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Welcome~ ^w^
|.:BxRxExAxKxIxNxG OxUxT OxF TxHxE LxOxOxP:.|

To all readers and visitors:

Times for Updates(when i have something to update...hahaha...):
(Eastern Time)
Mondays: 15:00 or 22:00
Fridays: 20:00-24:00
Saturdays: depends
(I listed 3 times because of any possibilities that will disrupt the schedule.)

Hi there, WolfsRose here!

About Me:

Likes: cute things, kpop, sweets, chocolate (nomnomnom :3), art computers, manga/anime, friends, food, football, hockey, volleyball, tennis, badminton (yes i like sports okay :S), animals, stuffed animals, fsteak (yes. fsteak.), video games, etc.

Dislikes: Boring things, annoyances, homework, schoolwork, work in general ._., writer's block, yaoi, yuri, etc.

What I do in my free time: Draw, hang with friends, watch anime, read manga, eat chocolate (I'm a chocoholic), read, write, photography, computer stuff and by stuff I mean multiple things okay?, etc.

Currently obssessed with:

Kpop: BIGBANG, Infinite, TRAX, 10cm, F(x), Beast/B2st, MBLAQ, Miss A, IU, U-Kiss, FTIsland, CNBlue, SHINee (and more :P)
KDramas: Heartstings, Beautiful Spy, City Hunter, Lie To Me, You're Beautiful(old), My Girlfriend is a Gumiho(old) (there are others that I wanted to list, but...that would be a long list haha...ha...)
KVariety Shows: Running man, Infinity Challenge, 1n2d, 2pm Show, 2ne1 TV, U-Kiss Vampire, Secret
Anime: Tegami Bachi, Deadman Wonderland, ...to be honest I haven't been watching anime lately ^-^""
Mangas: Heart no Kuni no Alice, Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama, Dokuhime, Fairy Tale, Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen, Reimei No Arcana, Faster Than A Kiss, etc.
Books: Ashes, Ashes, Hunger Games, Intertwined, Gone, Strange Angels, City of Bones, Intertwined, etc.
Games: 3rd Birthday, Persona series (especially P3/P3P), Kingdom Hearts series, Final Fantasy series, and more.

My Biases and/or fav people(kr):
T.O.P(Choi Seunghyun) ^w^ =^-^= &G-Dragon ^-^ (Bigbang), Lee Joon(Mblaq), Lee Seunggi~ ^w^(Actor/Singer), Lee Gikwang and Yoseob(Beast/B2st), Onew and Jonghyun (SHINee) onew condition~ xD, Yonghwa (C.N.Blue), Hongki (FTIsland), Eun Hye (Actress), Eric (Shinhwa and Actor), Yoo Jaesuk (MC)

By the way, I get bored a lot.
Why do you think I'm writing stories?
Psh, you actually thought that there was a reason?
Wrong: I'm just bored...

By the way, if you ever expect to find yaoi or yuri in my stories...it'll never come true. All of my romance stories now and in the future will be boy/girl relationship and I don't care about age unless its a really young girl(teen) with an old guy in his 80s. I mean--I'm not really a yuri/yaoi fan and I dont really like to write about them either. I think that yaoi/yuri stuff are overated...but sometimes its cute so I understand...If I offended you I'm sorry, but people have different preferences than mine.

stares at computer screen ...a few minutes pass... rubs eyes
Stupid allergies... Hewwo! Yeah...I know I'm weird...at least i'm not afraid to admit it. It's okay being weird. Btw to all my readers/reviewers/random people stalking me...the next update for 'The Mysterious Type Host' might not come up for a little while.

Ah. Today was relaxing. Hm, maybe i should write a new chapter...eh...maybe later...
ice cream sounds good...

My sincerest apologies for not updating my fanfics...i sense a killing intent coming near...don't worry i'll update faster as soon as my vacation starts!

HEY GUYS!!!! I'm so glad that it's finally summer vacation! (well its been at least a week into it)...Anyways... good news: *drum roll* i finally have time to write new chapters for both stories AND i almost have chapter ???(i forgot how many chapters i wrote for The Mysterious Type Host)...um the next chapter for TMTH
I will also rewrite some, if not most, of Monochromic Chains. Also, I will rewrite the first chapter of TMTH asap. Special thanks to all my readers and reviewers!

So today i remembered that i had summer homework to do...and i went berserk...I should have just took regular classes and not advanced ones.

I'm feeling WAYYY too lazy...this is what summer does to me. It's hot and it's humid=NOT FUN. A few good things about it= you can swim in the UV rays (yeah it sounds horrifying when I say it...) get lots of sleep (haven't been getting any...stays up 'til 3 in the morn...) and no school (yup i truly like this one.) P.S. I was in a bad mood when I wrote this...-_-

Chapter 17 is up for "The Mysterious Type Host". I love sleeping in 'til noon. :3 Yes, I'm not a morning person. -_- If you're reading this, you're probably just bored. Admit it, you're bored...oh you were just curious? Eh, same thing.


Today's topic: ReviewsI like it when someone praises my stories, but every now and then I would like to have recieved either flames or some "constructive criticism".Whenever someone points out that something is wrong it helps me become a better writer. So please review as much as possible and don't hold back.

