talking about)

Challenge 95: Danny Phantom/Fairy Tail crossover: Phantom of Fairy Tail.

During The Ultimate Enemy, The Observants take a much more direct approached. To prevent Dan they throw Danny into a rift that sends him into another dimension. Danny winds up in Fiore where he learns magic and joins fairy tail. Meanwhile, Danny's world goes into complete chaos on account of the really big enemies Danny has (Vlad, Vortex, and Undergrowth) taking over the world. The Observants get ripped a new one by their bosses and they have to get Danny back. Danny comes back and he's stronger than before.

rule 1: Danny uses either Ice Dragon Slayer Magic or Death Dragon Slayer Magic.

rule 2: Super beating on Observants for being "know it all" jerks.

rule 3: Danny/Mirajane or Danny/Erza, or Danny/Mirajane/Erza, whichever would drive Sam craziest.

challenge 96: One Piece/Naruto crossover: 10 tailed straw hat.

When Garp, in an attempt to get Luffy to become a Marine, takes him to Marineford. While there Luffy, comes across a lab and finds a special Devil Fruit. when he eats he he turns into a monster and destroys a good portion of Marineford. When Garp finds out he nearly beats the head scientist to death to get answers as to his grandson's transformation. It turns out the scientists was working on an experiemtn that was deemeed to dangerous by the world goverment, the fusion of multiple devil fruits. The scientist merged multiple zoan type fruits (Leech, dog, raccoon, cat, turtle, monkey, dolphin, horse, slug, beetle, ox, octopus, and fox), parmencia types, (bubbles, acid, steam, sound, ghost flames, ink), and Logias types (, Darkness,lava, fire, acid, water, sand, lightning). The scientist is then arrested and sent to Impel Down.

meanwhile, Luffy changes back and finds himself taken in by slavers and discovers just how corrupt certain marines are.

we join Luffy years later as he arrives to get Zoro to join his crew and bring him along on his two dreams, to become the king of pirates and to bring down the corrupt world government.

rule 1: Luffy/Bonney/Perona/Boa pairing, (note: if you can't make this work try only one of them or make your own part.

rule 2: Super Luffy, maybe godlike (he's still isn't immune to seastone)

rule 3: Actually talks wtih Dragon at some point.

rule 4: Luffy has powers from the Reibi to the Kyuubi, if you give anyone Jyuubi powers have it bee Dragon.

challenge 97: Batman/Friday the 13th crossover: Jason takes Gotham.

After taking out the most recen group of teens at camp crystal lake, Jason is found by his mother. She tels him that he's done a good job and that she needs him to go to Gotham to punish the wicked. After he arrives Jason mostly just walks around to find them. People see him and think he's just another weirdo in the city. It isn't until Jason arrives at the Iceburg Lounge that things kick into gear. The resulting slaugher results in the demise of a good portion of the cities lower criminals and gets him on the hit list of every major villain in Gotham.

Rule 1: Jason is basically viewed as a dark hero in Gotham since he's exterminating villains. Other's though thinks he's a psychopath.

rule 2: Jason beats the tar out of Batman and leaves him near dead, but doesn't kill him at his mother orders.

rule 3: Jason is being used to fight by the Spectre as a tool for vengeance, (eventually comes back to bite him after the vengeance demon in Jason realizes he's been tricked)

challenge 98: Danny Phantom/Bleach crossover: From Phantom to Arrancar.

While on Patrol Danny is fighting off his usual rogues gallery when a new ghost (OC) shows up and nearly kills him. On the verge of full death, Danny hears a voice calling out to him. He finds a mask talking to him telling him that he could use him to heal his wounds and become stronger to take down the ghost that did this and protect his home. Danny puts on the mask and Danny turns into a full hollow before breaking down and turning into a full arrancar, capable of a human disguise. Danny then meets the hollow spirit in him, which happens to be a vastro lorde. The hollow explains that at one point, many years ago, he was the protector of the old Amity, until he was betrayed and killed. Even after death he fought to protect his home. He found a kindred spirit in Danny and decided to help him. The ghost's better watch it because things are about to get tougher for them.

rule 1: Super Danny, Danny learns to do the two releases like Ulquiorra, and is capable of great feats.

rule 2: Fullbring Sam and Tucker.

rule 3:bring in bleach characters. Shinigami try to destory Danny, but they eventually become allies, after a lot of conflict.

rule 4: Danny, due to his guardian nature, can feed on hollow energy and leave the pluss hidden beneath it unharmed. If he does this on a fellow arrancar he can form another zanpakuto.

rule 5: He doesn't use this power on a shinigami and USE THIS POWER ON THAT NNOITRA. I HATE THAT GUY!

challenge 99: Danny Phantom: Haunting of Casper High.

Sam Manson has just moved to Amity with her rich parents. She goes to Casper High where she finds herself a loner and single friend in Tucker Foley. Some time later she hears the story of Danny Fenton, a boy who died in a prank gone wrong. When dared to stay overnight she does and meets a mysterious boy with white hair and emerald eyes.

rule 1: Danny/Sam friendship.

rule 2: Danny becomes Sam's guardian at school and she helps him try to pass on.

rule 3: Tucker does meet ghost Danny and freaks out saying something about hauntings.

challenge 100: Harry Potter/Bleach crossover: The Arrancar Who Lived

Harry, distraught over the death of his godfather, goes into the Veil after his spirit. In the process he dies and becomes a Hollow. He, along with Sirius, evolve into Vastro Lordes and become Arrancar. While in Hueco Mundo they meet Nelliel, Pesche, Dondochakka, and Bawabawa. Harry then discovers he can still use magic when he uses a healing spell to fix the three broken arrancar. The group arrive at Los Noches where Nel gets her revenge on Nnoitra and Harry kills Yammy in an attempt to test his powers. At the suggestion of Aizen the group become arrancar again and Bawabawa becomes an arrancar for the first time.

This proves to later be an issue when Harry later convinces that Aizen will eventually betray them when their usefullness runs out. In an act of rebellion the Espada turn on and destroy Aizen and then leave for the human world, so Harry can get payback on Voldemort and end the wizard war.

rule 1: harry has two ressurection, his own being crow themed, and another being themed after a snake thanks to being a horcrux for Voldemort, but there is no mind entry anymore.

rule 2: Sirius has a dog/wolf themed ressurection.

rule 3: Ministry spreads lies that Harry went insane at the time of his death and almost became another dark lord.

rule 4: Ron or weasely bashing, (either one, both, or neither)

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Ultimate Fairy by Ultimate10 reviews
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Crossover - Ben 10 & Fairy Tail - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Fantasy - Chapters: 31 - Words: 462,120 - Reviews: 1775 - Favs: 1,191 - Follows: 1,020 - Updated: 7/18 - Published: 1/29/2014 - [Ben T., Erza S.]
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