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Author has written 7 stories for Kingdom Hearts.

For new readers of my stories: They are all AU (alternate universe) so you don't need any background with any series in order to understand the stories. I write mostly slash, but will slowly get some het stories up onto the fictionpress sister-site. Praise and constructive criticism welcomed, as well as pointing out any continuity issues or grammatical mistakes. Many times i don't edit before posting, so please excuse erroneous usage of homophones. Thanks for reading!


ugh. my thumbs hurt from playing kh 3ds. but the music is so great! and now i'm getting a handle on this whole drop thing. maybe i'll actually be able to unlock the movie in this one. *plays on* is anyone noticing pink portals that don't pull up a menu on the touch screen? they should be battle challenge or friend/borrow dreameater, but once i get there, nothing comes up. i first noticed it in The Grid (tron).


omg! i missed akuroku day! WTF! i still owe you guys that twilight fanfic too. *sigh* i guess i should put it up now while i'm thinking about it. Oh! I just got a facebook for my novelista identity. Find me! Friend me! I have ONE friend--how sad is that?!


finished a twilight fanfiction short story last week. am in quick editing phase. then it will be posted. I'm seeing a lot of my favorite authors withdrawing from this site, in reaction to some "not MA content" line re-emphasis from the ffnet team. for a moment, i thought "oh no! i'm going to have to remove my work!" but I only have one really ma bit up here, and it's a lemon off by itself. The twilight story will be very M, but not explicitly sexy, just some violence, and a whole lot of H/C. There is a sex scene, but it will be cut from the final posting, and any one who wants it can PM me for it.



I'm currently doing script frenzy/ I'm working on a videogame screenplay adaption of "The Unfamiliar" by the israel project. to be posted when finished.

Art Academy is on a back burner, but still on the stove. look for updates beginning of next month, most likely.

Itsy Bitsy Spider is not on the stove, unfortunately. This story is really hard to write because it is so dark and it's very difficult to get into Roxas's mindset due to all the abuse i have him suffer through. One day, it will be completed. Just not any day soon. If any one wants to adopt it, feel free to PM me.




so i haven't published anything on here in a while. please, if you a reading some of my older works, please please please review! it gives me encouragement. I worked for 2 months on a story called "art academy." it can be/was written as another AU KH fanfic, akuroku (no surprise there.) I hope to eventually change the names of the characters, to protect the innocent, and to publish it/sell it. I burned out my writing muscle during Nanowrimo working on that story, so what's probably going to happen is that I will start uploading it here in installments, and have you guys help pester me to complete writing it. Screw it, maybe i'll just upload the prologue now.


working on Nanowrimo. It's a "kh fanfic" much like all my other kh fanfic, thus so AU that there's not much fanfic as original.

i hope by year's end to finish and post a couple other stories on here. namely my akuroku day oneshot short, and maybe "itsy bitsy spider," that one needs to be finished or killed.


HAPPY BELATED AKUROKU DAY! sorry, i didn;t get my oneshot up for the day. maybetomorrow i'll write it and put it up. in other news- World is finally finished. plz let me know what you think with a pm or review! kthnxbye.


trying to finish "world" by this weekend that way next week i can devote to writing my akuroku day piece. after 8/13, I will probably try to focus on orignals for a while. i'll be publishing on fiction press (same penname) so look for me there!


have wanted to update since monday, but ffnet won't let me: i keep getting error message type 2. i emailed them about it, but it may be a widespread problem.


Started a new story, tentatively titled "arts academy." School setting so perhaps HST fans will like it. Akuroku eventual main. You will see renoroku, namilarx, zemyx, maybe include soriku if i can think of a plot line for them.


new and final (really guys, it's closed now) chapter to "He's Gone Away." I still am sitting on a beta-ed chapter of "world worth finding" from my dear, lovely beta, but that won't go up until...later (today? Tomorrow? this week?)

life is crazy and i have a huge test (epic proportions) on tuesday. we'll see what happens.