Good news~*drum roll*

TMTH: Chapter 18 ~Coming Soon~ Saturday at the latest
Monochromic Chains Chapter 3+revisions: ~Coming Soon~ Saturday at the latest
New Fanfic: To Be Announced

During Labor Day weekend I will update:
The Mysterious Type Host Chapter 19
Monochromic Chains Chapter 3 and Revisions
New Fanfic will come out: A Blood-Stained Crown for OHSHC
Other New fanfic is still being worked on...yup two new fanfics wooo

"A Blood-Stained Crown" is out~
My second OHSHC fanfic.
Please go ahead and read it. ^^

School...is a pain.
Anyways, I apologize for my lateness on these updates D:
Homework has been piliing up since day 1 of school...
So yeah, I'll try to find the chance to update at least one my fanfics.
Thank you to my readers, subscribers, etc.

The last chapter to "The Mysterious Type Host" is up!

Hey! I haven't been on in awhile...and haven't updated any of my fanfics in awhile...I'm sorry...School stuff prevents me from having any free time to work on stories.Thanks to all of my readers who have favorited any one of my stories. Total Favs: around 50!Thanks guys!

I will be on hiatus until further notice. (Sorry)I will also try to improve my writing skills while I am away so that my fanfics will become more literate and better for the readers.Once again, I thank you all.

Wow...It's been a long time since I've been on this site.Unfortunately, I will still be on hiatus for awhile. The earliest that I will post will probably be in June.But there will definitely be at least one new story/new chapter up by the second week of July. I promise that this will be true.Anyways I'm sorry for the long wait my dear readers. But once summer comes, updates on my fanfics will be faster. :)

Finally, it's summer vaca~And yes, I've been looking at my profile and decided to delete all of the stupid immature things.I'm stupid.Anyways, I've been suffering from some SERIOUS writer's block so I hope all of my readers will forgive me.I will definitely fulfill the promise.

(Edit:) I'm really excited to update Blood Stained Crown~~~ and a new FF might appear ;)

Put up a preview to a new fanfic to a movie called "Priest".

The new one is called: Through Closed Eyes.

BSC chapter 2: 70% (needs to add more details, aka rambling, editing, etc.)
Through Closed Eyes Chapter 1: 50%
Sequel to TMTH: ???
Monochromic Chains: 20% (writer's block...)

Writer's block prevents me from thinking up a sequel to TMTH, updates on Monochromic Chains... I sincerely apologize to my patient readers.

To all readers and visitors:
Times for Updates(when i have something to update...hahaha...):
(Eastern Time)
Mondays: 15:00 or 22:00
Fridays: 20:00-24:00
Saturdays: depends
(I listed 3 times because of any possibilities that will disrupt the schedule.)

And for those wondering about the progress I've made:
Sorry, the percentages are still about the same. I will probably be able to post BSC's chapter 2 by Friday next week by the latest. Also, official release of chapter 1 to Through Closed Eyes will be posted by Friday next week by the latest.

Blood Stained Crown: Chapter 2
Through Closed Eyes: Chapter 1
BSC chapter 3: 5%
Through Closed Eyes: 0%
Sequel to TMTH: ???
Monochromatic Chains: 25% (slow progress ._.)

Blood Stained Crown Chapter 3: 20%
Through Closed Eyes: 45%
Sequel to TMTH: ???
Monochromatic Chains: 25%(._.)

Grrrr I've been too busy this month and by busy I mean procrastinating, going places, playing video games lol...anyways here's my updated progress:

Blood Stained Crown Chapter 3: 55%
Through Closed Eyes Chapter 2: 70%
Sequel to TMTH: *Still Unknown*
Monochromatic Chains: 30% (._.)

The Earliest that I will probably update anything would be Monday next week. Until then, annyeong~ *waves*

Sorry for going AWOL (away without leave) on everyone. Sudden Hiatus *Dun, dun, duuu~nn*For me, school will be starting soon so i've been busy and still will be busy with preparations for school including summer work.I hate summer homework. >: But I shouldn't be the one complaining since IB students and all AP students have far more work than i do...but still :( So yeah...Hiatus.

Progress(although irrelevant since I'm currently on Hiatus):
Blood Stained Crown Chapter 3: 90% (Editing)
Through Closed Eyes Chapter 2: 100% (Editing)
Sequel to TMTH: *Mystery* teehee :3 don't worry there is something~
Monochromatic Chains: 30% No progress (I'm really hating this one ._.)

I'm in the mood for one-shots >.> My friend is right...I feel the same way as her...writing chapter fanfics is such a hassle >:

Wow, it's been so long since I've been on this site. It's been almost 4 months...
Sorry for the long hiatus.
School = no life.
Anyways, good news you guys! 2 Weeks From Now(After Christmas), I will be updating!
*Gasp* Yes, I know. I haven't updated in such a long time. Ugh, chapter fanfics lol...

Progress(YAY! :D):
Blood Stained Crown Chapter 3: 90%(I haven't worked on this yet...)
Through Closed Eyes Chapter 2: 100%
Sequel to TMTH: lol...what sequel? Just kidding :3 ??%
Monochromatic Chains: uhhh...30%

So basically all i've done is make a Through Closed Eyes chapter better. I'll probably be able to finish BSC chapter 3

Sorry for the late notice.

BSC Chappie 3: 95%
TCE Chappie 2: 100% Will be posted on Saturday 31st
Other stuff: same

Okay, to be honest, that Through Closed Eyes chapter that I recently released...sucked. You can blame my extreme case of procrastination.
So, I apologize. And yes, I cut it off too short :/

Happy New Year!

Thanks for visiting~

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