Sorry I haven't posted in so long! Work got crazy busy, i almost wound up in the hospital from over work a few weeks ago. Now, I'm on vacation visiting a friend in new college florida, in sarasota. it's wonderful and warm here! so, new chapters are up for HGA, although I'm having a little trouble making the poll appear on my profile. grrr...


so...i kinda...started another akuroku story -_-*. it's set in an arts college. and is another story of mine inspired by a nijuuni picture on facebook.

i also wrote the "soriku" chapter option for HGA this morning. 1 down, 2 to go before the next update.


oops. so, not only are most of you too young, but many of you are not us citizens and therefor cannot vote in our elections (sucks, doesn't it?) anyway, if you were not able to vote, i apologize for faking you out. otherwise, i hope you guys did, even if your guy didn't win, or even if he did.


runs from fans with pitchforks* "YOU GAVE US A FALSE UPDATE!? WTF???!!!"

so yes, voting is important. it is privilege to be able to vote, and many people in the world cannot. so you should, and i will use every networking tool available to me to tell others that they should.

I was a poli sci (political science) major, after all.

In other words, there are new chapters. "A world worth finding" has 2 new ones, and i just re-read them so hopefully they won't be so awfully spotted with errors as past chapters. I'm about to write the next chapter of "he's gone away:" i hope you guys are ready for some waff. It will end with a cliffhanger. Don't kill me. I will try to get the resolution to said cliff hanger later this week. You know what will make it come faster? Some reviews. Yeah, thanks for all the faves, folks, but reviews really help us writers. It's kinda like telling us, "i like it" but not telling us what about it you like: how can we give you more of what you like if you don't tell us?


A few days ago i saw a taping of "wait wait don't tell me" an npr program that combines comedy with news. The guest was Bobby McFerrin, who wrote "don't worry, be happy." anyway, he said that you should not pressure yourself, or wait for inspiration to make something. make the little things every day, and when the big thing comes, you'll be prepared for it. i feel that this is how my writing is going right now. I'm working on little, simple stories, and when the intense and complex ones come, i'll be able to make them.


started ch 7 for "a world worth finding".


stressful week: job hunt *triple ugh* temperature changes *ugh* sleep deprivation *wants to shoot self*

but i have been writing. this shorter chapter thing seems to be helping.

and i've been playing a lot of birth by sleep. i started on terra's character and i'm about to finish that arc. *sigh* aqua's next. i have to say, when terra swims in the mermaid lagoon, err...when he just keeps boyancy-- he dogpaddles!!! best idea ever!!! go go awesome game designers!


old haikus i wrote:

fanfiction is my
newest addiction. too bad
m-preg scares me.

nevermind 80s
big hair rock artists. where are
sailor moon fans now?

i'm no trekkie, but
can't i still think that leonard
nemoy is sexy?


Uploaded HST ch1-8 to deviantart. god, that was confusing. but now you guys can see the illustrations that inspired it!

the artist whose work inspired me to write the story:

Ch3's inspiration, and what started this whole mess:

Ch8's inspiration:


Hey FFnet world!

I'm NormaJean. Yes, it's a penname. I'm new to the fanfiction world. I remember scoffing at it in middle school, but now I'm addicted. I'm an avid ff reader, and am working on several fanfics: A KH akuroku, a vampire night one, a KH AU roxas, a KH one set in WWII which will require some researching, and about a dozen other fictions which are originals. When something gets close to being done, I'll post it. Or maybe one day I'll challenge myself and break out of my normal complex longwindedness and make a fun little one shot for your reading pleasure.

I also have some pieces I'm working on that will be up on fiction press shortly. Same penname, feel free to check it out.

I was trilingual a while back (french, german, english,) So i may eventually post something in non-english. Favorites maybe in other languages as well. It would be fun for me to translate some, but it all depends on how motivated i get.

I kinda want to learn how to beta so I can proofread some of these stories, but process remains a mystery to me.

Miscellaneous Info:

Gender: F

Age: midtwenties (yeah, i'm old compared to most writers here *le sigh*)

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Sign: Aries

Favorites: Kingdom Hearts, Dune, Ai no kusabi, ...there are more but my brain is dying now...

Anyway, now my profile isn't so tabula rasa.

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